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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bank of America to charge $5 debit card fee - Chicago Sun-Times

Bank of America to charge $5 debit card fee - Chicago Sun-Times

Well that marching call of "Move Your Money" appears very appropriate now. If any lesson that must be learned from here on out, it's a simple one. Let Them Fail.

This is the thanks taxpayers get for letting the biggest heist in American history come about. They still have all of us by the ankles, and shaking every penny out of our pockets with zero remorse. A community bank just sits by and watches in utter astonishment, and disgust at how we just lay there, and take it like an unconscious rape victim by the "Too Big To Fail Gang", as they continue their assault on consumers.

It is way past time for all of us to regain consciousness and let these merchants of greed, and corruption fail by simply never doing business with them ever again.

Let them Fail. Move your money out for good.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Judge: Reputed Sinaloa Cartel leader should be allowed to exercise outdoors - Chicago Sun-Times

Judge: Reputed Sinaloa Cartel leader should be allowed to exercise outdoors - Chicago Sun-Times

There is a valid reason I've dubbed this, "The Thought Process". With that said, here's a very serious thought, or multiple thoughts for discussion. Why are drug dealers not ever considered candidates for the "Death Penalty"?

Think of all the havoc, and destruction to peoples lives they cause everyday. Think of the "Foot Soldiers" they employ for distributing their product of death and destruction. Think of the violence their "Foot Soldiers" display in neighborhood, after neighborhood. How is it possible that they have never been placed on "Death Row" when caught? What feeble excuse do they use, when they are responsible for the distribution, and mayhem of their criminal enterprise? Surely they cannot claim that they are not responsible for their very own "Foot Soldiers" actions? Especially when the soldier is carrying out the dealers orders.

That question, and questions have never been fully addressed. The bulk of the time, you only hear of long prison terms, and then they are released. Others meet their fate in a hail of gunfire by rivals. Yet, to this day, I've yet to hear of one awaiting trial with the possibility of death being the end result. One would surmise such an ultimate determination would deter such activity? Why hasn't it been attempted? Such a legislative attempt could not possibly be deemed "Cruel and Unusual Punishment"? All one has to do, is look at all the cruelty, suffering, and punishment they induce in communities around this nation.

One would think this is a very good time for a serious discussion with our legislators on how, and why drug dealers are not considered candidates for the death penalty, with all the mayhem, misery, and death they have placed in community, after community?

Just some food for thought. What do you think?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Inspector puts city income tax, Lake Shore Drive tolls on table - Chicago Sun-Times

Inspector puts city income tax, Lake Shore Drive tolls on table - Chicago Sun-Times

Well, there's good ideas, and then there are bad ideas in this guys approach.

First things first. Never screw with our seniors. If it wasn't for them you would not be here. So say thank you. A "city income tax" seems not so bad provided it applies to all income levels. You may not need a "Toll" on Lake Shore Drive had not the "Last Mayor" gave away our parking meters. If there was some legal way of getting them back, smash that idea. Screwing with fire fighters, and police when you can't even get the emergency radios working? Start finding out why that problem hasn't been solved before doing such.

And now for my final suggestion. Legalize pot, and approve the sale and use of medicinal marijuana. That should give you hundreds of millions, and possibly billions in additional revenue. Look at what drinking and driving does to countless peoples lives? Pot can never compare to such damage done by booze. Now that is an approach slightly better.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

So Funny It Must Be True

I found this going through my e-mail, and there was no link attributed to it, so my best guess is, this may have originated from "The Onion".

Breaking News from Canada

Canada warned today that if Gov. Rick Perry is elected President of
the United States in 2012, it would take the "regrettably necessary
step" of constructing a 20-foot fence along its entire border with the

"This is a step that we don't take lightly," said Canadian Border
Security Minister Ian McGarrity. "However, we must protect ourselves
from the prospect of millions of Americans pouring over the border."


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Forest preserve guard accused of pot growing

Forest preserve guard accused of pot growing

Oh no not again? When are you elected officials going to understand the boat loads of money that will be put in your coffers, and pockets when you just wake the hell up and legalize this PLANT.

Friday, September 23, 2011

West Side charter school students say they're harassed by gangs

West Side charter school students say they're harassed by gangs

Wow! That's a shame. I wonder which Cook County Commissioner that doesn't want a pay-cut, reside over this district? I have this funny feeling it must be in either the 1st or 2nd district.

It's so strange that no matter what level a politician decides to serve, something always comes along and bites them right in the ass, when they take a no win position.

