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Friday, August 31, 2012

Circle Interchange may get $375 million makeover

Circle Interchange may get $375 million makeover

This should be very interesting.

Just approaching this infamous cluster-fuck is enough to give one pause. But hey, this is The United States of America, and this will get straightened out. Yes folks, pun intended.

Enjoy, and be safe this Labor Day weekend.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Officer, 15-year-old boy wounded in shoot-out

Officer, 15-year-old boy wounded in shoot-out

"Selling Guns" in a park?

And the mentally challenged at the GOP convention just called for more guns, and "unlimited, high capacity magazines".

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chicago Teachers Union to file 10-day strike notice

Chicago Teachers Union to file 10-day strike notice

WTf? I get up this morning and they claimed they were not going to do this. A few hours later, they say they are. Make up you minds will ya? You are teachers right? One would think you just might have the answer for your little situation?

You need a wake up call. Look what those republican governors, and mayors are doing to your members? Just because you have a democrat for governor, and mayor, don't take them for chumps. If the GOP ever gets another shot at this State, and God forbid the city, we are talking horrific unemployment numbers for public sector workers. Tax payer revenue will be given away, and all the State, and city will have to show for it will be desolation.

You are doing nothing but giving these cretins more ammo for the destruction of public schools. If topping out at $50 grand a year isn't good enough, you are no better then those that wish for your destruction. So if one thinks that an answer for your little situation is reachable, I just gave you it.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Marco Rubio: Voters face a choice on government role

Marco Rubio: Voters face a choice on government role

Boy that was a special way of saying nothing. Look, here's the deal. Many of us know the "Role of Government". But you Marco, haven't got a clue. Marco, take out you pocket constitution. Study it. Do not walk into a light-pole while reading, and discover that you work for us.

That's the role of government Marco. You work for us. Now should you decide that you have no need for the people that elected you, we are aware of the abundant whore-houses that will gladly take you in. And yes, we will be more than happy with replacing any of you, that fail the represent the people test.

We tell you what to do. That's the "Choice" Marco. We also know how your money-danglers want you to do for them. Marco, you better study up on the history of Wall Street before you consider doing their bidding. I'll give you a small crash course here. Corporations have a love-hate relationship with the people for one simple reason. They kill people, pollute air, water, and destroy nature. They infect people with cancers of many forms. If working in the "Coal Industry", Black Lung, and Mercury poisoning of air and water as a classic example.

So in essence Marco, you also face a "Choice".

Monday, August 27, 2012

Seventeen villagers beheaded in southern Afghanistan

Seventeen villagers beheaded in southern Afghanistan

Odd, as I read this, I just could not stop thinking about the zealots we have here in our own country. Our zealots would sit back and naturally, condemn such behavior as barbaric, and even go so far and call them sub-human. Yet at the same time, they want to deny women the right to choose, and also deny people the right to vote.

Hey, if you don't believe me, just look at the GOP Platform. Whenever a person tells you "No abortion even in the case of rape or incest", that my friend is simple insanity of a religious nature. Killing people simply because they were enjoying life that God gave them. So how does one link these zealots with our own? For starters, the Salem Witch Hunts. And today, the GOP Platform. If you haven't read it, just prepare yourself for some open mouth, jaw dropping sessions, and possible head cave ins.

Stunning how people treat one another in the name of God. They kill, and deny.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cops: 2 dozen young people arrested in Near North disturbances

Cops: 2 dozen young people arrested in Near North disturbances

Here we go again.

I posted yesterday on the epic march of stupidity in my neighborhood, that took place Friday night. Not one peep from the media simply because it was in my neighborhood. Hell, I'd even go out on a limb, and say some of these dolts were from this neck of the woods. Now they are scaring "people with means", and that just can't be tolerated.

Well here's a newsflash media, stupidity spreads, just like the gun violence. So in the future, when you get a first hand account of a march of dummies, find out what is causing it.

