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Sunday, September 30, 2012

7 shot, 1 dead in shootings across city

7 shot, 1 dead in shootings across city

One can only wait and see how this "Twitter Campaign" works out. Monday should tell informed readers, and viewers if our elected officials take some of the suggestions seriously.

A very strong, and harsh message must become the norm for these disrespectful punks, I'm sorry, I meant terrorist out and about on the streets across the country.

Only time will tell.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Chicago looks to Twitter for answer to gun problem

Chicago looks to Twitter for answer to gun problem

Really?   #whatifchicago

With all the lawyers you have with the city, county, and state, you all can't sit-down and come up with an iron-clad constitutionally standard legislation of shutting down illegal possession, and sales of guns? You can't sit-down and agree with a lengthy, mandatory sentencing guideline? So your next great brain fart is to throw this turd on the wall, and let the kook-patrol comment? What the fuck are we paying you for?

It's apparent you don't bother reading this little blog. If you did, there are fantastic, constitutionally sound suggestions in the archives. Yet in the interest of fairness, I'll suggest them for you once more. God forbid you have to dig through the archives on this blog to find them.

1. A mandatory twenty year sentence for possession of an illegally obtained firearm in the State of Illinois, with no possibility of parole, or probation.

2. Life in prison for anyone using illegally obtained firearms in the commission of a crime or crimes, with no possibility of parole.

3. Juveniles caught with illegally obtained firearms, will be charged as adults, and be charged as the above.

4. All gun store owners will submit identification information for the sale of firearms, and ammunition  into a national database for law enforcement access.

5. In the event closure of "Open Air" weapons markets cannot be closed, they must comply with rule #4 or be subject to State, and Federal prosecution, with a minimum twenty-five year prison sentence.

6. Have The State Department define them as Terrorist Organizations, and charge all apprehended, under such laws.

Now think people. This is not "Cruel and Unusual Punishment". It is cruel and unusual for these moronic criminals running the streets, terrorizing law abiding citizens, and children.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Do-not-call list is almost like a feel-free-to-call-any-time list

Do-not-call list is almost like a feel-free-to-call-any-time list

There's no "Teeth" in the law. State Attorney's General, and the Fed must start seriously slapping fines on these annoying ass-clowns. Last time I checked, how in the hell can you offer me a "Free Home Security System", when I have to PAY for the monitoring of such a "Free" system? That isn't free ass-clowns.

If the same ass-clowns call you three times in one day, slap them hard with a five hundred dollar fine, payable directly to the victim. I'll bet you these ass-clowns will stop after that hit. Yet as with the way things are playing out in Congress, certain members will never let such legislation see the light of day. And that is a shame.

We seriously need to hold these elected officials accountable. We elected them to represent us, and not ass-clown corporations, and companies. Start slapping fines on these annoying ass-clowns. And you non-elected, partisan douche-bags on those commissions, yeah I'm talking to you FCC, FTC, FEC, and whatever other retarded acronym you have up your ass. Do your fucking job, and start slapping fines, or hell! even some time behind some bars! WTF are we paying you for? If I was President, I'd take a shot at putting you in the Consumer Protection Agency. Who knows, maybe then we'd get some action out of you freeloading turds.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sears plans to overhaul health insurance, offering cash instead of plan

Sears plans to overhaul health insurance, offering cash instead of plan

I know it appears like a good step yet, the proverbial "BUT" always looms. What if the insurance company raises rates? Will the company do an increase also? The Affordable Care Act is designed to keep cost down, but we know how greedy some health insurance companies can get.

As per custom, health insurance companies will find, or pull a rabbit out of their collective asses in the effort for justifying cost increases so they can inflate their "Golden Parachutes". They probably will follow the same motto the GOP uses. "I got mine, fuck you."

But hey, you have to give them credit, they are experimenting. So let's see if this works. It may take time for getting the kinks out of it, but at the very least, it's a start. Let's all just hope the health insurance companies don't get super greedy, and find another way around such a move just to fuck customers over.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Clashes erupt as thousands of Greeks protest austerity

Clashes erupt as thousands of Greeks protest austerity

Has anyone noticed how the wealthy are not at all affected by these cuts? When you hear the republicans yak on about the "Low Tax Rates" corporations pay overseas, that just means the wealthy are not paying their fair share. Need proof? Look at this quote from a school teacher over there.

 " "We can't take it anymore - we are bleeding. We can't raise our children like this," said Dina Kokou, a 54-year-old teacher and mother of four who lives on 1,000 euros a month.