If you are such a good, strong leader, why are these kids dealing with terrorist? Do you still think you can't afford a pay-cut? Maybe you should go talk to those kids, because you're sure not making them feel safe. Yep, I wonder who's district this area falls in?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

New CHA chief to ‘think outside the box’ in transforming public housing - Chicago Sun-Times

New CHA chief to ‘think outside the box’ in transforming public housing - Chicago Sun-Times

Outside the box ya say? Well, start with all the father figures you refused to let live in such places by using that lame "income requirement". If you have the rent set at a particular level, it just makes common sense to up the ante for those making a little more. Just thinking outside the box, that's a win win for everyone involved. If you bemoan a budget shortfall, doesn't it makes perfect sense for you to grab that additional revenue stream? Of course it does. But in the blind hatred for people of color, those in power back in the 50's, and 60's thought it best to follow the "Willie Lynch Model" and separate families.

I don't know about you folks, but when your dad worked, and lived in the home, or apartment where the entire neighborhood knew him, crime was down. Unless, they ran a crime organization. But on the other hand, life in such neighborhoods was pretty laid back, and cool.

Maybe that is what these guys, and gals are truly thinking when they call it "Mixed Income Housing". Look, the housing sector took a major beating. It just makes complete, common sense for local, county, state, and federal housing departments to take another look at those out-dated income, and "Willie Lynch" requirements that applied during the late 50's and 60's.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Law gives huge pension perks to union leaders

Law gives huge pension perks to union leaders

Well, with the rest of the Sane people in this State, crap like this must stop. This is a major reason the GOP will forever assault the working men and women, when the so-called honcho's of unions walk away with deals like this.

I truly hope that all investigative reporters out there dig extremely deep on this story and find out who wrote this crap, and why did these select few honcho's fell silent, and never refused this super shady payoff? I'm not sorry guys, but you have to give that money back. You no doubt are already sitting pretty without that shady deal from your previous positions. It will be discovered who benefited from this. They have already pegged you guys, so come clean, name names, or they will do what is always the best clue for following, the money.

It's crap like this, that makes every hard-working person (union or non-union) out there look bad.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Not-for-profit group used state funds to buy decked-out Hummer - Chicago Sun-Times

Not-for-profit group used state funds to buy decked-out Hummer - Chicago Sun-Times

Here's an idea. How about having auditors in-place before one cent is given to these questionable "Not For Profits"? Also, will you people please start throwing these people in jail?

Here's another brain fart for you people just giving away these funds. How about just setting up our very own State wide Universal Health Care system like Vermont, and Washington? At the very least it isn't going to a gas guzzling Hummer. A special note for the people working at these "Not For Profit" places. When you see crap like this, report it immediately. Don't lie for these people, or pretend that you were just as shocked. You don't need a Hummer for treating, and educating people with serious illnesses.

Damn! Start throwing these greedy, selfish ass-clowns in jail.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Beer Kits Here

Americans can celebrate Oktoberfest without traveling to Germany - Chicago Sun-Times

Hey why not get even more creative an brew your own beer? It just makes economic sense in the difficult times.

Make your own beer with Mr. Beer kits.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

City stops buying Tahoes for cops - Chicago Sun-Times

City stops buying Tahoes for cops - Chicago Sun-Times

From credit cards to gas guzzlers, that former Mayor of ours really dragged us taxpayers over the coals.

I've always pondered why the police department had those vehicles when they are no earthly good when our famous winters hit. Two-wheel drive SUV's in this city? Front wheel drive vehicles, I could understand. But rear-wheel? Winter? Chicago? Chevy and Ford make great, economical, four-wheel drive SUV's. One would think that former Mayor of ours would be inclined to shop around? NOT! What he's doing, is just laughing, and spitting in the face of us taxpayers. You just can't help but feel for our current Mayor. I'm betting once he went through the books, his brain went from stunned, appalled, to WTF!

When you look at the college degrees required for holding certain jobs in this city, it really makes a person wonder, why isn't common sense apart of the curriculum when attending such institutions? When I found out these vehicles were not four wheel drive, I just simply thought, Boy! That was stupid. I'm also betting many police officers thought the exact same thing.

Thanks former Mayor for yet again, dragging us taxpayers over the coals.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Drug kingpin wants to use jail rooftop gym, warden fears assasination, escape - Chicago Sun-Times

Drug kingpin wants to use jail rooftop gym, warden fears assasination, escape - Chicago Sun-Times

Hey very smart people. Do you really want to save some money? How about not buying gym equipment for convicted criminals?