March of the dummies. Here we go again.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Police: Four dead, 14 wounded in weekend shootings - Chicago Sun-Times

Police: Four dead, 14 wounded in weekend shootings - Chicago Sun-Times

We call our World War II veterans, "The Greatest Generation" and rightly so. Yet now, we are witnessing what myself, and other's may deem, one of the Dumbest Generations of historical proportions.

Ironically, it isn't a skin-color issue. It's a political, and parenting issue. You see folks, stupidity knows no bounds, and it's laid at the feet of politicians , and parents. There's zero guidance coming from these institutional figures, just lip service. Here's an example. Last night, I briefly witnessed a parade of stupidity from the nations youth. From my own observations, and accounts from others, it all began as a collection of dummies both male and females flooding a parking lot, and corner, of Central and Madison Avenue. As expected, police arrived, and disbursed the rowdy mob. They were disrupting the flow of vehicular, and pedestrian traffic.

Now here's the kicker. They went from there, towards Monroe, just a half a block south, and east of Central Avenue, and resumed the same rowdiness. As expected, police repeated the same approach. The super idiots then proceeded back too Central and Madison, with the exact same police response. This idiotic action repeated itself until police began making arrest for drug possession, disorderly conduct, and assault of law enforcement officials.

I was amazed at the constant moving from one destination to the other with zero purpose. They appeared in a dumb haze as they went back and forth. There was not one parent to be found getting their sons, and daughters under control. Not one parent, church official, or politician. Yet here I am, seeing how the police handled this overwhelming march of stupidity, and thinking, if these clowns keep this up, there will be National Guardsmen patrolling our streets in the future.

The only reason I surmised such a horrific scenario, was the fact that these idiots are truly The Dumbest Generation of historical proportions.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Mentally ill on city's streets leave us in a quandary

Mentally ill on city's streets leave us in a quandary

That's only because of selfish, uncaring politicians who just dumped them out, so they could fatten their own pockets. Oh wait, it's also us selfish, uncaring taxpayers that didn't want an increase in taxes, that are also to blame.

Take into account the States that don't have a income tax. Now look at the homeless populations in those States. Take a wild guess of those homeless people, vets included, that may need mental health services. Yes, your head just might explode, or cave-in.

The mentality of "if it doesn't affect me" is at play here. "If it doesn't affect me", why should I care? Well, I have a newsflash for you, it will, in time, and, it does, right now. It should never be a "quandary", when a simple solution is sitting right in front of all of us. Politicians, cut your salary, and in return, we will accept a hike in "Sales Taxes", State, and Local.

It's our wake up time. This selfish, and uncaring attitude is beneath us all.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Preckwinkle regrets saying Reagan deserves 'special place in hell'

Preckwinkle regrets saying Reagan deserves 'special place in hell'

Damn shame when you can't speak your mind isn't it?

A couple of days ago, we had another "Dude" yakking on about what a woman's vagina could do when raped. Unless you are a true idiot, we all know that was beyond stupid. Yet here we have our County Board President speaking, honestly, the truth. Unless, once again you are a true idiot, and thinks she's wrong. I for one, don't.

When this guy was governor of California, they had a massive freak-out when they discovered, law abiding Blacks could posses guns just like them. What did they do? Something the NRA would scream from hill to hill, that's against the Second Amendment! Yes folks, they instituted "Gun Control Legislation", and many States followed.

The so called "War on Drugs", was nothing more but a plan to get people of color locked up. You don't believe it? Explain how a person can get anywhere from 3, 5, or 10 years for pot, and a White guy, or gal only gets "Probation", if even that, for cocaine? Yeah, makes you wonder doesn't it? Now ask yourself, which drug is by far, more dangerous? I rest my case.

If you know your history, marijuana was deemed "Illegal" only from a bombardment of money, and lobbying from the lumber, and publishing barons during the 1930's. They won. So in 1936, pot was officially declared "Illegal". Like I said before, if you know your history, that worked as well as prohibition. The only way they knew how to get blood from this turnip, make money. They (government) learned from the beer barons, and gangsters, but they couldn't step on those toes, or money and keep locking up regular citizens along with bootleggers. Face it, people drink. But pot on the other hand, well, not as many use it, and there is no major industry to fight for it. So, they took advantage, and flooded the streets with it.

