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Sunday, March 24, 2013

And The Beat Goes On

Ah Sunday.

When Monday rolls around, it will more than likely begin another week of chaos in the windy city.

Gang violence, and school closings. That's an opening shot at more stupidity rearing its ugly head. And sadly, you can take it to the bank, stupidity will prevail. Why you ask? Well it's a reality when our so-called elected leaders don't lead. They can prevent this chaos, yet they simply refuse. They rather stuff their pockets from wealthy donors, and corporations then address a simple solution.

It's a hell of a lot easier fixing our failing public education system, and addressing gang violence by simply doing common sense things. How so you ask again? You begin by not raiding public employee's pensions, and pay them a decent wage should they decide a career in education. As for the swelling gang membership. Take away the incentive for joining via legalizing marijuana. These two steps proverbially kills two birds with one stone. You get the funding needed for education, and treatment for those hard core drug offenders.

When you don't give your populace an incentive for opportunity, you just will continue having week, after week of chaos in the windy city.

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Military Uniform Supply

Military Uniform Supply - Military & Tactical Gear

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