It's a PRISON! I can see having books for educational reasons. But wasting taxpayer monies on building gyms, and buying equipment? Hell no! Let them walk, do push-ups, and jog. And by the way, who's the fucking Einstein that thought building a gym on a fucking rooftop was a good idea, and how much did that little brain-fart cost taxpayers? Also you GOP/Bag Ass-hats, before you complain about the current administration, this prison has been there long before he ran for State government. So in essence, especially you dolts at FIXED NEWS, STFU!

A "Roof Top Gym". Really? For fucking convicts? Really? Save us taxpayers some money and NEVER, EVER build another.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Prices squeezing consumers - Chicago Sun-Times

Prices squeezing consumers - Chicago Sun-Times

Really? Really? Really?

Yet in the meantime our central banking system is coming to the rescue of European Banks: That's right 5 Banks. If they can find money for this, why can't seniors, and the disabled get a cost of living adjustment? Simple answer. Because of the previous administration raiding the surplus, and very shoddy math.

No offense Mr. President, but you must insist on your "Bean Counters" to go back and do a re-evaluation on the math that brought them to the conclusion that a cost of living adjustment wasn't feasible last year. Prices have doubled, and in some instances, tripled on food and other basic necessities consumers use, and need to go about their daily lives.

Not to sound like an isolationist, but we really do need a little "Nation Building" right here in this country. It can be done. It must be done. If it isn't, well, just look at what the last administration did to this country. If our central banks can ignore us, what's stopping the others from moving us back to "Tent Cities"? We are getting slammed with price hikes on nearly everything, and yet 5 central banks guess it's better to help out overseas, rather here. Really? Really? Really?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Once at 500, number of city credit cards down to 8 after crackdown - Chicago Sun-Times

Once at 500, number of city credit cards down to 8 after crackdown - Chicago Sun-Times

Wow! This just informs us of just how much the former Mayor bent us over the table and pounded us taxpayers in the rear.

From 500 to 8. I know there has got to be some criminal charges lurking in the wings with such a dramatic decrease in these cards. It just has to be. If so, this money must be recouped, along with some time behind bars.

You can only thank our former Mayor, for figuratively bending us over a table and banging us all in the rear. The least you can do is explain to all of us, how in the hell did you let this happen? How in hell did you and your staff determine 500 people needed these cards? You have some explaining to do former Mayor.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Judge scolds Rep. Joe Walsh, orders him to prove he doesn’t owe back child-support - Chicago Sun-Times

Judge scolds Rep. Joe Walsh, orders him to prove he doesn’t owe back child-support - Chicago Sun-Times

I love it when you think you are above the law.

I'm begging this judge to throw the entire book, and courtroom at this sorry deadbeat dad. When you look at what happens to those that owe a fraction of what this loser got away with, your head would explode. Right now, somewhere, there is a deadbeat dad sitting behind bars for way less Deadbeat Walsh owes. Yes judge, cite him for contempt, and lock him up. And as far as him proving he doesn't owe anything? Yeah right. Banks can't show that off any of his statements unless they conspired with him.

Pay up deadbeat. You are not above the law.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Another judge strikes down U.S. health care mandate

Another judge strikes down U.S. health care mandate

How many judges does it take to agree on the constitutionality portion of this law? If the "Mandate" is unconstitutional, why does Massachusetts have it? Why hasn't that part been ruled so? If a State can do it without question, where's the problem with the Federal system following the same approach? I smell politics from the bench.

Our judicial system is supposed to be unbiased. From the way this back and forth ruling in these courts keep going, politics is playing a role, not judicial responsibility, and prudence. If the Supreme Court rules the "Individual Mandate" as unconstitutional, look at all that money the State of Massachusetts has to pay back to all its citizens. That's something these political judges never thought about when they keep doing this little constitutional, unconstitutional dance.

This is what happens when you put judges on the bench who have no respect for the judicial system. If it's good enough for Massachusetts, it's good for the rest of the country. And if you judges think otherwise, there will be some pretty pissed-off people that will have to give a ton of money back. See if you get re-appointed, or elected after that scenario happens.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Missing file in Koschman case says Daley nephew was aggressive - Chicago Sun-Times

Missing file in Koschman case says Daley nephew was aggressive - Chicago Sun-Times

Short and Sweet today.

This just keeps getting sicker, and sicker. The evidence, and witness testimony are there. Charges must be filed. You just can't sit on this anymore.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Man accused of attacking teen at school meeting

Man accused of attacking teen at school meeting

Beating on a kid does not make the man. There was a fantastic opportunity for this guy to educate this youth on the does, and don'ts of treating young girls, and women in general. Yet alas, this turned into another saga of epic parental failure.