Fact: Booze kills more than marijuana has ever done. Fact: Laws were passed in the States (From suggestions by the Federal Branch) during Ronald's term as President, that simply stated; "Homes, and or Buildings were subject to "Confiscation"... Well, that's more then enough for anyone to tell a friend or family member; take that pot outside and sell it. Once outside, it just made it easier for law enforcement to lock them up.

So yeah, I agree, and will never take it back, there certainly is a "Special Place In Hell" for that guy.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Killings tie 2012 single-day record

Killings tie 2012 single-day record

Well, what else can anyone say? This situation isn't going to get any better unless our lawmakers get serious, and tighten up our sentencing laws.

Sure, we dumped the "Death Penalty, but reckless, mindless, pukes running the streets didn't care when we had it, and don't now. So lock them up for life. Don't give them a gym so they can work out. Let them walk, or jog. Stop treating them with such perks, and let it be known, this is your last stop, till the day you take your dirt nap. Hell! I 'd go even further, and not bury them at all. Cremation seems more appropriate, since they will swim the "Lake Of Fire For Eternity."

But what do I know? I'm just another voter begging our elected officials to get off their collective asses, and crack down. It's really simple. You break the law with a gun, life. See. No and, if or but. Some of you may think that's "Cruel and Unusual". Nope. They (criminals) don't care when an innocent person is killed by their rage, and stupidity. Make a simple law. You use an illegally obtained gun, or assault weapon, you get life with no gym equipment.

So, stop wasting our money on gym equipment, ban assault weapons, high capacity magazines, and get serious and tighten up our sentencing laws.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Ryan vs. Rand: Consider yourself dumped

Ryan vs. Rand: Consider yourself dumped

Yeah sure. I have a bridge for sale.

Don't you always find a little idiotic these windbags are always the first ones calling people UN-christian, anti-American, and that old dust off, a communist? Now here comes the latest douche having wet dreams about a atheist from Russia of all places, that "Had The Most Impact On His Life".

There is this thing once you open a book, that clearly states, "About The Author". Guess he didn't catch that. I also guess he missed all those television interviews she did? I also guess he slept through school, and missed the class on RESEARCH! Now look at them. After belittling Europe, they want to put in-place European austerity plans, sans the health care, so they can cling to the we are not Europe flag waving. That's just simply idiotic.

The minute you point this out, you are UN-American, a communist, a socialist, UN-christian. Yet this guy has wet dreams about an atheist economic agenda that basically calls for being the ultimate selfish douche, Christ abhorred. Look closely. He not really dumping her. Look at those European austerity plans they want to shove down America's throat. They want to Privatize Social Security. That translate into giving that money to Wall Street Bankers and Investment firms that nearly strangled this country. Yeah! money that you have taken out of your paycheck, they want to give too reckless, irresponsible people that think your stupid. They want to take away "Pre-existing Conditions", your kids off your insurance, and give you a fucking coupon. I don't know about you, but that sounds really close to Rationing, a communist concept.

Open your eyes, and minds folks. He isn't dumping the  Russian-born atheist that had the most important impact on his life.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

From The WTF Files

Clown had iPad stolen from Steve Jobs' home
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Aug 17, 9:24 PM (ET)


(AP) "Kenny the Clown," otherwise known as Kenneth Kahn, smiles as he hands out balloons in San...
Full Image
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Families waiting for San Francisco's cable cars on a recent morning couldn't help but notice Kenny the Clown, who wore a curly rainbow wig as he twisted brightly colored balloons into animal shapes for visitors, blasting Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" from an iPad at his feet.
Little did the clown know that the tablet doubling as his stereo would turn out to have been stolen from the home of the late Steve Jobs.
"The thing that is embarrassing to me is I'm a huge fan of Steve Jobs," said Kenneth Kahn, 47, a professional entertainer who police say unwittingly received a silver 64GB iPad pilfered from the home of the Apple co-founder last month. "It's just bizarre."
Kahn's friend, Kariem McFarlin, 35, of Alameda was arrested on suspicion of breaking into Jobs' Palo Alto residence on Aug. 2.