"These tax hikes and wage cuts are killing us." 

Do you hear the wealthy saying such? Listen up voters. Read between the lines, and speeches the GOP is telling you. What is going on overseas is the playbook they dream of doing here. When they say "Cut Government Spending", that means all of your services, but not defense, oil, gas. coal, and any other contract, or program their large donors love.

When they speak of "Welfare", who's the biggest recipients? You got it, oil and gas. Cut those subsidies first, before you even utter giving the elderly, and disabled a "Coupon" for health services. Think people. Read that quote, and pass it on. That should be all the proof you need.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Supreme Court to review blood tests of suspected drunken drivers

Supreme Court to review blood tests of suspected drunken drivers

For all the blowhards of "States Rights", don't you think some type of "Uniform System" nationwide be in-place for drunk drivers? Take for instance in some states, when you "refuse" a sobriety test, you go too jail. Why can't that be the norm in all states? It makes sense.

Think back on yesterday's post. I advocated violators of the Constitution should be jailed, so cases such as this, would never get to the Supreme/Corporate Court. The drunk idiots rights were violated when the officer took the clown too the hospital for the "test". The drunk idiot said "NO"! They did it anyway, which resulted in the violation of his constitutional rights of illegal search, and seizure. Case Closed.

The Supreme/Corporate Court should "Rule" in the drunk idiots favor. If they don't, they should resign. Whatever the ruling, the States should take note, and collaborate on a more uniform law for drink drivers. We can't have drunken drivers plowing into pedestrians, or speeding on our roadways and getting a slap on the wrist in one state, and life in prison in another. It simply makes sense.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Chicago court hears arguments on Gov. Walker law

Chicago court hears arguments on Gov. Walker law

Until they start throwing these clowns in prison, politicians, bankers, oil, gas, and coal officials will continue giving the finger at the Constitution, and laws on the books across the States.

Need anymore be said? Why yes. Violation of The Constitution is a "treasonous act". Start filing charges, not lawsuits.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

State paying 6-figure pension to ex-teachers union lobbyist

State paying 6-figure pension to ex-teachers union lobbyist

Mother fucker!

This is why politicians piss me off. They fuck teachers, police, and fire personnel over, just so their fuck-buddies can score windfalls. These dicks raided pension funds, passed it all out to friends and family, then turn around and cry broke.

For anyone working in a union occupation, do yourself a favor. Demand your leadership put those "dues" in a community bank, and the state, and union leadership can't touch it.  It's either that, or just stop paying dues until they come to their senses.

Mother fucker!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Senate passes funding bill to avoid October 1 government shutdown

Senate passes funding bill to avoid October 1 government shutdown

I'm simply mystified at why certain voters let no account, unprofessional, Tea Party Republicans take over the House of Representatives, and damn-near the Senate. I might as well throw in State Governorship's, and legislatures also. My question for those voters, is this really what you voted for? Why would you allow them to take away equal pay, health care, fixing crumbling roads, bridges, schools, adding more police, and fire professionals, cutting essential services, attempting blocking your rights at voting, and making it difficult for your kids to obtain higher education?

Please explain that. They said elect us, and we will make sure you still will go broke or die, once we take affordable health care away from you. Please explain what business is it of theirs, when it comes to women's health choices? What kind of a sick person thinks it's a good idea to have women undergo a "Vaginal Probe"? Would that same sick individual let his spouse go through such? Can you explain if any of their kids graduated college, and had to move back home with them? And why is it okay for their kids to stay on the health care plans we pay for, but you can't?

What in the name of God were you thinking when you voted for them? I hope you realize by now, they are not only laughing, but spitting in your face when you did that. There is still a way for fixing this. Vote them out. Punch a straight democratic ticket. Read, and comprehend the petitions, and referendums also on the ballots. Don't make the same mistake twice just because a Black man is in the oval office. Yes, that's right, I said it. I'm not alone in that thinking. When you vote against a Jobs Bill that will help our brother's and sister's wearing the uniform, something very vile resides in your heart.

Vote for Social Security, Medicare, Affordable Health Care, Affordable Higher Education, Jobs, Transportation, And Clean Energy. Vote for never turning our backs on our veterans, and 9/11 responders. Vote a straight democratic ticket. Last but not least. If there is a douche-bag on the ballot, vote for the man or woman, that will represent you, and not Corporate America.