It's really simple. All he had to do was explain to this kid, that striking the female species is off limits, and does not constitute the making of a man. Yet sadly, he decided to go Neanderthal. What a great role model (Sarcasm). Oh well, maybe the next parent will step up and demonstrate to our youth the proper way for conducting oneself.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Just Legalize It Already

I've said it once, and I'll keep on saying it. That is just way to much money not going too the States.

Home-Grown Marijuana Producers (With A Twist)

A number of Americans in the United States have undertaken the skill of cultivating marijuana in their homes or apartments. The people whom have taken up this endeavor are seeking to modify or supplement their income. They assume that marijuana is a harmless drug akin to the consumption of alcoholic beverages and therefore see themselves as merchants or suppliers of this lucrative market. In theoretical observance of this practice, one could base a conclusion of rational choice to the mindset of such persons. Two noted theorist (Becker 1968; Sullivan 1973) observed that people would analyze the cost and benefit associated with such an endeavor before committing the crime.

In March of 2007, two men were in custody after police officials seized nearly $2 million in marijuana from a Northfield Township home in Illinois. The drugs growing in two bedrooms filled with dozens of plants reaching up to four-feet in height, officials said. Police officials stated that more than 95 pounds of marijuana ready for sale discovered in plastic bins in the living room and attic. The marijuana was hydroponically grown, a more potent and expensive type of the drug. Also found in the home was 300 hits of LSD and 5 grams of heroin. The two men rented the home in the “upscale neighborhood” for more than eight months, according to a news release.

We all know that possession and distribution of any illegal drug comes with a price to pay. A great many of us consider ourselves rational in thought when it comes to making a purchase, such as an automobile, or appliances. One will consider if the cost is worth the benefit prior to making a purchase. If a person or persons find the cost far exceeds the benefit one would naturally decide against the purchase. One would have to look at this classic case and simply deduce that these two individuals made a conscious and rational choice to explore this kind of endeavor. They most certainly knew the risk involved and considered the effect it would bring if discovered. After observing the cost-benefit analysis, they simply concluded that the benefit far exceeded the cost and entered into the endeavor of producing marijuana in their home.

Marijuana is now the biggest crop grown in the United States, exceeding traditional harvests such as wheat, corn, and soybeans, says a new report. The study shows that 10, 000 tons’ of marijuana worth $35.8 billion is grown each year; the street value would be even higher. This dwarfs the $23 billion-worth of corn grown, $17.6 billion-worth of soybeans and $12.2 billion-worth of hay. Marijuana is the biggest cash crop in 12 states, with the value of pot grown outstripping peanuts in Georgia and tobacco in North and South Carolina.

In California, if legalized, tax revenue estimates reach $105.4 million dollars per year (CNN Projects Marijuana Tax Revenue for every U.S. State, 2009) the biggest producer, it is worth $13.8 billion. The report, Marijuana Production in the US, by, which wants marijuana re-classified, says the drug listed as a schedule 1 drug deemed to have no medicinal value and a likelihood of abuse. Other such drugs include heroin. The author, Jon Gettman, states the figures show the war on drugs is not working: “Illicit marijuana cultivation provides considerable unreported revenue for growers without corresponding tax obligations to compensate the public for the social and fiscal costs related to use.” The suggestion that the crop become legalized and taxed was rejected by the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, which pointed to countries with large drug cash crops, notably Colombia and Afghanistan. The report says output in the United States has grown tenfold in the last 25 years. The report also says that the boom in domestic production gained momentum by tougher border controls after 9/11. As smuggling from Mexico has become more difficult, the drug cartels have moved their operations into the United States, often creating plantations in remote national park land.

One can now see why people are undertaking the skill of cultivating marijuana in their homes and parkland around this country. They use the drug to supplement their income and avoid detection by using natural resources and the privacy of their homes. As rational choice, theory suggest, these people are observing the cost-benefit ratio and in their minds they clearly see the benefits far out-weigh the risk. Gary Becker, from our text Understand Crime Theory and Practice pg. (44) Ch. 2 provided the groundwork for this theory by suggesting that decisions to commit crimes involve the same decision-making process as in buying a car. People make decisions based on an “expected utility principle.” They get information, store it to memory, and use it to analyze for any given situation. Following this theory to the two people from the quiet suburb in Illinois, one would deduce they thought that their chances of apprehension were indeed low. Jon Gettman’s assessment of unreported revenue for the growers is also a clear signal for someone looking to launch a bid into this endeavor. The arrest and report of marijuana growers in the United States from this point of view is clearly in lock step with rational choice theory. We see a conscious and rational decision-making process being developed, and executed because the people involved see the benefits far out-weighing the risk.