The pair had been planning a vacation to Hawaii, and when their trip fell through, Kahn said McFarlin gave him the iPad in exchange for money he had borrowed.
"He owed me $300 for the plane tickets, so he said he had an Apple computer that he wasn't using anymore. I said fine, not having any clue what the hell was going on," Kahn told The Associated Press on Friday.
Kahn, a well-known local street performer who has also made unsuccessful bids to become mayor of Alameda and San Francisco, said he never examined the contents of the device and had no idea where it came from.
It was unclear if Jobs had ever used it.
Kahn said he downloaded Dave Brubeck's "Take Five," the "Pink Panther," and other tunes for his clowning routine, which includes magic shows and torch juggling on a unicycle.

(AP) A worker walks into the house of Steve Jobs in Palo Alto, Calif., Friday, Aug. 17, 2012. Kariem...
Full Image
Kahn said he played pop songs on the iPad for a few days at several San Francisco landmarks and at an Alameda street fair before police came for it. The device has been returned to the family of Jobs, who died last Oct. 5.
Apple investigators identified McFarlin after he used the stolen device to connect to his iTunes account on the Internet, police said. He acknowledged to police that he broke into Jobs' residence, as well as other homes, and wrote an apology letter to Jobs' widow, according to a police report.
The unoccupied Palo Alto home was targeted on July 17 because it was under renovation, authorities said. When construction crews left, a burglar hopped a fence and found a spare key, the San Jose Mercury News reported.
The newspaper said the thief apparently didn't realize he was in Jobs' house until he saw a letter addressed to the Silicon Valley icon.
During the 15-hour overnight heist, Jobs' wallet and driver's license were taken as well as iPhones, iPads, iPods, Mac computers, champagne and $60,000 worth of Tiffany & Co. (TIF) jewelry, police said.

(AP) In this Jan. 27, 2010 file photo, Apple CEO Steve Jobs shows off the new iPad during an...
Full Image
Kahn said he met McFarlin when he coached him on a high school basketball team in Alameda more than a decade ago.
"Kariem and I used to talk about ethics all the time, so I thought we were on the same page," Kahn said. "I guess he just got desperate, and made a terrible decision."
McFarlin remained jailed on $500,000 bail and was expected to appear in court Monday. If convicted, he could face almost eight years in prison.
Kahn said he has not been questioned in the case. Law enforcement officials did not immediately respond to a request for further comment.
The Santa Clara County public defender's office, which is officially representing McFarlin, did not immediately provide comment. McFarlin has recently hired a private attorney who wants to remain anonymous until Monday's hearing.
Follow Garance Burke on Twitter at .
Information from: San Jose (Calif.) Mercury News,

Saturday, August 18, 2012

It's the incumbents, voters

It's the incumbents, voters

Boy! They hit that one on the nose.

Yes folks these people want to stick it to you, but not themselves. Time for them to get busy cleaning up the super mess they made, or face unemployment. Don't vote for clowns. Vote for people that will make the sacrifice we all do in our daily lives.

That means no "Tea Party" tools. No corrupt republicans, and democrats. Just sane people that make sense. Don't waste your vote on some clown "Blaming Washington" either. These people downstate made this mess. Make them clean it up, or face unemployment.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Mine "bloodbath" shocks post-apartheid South Africa

Mine "bloodbath" shocks post-apartheid South Africa

This is what happens when corporations horde money, and oppress the people.

There's a simple solution for ending this vicious cycle of greed, corporations can employ. Invest in infrastructure, and the people. Simply put. Build roads, schools, hospitals, an electrical grid, housing, a decent wage, and drinkable running water. Hell it's not rocket science! It's how an economy is supposed to work.