Friday, September 21, 2012

2 charged with growing nearly 1,500 pot plants in rural Kankakee

2 charged with growing nearly 1,500 pot plants in rural Kankakee

One day you depleted, brain-cell politicians will wake up. Just look at all that extra revenue your county could have had. And from reading the article, it appears they were too busy taking care of the plants to do any violent crimes. Well, so far.

Legalize it politicians. In the real world, we call it common sense.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Prosecutors hope 2008 killings stiffen drug dealer's sentence

Prosecutors hope 2008 killings stiffen drug dealer's sentence

Illinois lawmakers wake up.

Marijuana isn't your problem. It's these dope dealing douche-bags running the streets. You have to come together and tighten up the sentencing guidelines in this State. It's common sense. In an unrelated article, a pastor gets "10 years" for taking a "minor across multiple state lines to have sex". What is wrong with you people? That should have been an automatic 20. The pastor, and gang members are threats to the safety of children, and should be dealt with in an appropriate fashion of ZERO Tolerance.

I get the old "Situations and Circumstances" message, but gang member drug dealers? No way. They are merchants of death and destruction. You lawmakers need a double look at the current sentencing guidelines, and ensure the punishment fits the crime. It's very simple when you do the right thing, and have Zero Tolerance for scum of this nature.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Study finds tumors in rats fed on Monsanto's GM corn

Study finds tumors in rats fed on Monsanto's GM corn

Can anyone explain to me why these corporations are hell bent on killing us? Are they in collusion with pharmaceutical companies to make us ill, and profit from it? If they continue down this path of fucking with food, people will go back to an agricultural society and begin growing our own.

I guess we will just find a farmer that doesn't fuck with Monsanto and buy seeds from him, or her. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Top 10 Myths About Black America – A Must Read.

Top 10 Myths About Black America – A Must Read.

I don't think I need to add anything else for this classic fact-filled article, unless you find yourself unwilling to just click the above link, I'll paste it for you below.


Top 10 Myths About Black America – A Must Read.

If you haven’t read the works of Chancellor Williams of George James, you may still be amongst the thinking Blacks who realize that misinformation about the standing of Africans and African Americans has been the order of the day for centuries.

But if you are a dead brained ignoramus who passes on the latest piece of mythology about your own people

, you should do the race a service and either educate yourself or solder your ignorant lips shut.

Black mythology is one of our greatest challenges, because when a people believe they are in a specific state, or doing specific things, those beliefs and thoughts dictate their actions.

One of the most glaring problems facing African Americans is the media’s love affair with Black America, especially Black men. They love having us on the news, but the coverage is largely relegated to perpetual poverty, crime and other “bad” behavior. While we are neither the dominant nor the majority population, the negative media coverage is disproportionately high when it comes to us.

Many of our other difficulties stem directly from the misinformation that we pass on to each other, presenting lies and half-truths as “known facts.” But if one of us presents factual information to challenge the lies, the ignorant are likely to challenge right back with: “where’s your data?” That question will be launched even if data has been presented and even though no challenge was ever issued when the lie was accepted and passed around.

It is no secret that African Americans have an image problem. It is also no secret that the media misrepresents African Americans. What is ostensibly a secret is that many of the most egregious things being said about Black people are being perpetuated by Black people.

In another Black Top Ten list, I’d like to dispel some of those myths.

Accordingly, these are the top ten things that Black people should stop saying about Black people:

The Top Ten Black Myths

1 There are more Black men in prison than in college.

False: The misleading “evidence” comes from studies such as the one conducted periodically by the Justice Policy Institute (JPI), a Washington-based research group. JPI found that there were 791,600 Black men in jail or prison and “only” 603,032 of them in colleges or universities. They presented the findings as “evidence” of more Black men in prison than in college. As late as 2004, the US Census reported that there were 864,000 Black men in college. The numbers that people (including the JPI) quote are ALL of the Black men in prison, versus ONLY the free young Black men of college age, which spans the late teens to the early twenties. And yet, the myth is still a myth. Any of us can do the math: Out of the 40 million-plus African Americans that the 2008 Census found, less than one million are in jail or prison. The reality is that while there are too many of us in prison and more of us in there than others, there are NOT more of us on the inside than on the outside.

2 Black people, particularly Black men are lazy.

False: How can a people who built this nation and did it for free suddenly become the laziest people in the nation?

According to the US Census Bureau, 68.1% of all Black men and 62.3% of Black women over the age of 16 are in the civilian labor force, compared to 73% of White men and 59.9% of White women. With racial discrimination and other challenges, more of us are still working than sitting at home.