Projected marijuana tax revenues* (in millions)
State Tax Revenue

California 105.4
New York 65.5
Florida 48.2
Texas 46.6
Ohio 34.8
Michigan 32.4
Illinois 31.6
Pennsylvania 30.5
Washington 22.0
Virginia 20.9
North Carolina 20.6
Georgia 19.3
New Jersey 19.3
Massachusetts 18.4
Indiana 17.8
Colorado 17.6
Missouri 15.6
Minnesota 14.3
Oregon 14.1
Maryland 13.9
Wisconsin 13.4
Arizona 13.0
Louisiana 13.0
Tennessee 12.2
Kentucky 10.2
Connecticut 9.8
South Carolina 9.1
Alabama 8.9
Oklahoma 8.3
Nevada 7.9
Arkansas 6.7
Kansas 6.6
Mississippi 6.6
Iowa 6.2
New Hampshire 5.6
Nebraska 5.0
New Mexico 4.9
Utah 4.7
Rhode Island 4.6
Maine 4.1
West Virginia 4.1
Hawaii 4.0
Montana 3.6
Idaho 3.3
Alaska 2.8
District of Columbia 2.8
Vermont 2.8
Delaware 2.4
South Dakota 2.0
North Dakota 1.6
Wyoming 1.2

* Revenues based on state-by-state marijuana consumption, assuming pot were legalized. Source: Prof. Jeffrey Miron, “Budgetary Implications of Marijuana Prohibitions,” June 2005.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Chicago Teachers Union files complaint to block schools from lengthening day

Chicago Teachers Union files complaint to block schools from lengthening day

I'm sorry, but I'm just not buying the grounds for this lawsuit.

There are several factors at play here. The most important factor, if what this suit claims is true, anyone that was "intimidated" or "coerced", would have been paraded in-front of the local media by the union. Another factor that strikes me as odd is, why haven't the union produced this "Waiver" that allegedly violates the collective bargaining agreement to the local media? A few schools took the deal with zero qualms. Those teachers are still in the union, and continue paying dues, unless I'm mistaken. So far, I haven't heard anything about those teachers "Leaving" the union. Have you?

With all the slanderous comments about unions coming from the GOP, this action by this union adds more trash to such talk. It reeks of a selfish mentality, not any legal standing. These schools "Chose" this method for helping the children, with a little financial incentive. If anyone may become intimidated, or coerced, it just could be those teachers for standing up and doing the right thing, by their own union honchos. I urge the Chicago Teachers Union to drop this waste of union dues funds, and consider the commitment to these children these teachers have made.

Like I've stated above, I'm not buying the grounds for this lawsuit. And in all honesty, it really does make you guys look very bad, and selfish.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Skipping Obama speech, Walsh will hold forum in Schaumburg

Skipping Obama speech, Walsh will hold forum in Schaumburg

Wow! What a piece of work the people in his district voted in. I'm betting big time they have a major case of voters remorse there. I know for a fact, if I'd lived there, I would. Thank God I don't.

I also hope not one sane person shows up for his sham "Small Business Forum". He's on record for voting to get rid of Social Security, and Medicare. He's on record for being not only a "Deadbeat Dad", but also a travesty of a fiscally irresponsible individual (Foreclosure on his condo). So what on earth can he tell anyone at a "Small Business Forum"? My bet is a way they can destroy such a business, and hope for a "Bailout". But we know that isn't going to happen unless you play on Wall Street.

People of this district, beware, and avoid this deadbeat like the plague. Don't attend this sham forum. This deadbeat even went so far as to have his ex-wife sanctioned to delay his parental responsibility of supporting the children he brought into this world. Don't attend, and next election cycle, vote this deadbeat out. Oh, and by the way, I'd seriously look into getting some petitions going for removing this guy. After-all, he did take an oath. And so far, he just isn't living up to it, by skipping work. Had any of us decided not to go too work because we didn't want to attend a meeting, we'd get our pay docked. Think about that.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

In this economy, grandparents come to the rescue more than ever before - Chicago Sun-Times

In this economy, grandparents come to the rescue more than ever before - Chicago Sun-Times

This is what happens after more than a decade of GOP policies.