If people have jobs, they can buy or rent housing, food, clothing, and school supplies for kids. Not a fucking shack! The money they spend, goes right back into government coffers via taxation, so much needed services can be provided. You know, shit like buses, trains, highways, and who knows, a fucking airport. Damn you politicians, and corporations are so fucking ignorant of these basic facts. You much rather oppress people as opposed to doing what is fair, and right. You are no better then these dicks we have here, suppressing people's right to vote. That's really fucked up! We had thousands of American soldiers die and get wounded, so the people of Iraq, and Afghanistan can have the right to vote, but we don't want our own people enjoying the same right.

The bottom line. Doing these simple things makes an economy motor along. But oh hell no! You'd rather horde large sums of money, and oppress the people.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Arizona governor: no public benefits for young immigrants

Arizona governor: no public benefits for young immigrants

If anyone wondered how low a person could go, well here it is.

Picking on kids huh governor? Do you really hold that much hate, and resentment in your heart? Indeed you do. You can't dispute it. All anyone has to do is look beyond your words, because it is your actions that seal the facts of your hatred.

Somehow, I can't put my finger on it yet. But I have this "Feeling" you may soon spend some time behind bars. It may be from your reckless, hateful actions. Every sane person knows how hate blinds people. Or maybe the constituents there will start looking in the mirror, and realized you don't represent their morals, or values.

Picking on future Americans. How much lower can you go governor? You claim being a Christian. Just remember on judgement day, it is your "Works" not your "Words". And so far, your works are very hateful.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Federal grand jury subpoenas Finance Committee

Federal grand jury subpoenas Finance Committee

Better late than never I guess. Oh and by the way, since you are digging, could you please ask him for justification for bleeding taxpayers by using police officers as security? It's such a waste of resources with all these shootings going on.

Thank you.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Marco Rubio, Chris Christie given key roles in Republican convention

Marco Rubio, Chris Christie given key roles in Republican convention

Stand by. Okay, Que the crying, whining effects.

Now that the "Key" speaking roles are out of the way, what will we hear? A plan? I doubt it. More derogatory statements about the current administration, without any FACTS to back it up? You got it.

Yes folks, that's all you will hear from the boring, monotonous, train of speakers at the 2012 "We hate that Black Guy in The White House convention". There will be moments where you might find yourself about to fall out of your chair, recliner, or bar stool, when you see the faces these people will make when they ardently fail on giving the nominee a compliment. They hate him.

Maybe it's just me, but I find it highly funny that this party "Dumped" the only Black guy that gave them The House of Representatives in 2010 for a fecal matter named REINCE PRIEBUS! Who has done nothing but gave the GOP defeat after defeat. Check the scorecard. Sara (I Know Nothing, Cram A Million Words In 2 Seconds) Palin is kicking his ass. 

So what will they cry and whine about? The Black guy of course. That's all they got. They have no "Jobs Plan". The only plan they do have, is make the rich richer by taking from working people, and the poor. That's it. Look at the GOP controlled states that are blocking people from getting health care, yet they gladly take tax payer funded health plans. They don't want you too vote. They don't want you bargaining for a decent wage. They want to send your kids off to fight wars, but never theirs. Hell! They don't even want to help farmers in this time of drought, unless it affects property/farmlands they, or their families own. Unless you are making a million a year or better, I can see why you would vote for such people. But if you don't, dust off that yoke. You are going to need it. Economic slavery is their only agenda.

If you don't believe that. Just tune in, and listen to all those derogatory statements, without any FACTS to back it up.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Police: Motorist runs over man during gang fight

Police: Motorist runs over man during gang fight

I wonder what triggered this action? Did she know the gang? Were they losing the fight? Or, was she just fed up with these idiots, and took matters into her own hands.