While the Blacks have a higher percentage of poverty that Whites in America, the majority of Black people are NOT poor. Of the 40 million-plus Blacks in this nation, 8.1 million have incomes below the poverty line.

Now, what we do with our money is another story…

3 Black people abuse the Welfare system and are swelling it beyond capacity.

False: First, the actual number of Black families on Welfare has been decreasing since the early 1970’s, when 46% of the recipients were Black. By the end of the 20th century, that number was down to 39%, as compared to 38% Whites who were non-Hispanic. If the comparison were strictly based on race without ethnic identification, Whites clearly outnumber Blacks on the Welfare rolls.

In addition, 40% of the families on Welfare have only one child, while the number having five or more is only 4%. And, by the last decade of the 20th century, Welfare accounted for just over 2% of the Federal Budget, while defense accounted for 24%.

Benefit programs for predominantly White farmers and big businesses far outweigh the Welfare program. Who is abusing welfare?

4. Most Black men are married to White women.
False: According to the most recent Census statistics, more than 90% of all Black men who are married are married to Black women.

Please stop lying about what you see (which isn’t data—you could be looking at co-workers) and stop using celebrities to cast an indictment on an entire group.

5. Affirmative Action unfairly provides opportunities for Blacks.
False: First, Affirmative Action is inappropriately used to define Black preferential treatment and “quotas” but it was actually designed to benefit a number of groups who have been discriminated against, creating parity in the workplace. Since the 1970’s, Affirmative Action has benefited White women more than any other group. Secondly, no one who perpetuates this myth ever talks about other types of Affirmative Action, which benefit other races. For example, the Japanese descendants in America, who were each rewarded $20,000 in 1988 as reparations for internment during WWII, or the legacy programs which benefit people such as the dimwit son of a Bush who screwed up the world economy while in the white house.

6 Let’s kill two ignorant rumors with the pursuit of truth: Poor Blacks would be better off if they stopped using drugs and took better care of their communities; and, Blacks need to stop pushing drugs to their own people.

False: This one always confuses me, because Blacks can’t even distribute their own movies or music, yet still get blamed for importing and distributing ILLEGAL drugs. If a Black man can’t drive down the street without being racially profiled and stopped, what makes anyone think that he could fly a planeload of drugs into the nation and distribute them from state to state and city to city? The drug dealers in the ‘hood make a lot of money, but nowhere near the cash generated by the true drug lords who import it and distribute it to inner cities across the nation.

But for the record, according to a study by the Sentencing Project, the number of Blacks in prison for drug-related crimes fell by 21.6 % from 1999 to 2005, while the number of Whites in prison for drug-related crimes increased by 42 % during the same time period.

7 Blacks suffer from Black on Black crime.

True, but misleading. Whites also suffer from White on White crime. Many crimes, including murder, rape and robbery, are crimes of location, not color. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 85% of African Americans report another Black person as the perpetrator of the crime and 80% of White murders were committed by other Whites. However, when race does play a role in crime, the victims of violent crimes are more likely to be Black, while the perpetrators, are more likely to be White.

8 Blacks commit more crimes than Whites.

False: Neo-Conservative Whites and self-hating Blacks notwithstanding, the reality of racism in the justice system has to be understood in order to get into the reasons for the high number of Blacks in prison.

In an assessment of the impact of crime on minority communities, the National Minority Advisory Council on Criminal Justice concluded that “America is a classic example of heavy-handed use of state and private power to control minorities and suppress their continuing opposition to the hegemony of White racist ideology.”

Further, according to “The Real War on Crime,” a report by the National Criminal Justice Commission, “African-American arrest rates for drugs during the height of the ‘drug war’ in 1989 were five times higher than arrest rates for Whites even though Whites and African-Americans were using drugs at the same rate.”

Finally, according to the Federal Judicial Center, the average sentences for African Americans for weapons and drug charges have been 49% longer than for Whites who had been convicted of the same crimes.

The simple truth is, more of “us” may be in court, but more of “them” are actually committing crimes.

9 Women outnumbering men in college is a Black phenomenon.

False: According to the US Department of Education, male undergraduates account for 44 percent of student population, while female undergraduates account for 56 percent. This is not race specific.

10 Black people are incapable of sustaining businesses in their own communities.

False: We had great success before integration. In fact, by 1900, the number of African-American businesses nationally, totaled 40,000, including the Greenfield Bus Body Company, which manufactured automobiles, and a hotel in New York City valued at $75,000. By 1908, we had 55 privately owned banks. By 1912, there were two millionaires, Madam C.J. Walker (hair care) and R. R. Church (real estate).

