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Sunday, August 21, 2011

7 teens charged with mob action in Chinatown robbery, attack

7 teens charged with mob action in Chinatown robbery, attack

Another sad legacy in great parenting failures.

Maybe we should start fining the parents hundreds of dollars a pop? I know there will be those saying it "Targets the Poor", but just throwing them in juvenile detention, or jail doesn't appear to be solving the problem. Some would argue that it only sharpens their criminal acumen. I suggest hitting the parents in the wallet/purse. It's an effective strategy, and it works. Parents will never tolerate illegal behavior in their children especially when it affects their pocketbooks.

Think back for a moment when good old Ronald Regan set out to institute policy that made the infamous drug dealer come out of homes, and apartments and into the streets? That was done to sweep the streets of these criminal types, and flood our prison systems as they are today. They (State & Federal Officials), did this by telling homeowners, and landlords that they will "Take away your homes and buildings" when dealers are caught inside them doing such illegal activity, like selling drugs. Naturally, parents did not want to take that chance, and told them that chose such an endeavor, "Not In My Home". Henceforth, out on the streets they go, making it easier for law enforcement to round them up.

Now with today's undisciplined youth running amok robbing people as mobs, we should hold the parents accountable via hefty fines. This action, will make parents demand that these youths will curtail such activities by giving them serious ultimatums of choice. Such as, out on the streets forever to be swept up like before, or, getting back in school and becoming a more productive member of society.

There is no onus on the parents as of today, unless you count the night time curfew, yet what about during the daylight hours, when attacks like this occur? A suggestion of this nature, controversial, possibly, but at the very least, it's some food for thought. I view it as a tool for avoiding more parental failures in the future.

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Military Uniform Supply

Military Uniform Supply - Military & Tactical Gear

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