In the legal world, what this lady did amounts to a possible charge of "Premeditated Attempted Murder, with Malicious Intent". The malicious intent stems from her action of executing a "U Turn, and deliberately "Aiming" the vehicle at the group fighting. This scenario only will unfold if, and when law enforcement determines what motivated her. So again I ask, did she know those involved? Were the ones she possibly knew were losing the fight? Or, was she just like many in the country, fed up with these idiots, and took matters into her own hands?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Man charged with firing pellet gun at Morton Grove mosque - Chicago Sun-Times

Man charged with firing pellet gun at Morton Grove mosque - Chicago Sun-Times

Even though it was a "Pellet Gun", it's still a case of domestic terrorism.

Just because the guy is an ignorant jerk, his actions instilled fear in people doing nothing but worshiping their faith. This is classic terrorism. The Federal branch of Justice must bring additional charges of "Hate and Terrorism" so these ignorant jerks will finally get the message, that this kind of stupidity will not be tolerated.

So you blowhards at FOX, stop defending these idiots just because they are White. Terrorism, and hate knows no skin color. So let's be crystal clear. Even though it was a "Pellet Gun", this is, and will always be a case of domestic terrorism.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Quinn vetoes coal-to-gas plant on Southeast Side

Quinn vetoes coal-to-gas plant on Southeast Side

Thank you Governor Quinn.

When I read that first paragraph on how these two companies would RAPE their customers for "30 years", Holy Shit!, was the only words I could come up with. Here, read it again:

 "Under the bill, Nicor Gas and Ameren Illinois customers would have been required to pay 95 percent of the costs to build and operate the $3 billion plant. Customers would been billed for the plant's gas for 30 years through their utility bills. The plant's gas would have cost an estimated to cost three to four times the current price of natural gas."

Who wrote this bill? The Gas companies? If a politician did, that person would be voted out so fast, heads would indeed spin. What balls these corporations have. Anyway, thanks Governor Quinn.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Walsh: Muslim terror threat worse than ‘right after 9/11’ - Chicago Sun-Times

Walsh: Muslim terror threat worse than ‘right after 9/11’ - Chicago Sun-Times

I hope you people are paying attention to this buffoon. This is the end result when you vote uninformed, and with hatred in your heart.

Yes, I'm talking to you White Senior Citizens that let the minions of Lucifer lie too you about health care. Now that you see "Checks" in the mail, and the occasional truth sinking into your closed minds, you are beginning to see what you sent too Washington D.C. as your representative. He has done absolutely nothing for you but take your tax payer funded health care, and voted to deny you, the same benefits he enjoys. You already knew he is, not was, racist. You found out later, he is a "Dead-Beat-Dad". Yet you still attend "Town Hall Meetings" he holds, and applaud his racist, unpatriotic rhetoric?

There truly is no hope for you if you actually think this minion of Lucifer has your best interest in mind. He doesn't. He already told you "Not to look for him to do anything for you." He truly would love nothing more but for you Seniors, to go back and eat cat, and dog food.

When he told you to vote for him so he can "Repeal" The Affordable Care Act, you should have made him sign a document that he would PAY for his own health insurance. But you didn't. And you know why? It was because YOU were uninformed, and held hatred in your hearts.

Prove me wrong.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cops: Gunman kills 1, fires on police, no officers hurt

Cops: Gunman kills 1, fires on police, no officers hurt

How much more proof do our lawmakers need for getting guns out of the hands of gangs?

It is apparent that this menace cares nothing for life. The odds are great that the possibility of this buffoon has priors. So how was it possible he could obtain a gun? The odds are great he is a gang member. So he should be charged under the New Illinois RICO law. It is obvious changes must come to the current sentencing laws we have on the books. If you have a person of such ilk, that fires on law enforcement officers at the drop of a hat, why can't a mandatory 100 year sentence be imposed? I'm betting even legal scholars would have no problem with such a law. It can't be deemed "cruel or unusual" because the violator of such a law, could care less because of their actions in the first place. If you have no regard for human life, law enforcement or civilian, one would find it highly hypocritical of such a scumbag crying about rights. They didn't care then, why bother caring now? The only thing they do deserve, is the trial, and conviction.