By 1923, Tulsa, Oklahoma was home to The Black Wall Street, an African American community of 11,000. Which featured nine hotels, nineteen restaurants and thirty-one grocery stores and meat markets, ten medical doctors, six lawyers, and five real estate and loan insurance agencies, complete with five private planes.

The next time someone passes around one of these tired myths, if you can resist smacking them in the mouth, pass on some real data to them, or at least encourage them to do some research themselves before passing lies as truth.

Monday, September 17, 2012

5 dead, 23 wounded in shootings since Friday night - Chicago Sun-Times

5 dead, 23 wounded in shootings since Friday night - Chicago Sun-Times

As if there wasn't enough problems in the world. I'm about to go on a conspiracy trip for this rise in shootings in the country, especially in the cities that have minority representation. Are you ready? Here we go.

How are drugs coming into these areas, when these people are so poor, they can't afford money to get proper identification for voting? How are they getting these guns? The majority of them have convictions, which makes it impossible for them to waltz into a gun shop and make a purchase. Who's buying the guns? If these shootings are happening everyday, that can only mean when one gun is taken off the streets, someone is replacing it. How do we stop that? If you're thinking, putting in a national database, the NRA is dead set against such. Unless, the criminals begin spilling into gated communities where they live. Gun control legislation happened before in the 1960's when then Governor Ronald Reagan of California had a freak-out when law abiding Black citizens began arming themselves in the wake of police brutality.

Like the make believe Baron Von Frankenstein, our elite near-do-wells have created a monster under the always false pretense of superiority. For every action there has, and will always be a reaction. The sad part, the elites can never, and have never, gave much thought about any outcomes in their foolish attempts at suppression, oppression, incarceration, and genocide. People wake up. They wake up when through their collective comas, they realize the policies the elites put in-place, or practice affects them, and their families.

Just go back to prohibition. When the elites saw that people they felt were beneath them began profiting from that law, they repealed it. They knew the medical benefits of marijuana, and economic benefits of hemp. What did they do? Yep, you're right. They banned it. Yet behold, it is still around, and there is a small minority benefiting from it. Guess what will happen next? You got it. They will repeal it, as soon as they set-up shop, and crush the little guy.

How's that for some conspiracy theories? The truth be told, it's happening now, especially in cities of minority representation.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Six die in weekend 'insider' attacks in Afghanistan

Six die in weekend 'insider' attacks in Afghanistan

By far I'm not a bible thumper, but I do pick up on some of the advice that's throughout that book. Whether you believe or not, the advice Christ gave to his disciples when he sent them off to "Spread The Good News", was when you came into a town, or village, and they mocked, ridiculed, or even made threatening claims. He simply told them to "Leave That Place."

I think as Americans, we should really consider such a move. If you help someone and they mock you, spit on you, or even try and take your life, would you return? I didn't think so. So once again, here's my suggestions for you politicians, religious zealots, preachers of hate and intolerance, and all of us sane, rational Americans. Don't you think this country would be better served, if we just left those countries to their own destruction? One day, let us all sit-down and have a serious conversation on leaving that place.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

California man linked to anti-Islam film taken in for questioning

California man linked to anti-Islam film taken in for questioning

I could be the lone wolf amongst the blogger-sphere, but the clowns that put this slanderous video tape together, should honestly be charged with premeditated murder.

Here's my case. They knew putting this online would cause agitation. They knew it would lead to violence, and God forbid, death. That was their entire intent in making this garbage, and they should be charged with premeditated murder. They knew exactly what they were doing.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Coping with a messier Middle East

Coping with a messier Middle East

If this title isn't an understatement, I'll be forever befuddled. The sad part about all this, we have many spineless politicians, and religious leaders here, that are not demanding, nor condemning the crew of bigots that put this pile of garbage on the Internet.

You can also bet your last dollar, the GOP will never condemn these bigoted bastards. Yet to this day, there is a great misunderstanding between people abroad, and Americans. For the people that live in oppressed countries, and those in a struggling democracy, you need to understand our Constitution of The United States of America. Our very first amendment deals with "Freedom of Speech", Religion, The Press, and above all the "Separation of Church and State". No matter how vile a person or institution may spew ignorance, we just can't "Throw them in Jail" for the ignorance they spew. That's just the way our laws, and Constitution works.

So for the people of the Muslim faith, as much as we Americans reject the ignorant thinking of these vile bigots, all we can do here is condemn, and reject. But take heart, one of the bigots may have violated the terms of his probation, or parole. So if our criminal justice system does its job, this douche may soon return too prison for putting this garbage on the Internet.

P.S. Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, Shut The Fuck Up Retard! If anyone is "Dangerous", it's you and your messed up brain.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fed launches aggressive new stimulus

Fed launches aggressive new stimulus

Screw that! My house, like millions of others, ain't worth shit! Do something about that.

You bailed out the banks, and left us pissing in the wind. Not one of those crooks have been charged with fraud. They don't even know to this day, where the hell is my title. Do something about that.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Obama vows justice for slain ambassador

Obama vows justice for slain ambassador

What really bugs me about this, is the fucking idiots that made, and posted this ignorant rant of hate. They knew fully how these other idiots of ignorant hate would react. And now we have the tragic end result.

Let me just say this about you boobs that made, and posted this. First, leave these zealots alone. You don't have the balls to move, and live there, so you have no idea about that culture. You are just as low as that idiot that claims his piece of shit, full of lies "documentary" about our current president. He did what you bums have done when the results of your it piece spins violently out of control. He tucked his tail between his legs and hid. Bill Maher called his ass out, and he did what he does best. Lie.

Don't get it twisted. You are "entitled" in this country to be the ignorant bigot that you are. But don't run around acting like your "Shocked" and "Surprised" at the results of your stupidity. You caused these tragic deaths, and should own up to them. But we of the sane world know fully well, this is one thing cowards don't do. You sit on your ignorant asses in this country, but don't have the balls to go over there and spew your ignorance because of the simple fact your a giant pussy, and will get your ass handed to you.

You are no better than the simpletons that killed those souls representing The United States of America. All you represent is ignorance and hate. Now look, own up, to your tragic end result.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Scientist talks of hunt for life’s building blocks on Mars

Scientist talks of hunt for life’s building blocks on Mars

I don't know about the rest of you, but I love science. This is the most important expedition for this Mars loving nerd, because they landed in a spectacular area, rich in geological history.

Now like most of you science nerds out there, I'm kind of anxious for some updates from the rover. I know the guys, and gals at NASA, and JPL are busy kicking the tires on it. And I don't blame them for being super-cautious. But come on people! Give me some details. How's the radiation levels? What's in the atmosphere? You told us there is a gadget on the rover that "Sniffs" the air. What does Mars smell like?

We all know if updates don't come in a timely fashion, you leave the door open for our beloved conspiracy theorist to begin making stuff up. So how about it NASA and JPL? If you possibly can, give us at the very least an update on television once a week? I know analyzing data is a tedious task. But no matter what you discover, share it! Help a science nerd out and give some updates. After-all, you landed in a spectacular area, rich in geological history.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Towns borrow, you pay

Towns borrow, you pay

"Home Rule." Sounds like a scam just saying it. I'm reading, and re-reading this article, and it is just stunning how they basically lied to voters, just to get this powder keg enacted. When they used the tried and true the gangs are coming, the gangs are coming battle cry, White voters got duped. Those that didn't fall for the bull, held their politicians accountable by placing it on ballots, as it should have always been.

You have to give it up for old Daley Sr., that guy knew how to hold onto power. Can you just imagine what he told those suburban elected officials, on how to really fatten their own, friends, and families pockets, at the expense of taxpayers? And yet here we are, mad as hell at the Federal government, which by the way, gives money too the States when they fuck up. Think about that for a moment.

When you hear douche-bag politicians yelling States Rights! That only means state residents are about to get bent-over for a good screw job. Odd isn't it? The only counties, and suburbs surviving such debacles like this, are the ones that use basic math skills. Those voters did their part and made sure when scams like these are launched, it's on the ballot, and not in the hands of one, or a few.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Obama reminds us: It’s our government - Chicago Sun-Times

Obama reminds us: It’s our government - Chicago Sun-Times

Amen to that.

If any of you could honestly stomach the convention the GOP held, more power to you. I on the other hand, just could not. It was exactly what the author of this article concluded. "They were ridiculing all of us". A preacher of all things making a derogatory remark about a woman. Mocking the poor, elderly, immigrants, and working class patriotic Americans. And then the ultimate insult. Not once honoring, or mentioning my fellow soldiers past, present, and future.

That, was what really pissed me off. They have zero shame. Look at what they almost succeeded in doing to our country. And now, after mocking us, and even having the complete audacity to say, our troops aren't that important? They want us to vote them in. Sorry you slimy douche-bags, I'll pass.