So in all honesty, how much more proof do you lawmakers need?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

SEC steps up work on trading rules after Knight losses

SEC steps up work on trading rules after Knight losses

Really? Now you decide doing something after they already screwed up? A little late don't you think? Here's the sad part about this entire fiasco. You knew shady things were afoot, so now you decide going into cover your ass mode is a good step.

How in the hell is it possible you clowns can "Police" yourselves, when you nearly destroyed this country with your rampant greed, and still not one ass-clown is in jail? Here's what's going to happen. People have already lost faith, and confidence in what you are supposed to do. So they will begin a trend of staying the hell away from you greed merchants slowly, but surely, and start putting their money in savings accounts.

Putting in rules after the fact is never going to work for you clowns because, your biggest greed merchants will simply ignore them. And then again, knowing you clowns, you probably exempted them from your "New Rules". Nice try at covering your ass.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Police: Cook sent threatening photos to chef after being fired

Police: Cook sent threatening photos to chef after being fired

Really? This is an idiot, so make sure you keep him in a rubber room somewhere.

I keep asking the question of the level of stupidity some people will demonstrate just to prove how low they can really stoop. If this supreme dumb-ass isn't a classic example of that old saying: "Dumber then a box of rocks, or a bag of hammers", I'm at a total loss.

This supreme idiot didn't think they would know it's him? Hint dumb-ass. How many former employees still wear the same wristband, and show half of their face with a ski-mask? Who wants to bet the idiot has a Facebook page loaded with similar pictures?

You get fired for being an idiot thief, and turn around and send a picture of yourself to your former employer thinking you would not get caught? Really? If you are not dumber then a box of rock, or bag of hammers, well I guess I am at a total loss. Next stop, rubber room please.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Generic dealmaking

Generic dealmaking

Damn shame when you live in a place where money rules above people.

The next time you hear these "Free Market" windbags yammer on about deregulation, just direct them to this article. The "Branded Companies" make so much money hand over fist, that they can "Payoff" smaller companies to hold back on possibly "Life Saving" drugs.

That is a damn shame.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Riverside: Pot sold across street from police station

Riverside: Pot sold across street from police station

Well! How much dumber can anyone get? Now we all know why education is so important.

Enough said. Happy Mars Landing.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Harry Reid, Mitt Romney trade sharper barbs over taxes

Harry Reid, Mitt Romney trade sharper barbs over taxes

I'm just sitting here thinking about who in their right mind would cast a vote for Willard (Mitt) Romney? Well, that's a very simple answer. The wealthy. Anyone else making less, must have no soul whatsoever.

I'm very sure people my age, or older remember it wasn't so long ago that our sky had a brownish color, our paint and vehicles contained lead, and a fucking river caught fire! Recently a report came out that "Black Lung Disease" is making a resurgence. Now who do you think is responsible for all that? You got it, politicians, and corporations. Don't you find it audacious that they get angry at us, the consumer, when we tell them to clean up our sky, water, food, and work-sites as a responsible entity should? Oh, and by the way. When you file a bankruptcy, you must attend "Credit Counseling" dependent upon the "Type" of filing. Corporations Don't. Is that fair?

Well, here we now have a guy running for the highest, publicly funded job this country has to offer, and he tells us, like his press aide, to kiss his ass, when it comes to releasing taxes. Meanwhile, we have racist putting advertisements on television, asking for the current presidents "College Transcripts, and Birth Certificate". But this other guy, simply tells you to basically fuck-off because he "Doesn't want to give them any ammunition." "Ammunition"? Such a curious choice of words. That could only imply something just doesn't pass the smell test.

I know the wealthy that hid taxable income overseas jumped all over that "Tax Amnesty Deal" the Internal Revenue Service launched in the year 2000 (or whenever they decided to cut super-cheaters a break), and may still utilize today. Could that be the "Ammunition" Willard is speaking of? We already know he LIED about when he left his old job. Now he's calling a sitting Senator a liar, just because a person that worked with him told the truth. That this guy didn't pay taxes for 10 years! Ask yourself this. How else would the other person know this? Simple answer. They did the exact same thing, or got scared and kept their money here like a true American would, and pay their taxes.