The president is right. It is after-all, our government. It is us, that make, and want progress. The republicans want us back into the 18Th century, or further back. Hell, if we lived in mud-huts, they would try and figure out a way to take that away. I don't know about the rest of you, but I could never vote for a person that just doesn't understand the fact, 2+2=4. These buffoons have no concept of basic math skills. All they truly believe in is fucking the little guy over, and over. And when it comes to women, I would love to be a proverbial fly on the wall, in their homes.

Yes folks, that was a good speech. And the president reminded all of us, "We Did That." Let's keep doing it. Re-elect this president, so we can keep moving forward. Amen to that.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Teen shot in head among 4 wounded, 1 dead overnight

Teen shot in head among 4 wounded, 1 dead overnight

A 25 year old could not handle a 16 year old? I guess if it was a size issue, he should have known, "the bigger they are, the harder they fall." But no, he had to run and go get a gun to settle an issue.

The ultimate stupidity of it all is astounding. The grown jerk "Lives" in the building. Yet, he thought it was a good idea to run away after shooting a 16 year old he could put down with just a major slap upside the head.

Once again, here I am suggesting our lawmakers, prosecutors, and judges begin slamming these beyond dumb lunatics with prison terms of 20 or more years, and get rid of the fucking exercise equipment. Come on, take a shot at some legislation before we have another punk, idiot that thinks its better to get a gun just to settle an issue.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fox recedes, MSNBC surges with DNC coverage

Fox recedes, MSNBC surges with DNC coverage

Would anyone expect FOX to even bother covering this event? Viewership is down for them because they are not covering it. Those that do tune in, may just be getting sick of the constant lying that goes on over there.

Speaking of lying, my piss-off moments with the "Other" news networks. They try that "Fair and Balanced" crap by bringing on GOP pundits, operatives, and so-called politicians. And it is just mind-numbing, with the bull that comes out of those mouths. Now as for myself, I really don't care what your political persuasion is. Republican, democrat, independent. hell even Buddhist. As long as your SANE, and make sense, I'll hear what you have to say. But if your just sitting there, pulling turd, after turd out of your ass, and chucking at the wall just to see what will stick? You just be thankful dumb-ass politicians emptied out mental institutions, because that is exactly where you belong.

So if FOX viewership receded, what, or who were they watching? A real convention, with real human beings, finally hearing the truth? Hey! Just look at what the GOP did to the last guy that gave them the House of Representatives. They kicked him out, and replaced him with a bigot. Don't believe it? Go name your kid Reince Priebus, and see how he turns out. Yeah, maybe they are getting sick of the constant lying that goes on over there.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Two parties, two very different conventions

Two parties, two very different conventions

Boy if that isn't a understatement.

Last week, you witnessed a parade of deceit, and hate. This week, you witnessed truth, and an overwhelming display of love. A love of country. A love of family. True stories of how life can change when any of us apply ourselves.

For myself, the best line of the night, that really summed up "The American Dream", is that it is "A Relay Race". It just doesn't get any simpler then that folks. When I was growing up, my grandparents share-cropped, saved, and bought their own land. The kids, our parents, saw how tough it was for them and set out to make life better for their parents, and their own families. And that relay race still goes on today. We challenge our kids to be better, learn, and always lend a hand whenever possible.

And then there is the republican party. The slogan they use is "Believe in America". Who hasn't? After what they, and their corporate handlers did to this country, look at how we came together to clean up the mess they made? That alone is a testament of the spirit of the American people. When they said "Let it Fail", we said no. When they said, "They are not even thinking about Osama bin Laden", we have a president who was.

I just could not to bring myself to the point of watching the parade of deceit, and hate. The world they live in must completely suck. Sane people just don't want to have anything to do, or say to them. Maybe that's why they are, the way they are.  Yeah, the title of this article is indeed, an understatement.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Young ears listen in as campaigns tamper with truth

Young ears listen in as campaigns tamper with truth

Now hear this. When is telling the truth a lie? How does this author compare the Mitt campaign of lies to the sitting president? Your guess is as good as mine. Let's go over a fact about Mitt, and Bain.

Staples sucks. Any pen-pusher can get the same low quality, made in China crap at the other stores. You know, Office Depot, and Office Max. So Mitt runs around the country touting the "Success" of Staples? Really? That's it? What about the "Other Jobs" that got sent overseas? Oh! That's right, we don't want to acknowledge such a thing ever happened. So how can you compare the two?