So for those of you scrapping by, and even thinking about casting a vote for old Willard. You truly have no soul whatsoever.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Hellloooo? Sox fans?

Hellloooo? Sox fans?

Ah! My time to rub it in just a touch more.

They suck! They've always sucked, win or lose. Yes folks, I'm a Cubs fan. Scream all you want about the drought on the North Side of town. Cub town is simply more of a FUN place. That giant, ugly softball field on the South Side, is BORING!

Hell, from time to time I tune in just to check out who they are playing, and I have to turn the channel because those snooze inducing broadcasters keep yammering on about GOLF? WTF? Someone should tell them they are supposed to break the game down. Not talk about golf, or who's the best card player.

I know where those fans are. They are doing other constructive things like getting drunk at Cub Land.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

July homicides drop but year-so-far tally up

July homicides drop but year-so-far tally up

The sad truth is a great majority of people would like nothing more but for these evil beings to just kill each other off. But we all know it just doesn't work like that. In their murderous frenzy, there will always be collateral damage in the form of innocents caught in the crossfire.

Yet as this data demonstrates, something is happening. I've stated before, the "Law enforcement officers knows who they are." They have the mug-shots, the names, and addresses. Yet these ignorant butt-clowns continue the delusional game of thinking they can't get caught. They are completely oblivious of the fact that people can only put up with stupid for a certain amount of time. That includes family members.

One could point at several reasons for the July drop in homicides. I'm leaning towards these butt-clowns are possibly in fear they could be the next one in a chalk outline. Yet there is also the fact, once these idiots are caught, the entire sentencing book is thrown at them. When an aspiring younger gang members sees such, they may have that dim light bulb go off and re-think joining.

Let's give our hard working law enforcement all the help they need. Our churches, and congregations should hit the streets in droves getting these wayward youths to stop, think, and listen. Killing yourselves over a corner that doesn't even belong to you is pointless. Think about that next time, so that another innocent isn't caught in your evil crossfire.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pension reform moves Evanston school officials to the right

Pension reform moves Evanston school officials to the right

How odd in the way we have reached this point from its humble beginnings.

If any of you happen to read this breakdown, please note, I'm just spit-balling the origination of pensions in not only public, but private sector industries. So here we go.

In the beginning when you held a full-time job, it was the union that took money from the employees and put it in a pension plan. Everyone was happy. During the flow of time, somewhere a meeting was held. The union leadership, politicians, bankers, and employers sat down and found a way of taking the pension funds gaining nothing but interest, and loot it.

All of them guessed that because there was so much for the taking it would be decades before anyone really caught on. What they didn't count on, was the greed factor. Greed was much greater than their imaginations could ever fathom. So when police, fire, teachers, etc, etc., woke up one day and said HEY! Where the hell is my money? The union leadership, politicians, bankers, and employers blamed the workers for being greedy, and having the audacity to ask for a measly cost of living adjustment. Which in layman's terms is called a raise.

Now caught, they scrambled desperately looking for more money to cover up the mess they made. They knew they had to replace all that they squandered, so they decided to play the old "Shell Game". They spoke among themselves, and decided to raise taxes on this, and that, but never once considered cutting their own double dipping pensions, or golden parachutes.

Maybe one day, the employees of public, and private sector industries will re-awake and decide among themselves, that they just may be better off, not putting funds in these Shell Games, and keep it for themselves in a savings account. Yes, it's a bit tricky for those with unions. They tell you if you don't kick in, you can't work here, or there. My counter, if I'm paying you dues, and decide my money would be better served in a savings account, that's my choice, and right. So take your dues, and back the hell off. In the private sector, you have the freedom to kick-in to the Shell Game, or not. So here we are with the unions, politicians, bankers, and employers deciding once again, how best to rake you over the coals.

Yes indeed how odd we have reached this point from its humble beginnings.

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