Exactly what did the president say that was a lie? And if it was, did you call him on it and get an explanation? My guess, probably not. You did what you do best. You "Nit Picked". By any stretch I'm not a "Youth". But I do know fact from fiction, as much as today's younger generation. "Tamper" is such a weak word when you attempt a lazy explanation of the two campaigns. Mitt, and Bain has only one job. Fucking hard working people over. It's as simple as that. It is offensive that you would make such a feeble attempt at comparing the two campaigns. Does the auto industry ring a fucking bell?

Does the "secret meeting" after the inauguration ring a fucking bell? When you conspire to bring this country to a fucking halt, should you not be charged with treason? So how in the hell do you compare the two? The party that lied and said Health care would kill grandma, wants to do just that, with a Fucking Coupon! You have complete idiots running around the country, calling a Half White, Half Black president a Muslim! Do you really want to talk about lies? Are you trying to say our youth are stupid? If they read your interpretation of "Comparison", who knows?

Did you even bother watching the parade of lies? If you wish to speak on what our youth hear, and see, that spectacle was it in the flesh. "Tamper" my ass! The GOP as we know it today, is lying to America.

Monday, September 3, 2012

In Chicago's crime-ridden neighborhoods, doubts about the Emanuel strategy

In Chicago's crime-ridden neighborhoods, doubts about the Emanuel strategy

Simply put, it's the roaches scattering when the lights are turned on. Everyone knows that. The real problem is the cost of keeping the lights on. It just cannot be sustained, so common sense solutions must be given top priority.

There is no "Draft". There are no jobs. The only thing out on the streets, is dope. Dope makes them money. Legalize the dope, take away the incentive. The true villains is the infamous coca, and poppy plant. Marijuana isn't. So here's your common sense solution. Legalize, and tax marijuana. Give automatic 15 year or more (dependent on quantity) terms for the true villains. Yes it is a tough call, but a call no less that must become a realization.

Cooperation, and coordination between law enforcement, and our military to begin directing a more streamlined path for soldiers leaving military service into law enforcement agencies, must become a top priority. The way the situation is set up now, is more like a "You are on your own kid" approach. Since our current spineless politicians will never consider reinstating the draft, maybe a targeted program for recruits not particularly looking at a long term military career could be established. Let's say, for the sake of argument, a 4 year hitch, with a direct pipeline into police, fire, education, and health. That would appear a more hands-on approach, then the "You are on your own kid" method we have in-place now.

At the very least, this pro-active approach should be considered. It is a fiscal option that will ensure the lights will not continue running, and police can become more effective in combating crime, with the necessary, fully trained, and fully staffed personnel needed.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sheriff's office: Gang member found with AK-47-style weapon

Sheriff's office: Gang member found with AK-47-style weapon

Apologies in advance for the vulgar language.

What the fuck people? I get it about the wife serving in the military, but doesn't she understand current law? You can't have weapons around a convicted FELON, married or not. FUCK! Especially a fucking known gang member.

This is just beyond stupid.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Team Romney's war against facts

Team Romney's war against facts

"Fool me once..."

I know for a fact, if we don't get out and vote regardless of the republican voter suppression march, this country will once again, be lead, and lied into another disaster. You can take that to a bank, provided there will be any solvent ones left.

Americans, now is the time for every one of us to learn from our mistakes. Eight years of Bush/Cheney bullshit, which only resulted in a measly one million jobs created, and thousands of brave, patriotic soldiers forever gone. Now here we are, just totally amazed at the multitude of perverse, ugly, pathological whoppers the republicans are attempting to shove down our throats.

Last night while watching Real Time, the host of the show, finally did what I've been doing ever since the "Media" began bringing on republican operatives. He couldn't take the bullshit anymore, and began banging his head on the desk, begging this super twit to just STOP IT! It's the old propaganda playbook from the rise of the Nazi party. "If you tell a lie so many times, it becomes the truth". They said, "there is no war on women". Look at the laws they are trying to pass. They said, "there is massive voter fraud." So far, it's the republicans committing such fraudulent acts. They said, the public sector workers don't have any rights to "bargain for a decent wage." That translates into police, firefighters, teachers, county, and state hospital workers being paid minimum wage, with no pension. Meanwhile, big oil, and the rest of the corporate barons can continue sucking off taxpayer funds while amassing record profits. They want a return to poor air, water, and food quality from the good old days of yesteryear. They place restrictions on us when we have absorbed to much debt, yet the barons can waltz in and out of bankruptcy court with such ease. When they are FINALLY sued, they settle, and admit No Wrong Doing.

Come November, I'm going to watch the number of people that actually vote for this pathological duo of liar's. "Fool me once..."

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