They don't work for middle class people. All they do is make the already wealthy more wealthy, and the middle class shrink to near starvation.

Never vote GOP again people. They truly do not care about you unless, you are making over $250 grand a year.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dick Cheney misremembers the Iraq war

Dick Cheney misremembers the Iraq war

Short and sweet today. Why isn't this person being charged with war crimes, and treason?

The evidence is there. The blatant revelation of a CIA officers identity, and lying not only to congress, but the American people as well. So the question remains. Why isn't this person charged? No State, County, City, or Federal Attorney can dispute the facts. If they do, they do not need to be in such a position, and must step down. If the Constitution of The United States has any significant meaning, charges must be filed against him, and all others involved in the undeclared, unconstitutional war against Iraq.

So once again, why isn't this person being charged?

Monday, September 5, 2011

White House carefully comments on Tea Party rep. skipping jobs speech - Chicago Sun-Times

White House carefully comments on Tea Party rep. skipping jobs speech - Chicago Sun-Times

Wow! Talk about voters remorse.

Last time I checked, the people he is "Supposed" to represent pay his salary for attending such events, so he can go back home, and inform them of what's going on in the nations capitol. Logically speaking, by not attending such an event, how is it possible for his constituents to be informed of what is going on there? Watching it on television? If that's the case, why bother electing him in the first place?

Here's a suggestion for the voters that woefully/regretfully elected this guy. Dock him a days pay for not doing has constitutionally sworn duty. Did you hear that Mr. Speaker? One of your minions is not doing his constitutionally sworn duty. He's not showing up for work. What will you do about it? In a technical sense, by not showing up for work, he's stealing money from the taxpayers. It's already bad enough this guy can't, or refuses to pay child support. Now he's not showing up at the job people voted for him to do? Yeah, had that been any of us "Regular Joe's, or Jane's, you can bet our pay would be docked for that day.

And by the way, we all know that "Town Hall" he claims he will have, will not have regular voters/constituents participating in it. So with that said, dock him a days pay.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

ComEd eyeing concessions to stave off likely Quinn veto - Chicago Sun-Times

ComEd eyeing concessions to stave off likely Quinn veto - Chicago Sun-Times

Nothing this company can do will ever help consumers save money. They are all about the bottom line period. They do not, and shall never, ever need a "Rate Hike" because they truly haven't spent a dime on upgrading their own equipment for decades.

Once in a blue moon you may see them putting in a pole, or replacing a transformer they got blasted by lightning. Other then that, same old poles, and rusted transformers sit in alleys. Remember the electric buses? They screwed the city so bad by jacking up rates, it had to scrap them.

So No ComEd, you don't need, or deserve a "Rate Hike", not until you go in your own damn pockets and upgrade your own damn dated equipment. That's how a business is supposed to run. You re-invest your own profits, to make your company more profitable. You don't do it on the backs of your customers who have a tough enough time paying your super-inflated rates. So "sweeten" it all you want. You don't deserve, and can't justify another "Rate Hike" with all the money you are sitting on.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Three CPS schools break from union, OK longer school day - Chicago Sun-Times

Three CPS schools break from union, OK longer school day - Chicago Sun-Times

Not one for beating up on unions, but ladies and gentleman, think of the children and not your salaries for once.

Name calling doesn't help the issue either. So when this person stated this: “This is political football school reform at its worst,” said CTU Vice-president Jesse Sharkey. “It’s old-style Chicago ward plantation politics.” You of all people with an education, need another occupation. Those schools chose to do this. Let me repeat that word. CHOSE. They are doing this for the kids. I commend them for it.

Ask any parent that has a child, or multiple children in these schools about all these Days Off, compared to when the parents went too school? You will see a major difference. "Plantation Politics"? Think of the children, and not your pockets for a change.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Union leader draws lucrative pension perk based on false information

Union leader draws lucrative pension perk based on false information

Well there you have all the ammo the sleazy GOP needs.

This is the kind of "Funny Business" politicians, and unions need to avoid at all cost. Who ever came up with this sleazy mathematical shell game law, is just as low as anything slimy could possibly be. It just Fucks Taxpayers over!

Repeal this shady policy now for the good of the State, County, City, Towns, and Villages. If the union wants to pay a little extra for being a representative, fine. Have a separate pension plan. But this? Oh hell no! Repeal it.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Alderman: Move police where they’re ‘most needed,’ not ‘most wanted’ - Chicago Sun-Times

Alderman: Move police where they’re ‘most needed,’ not ‘most wanted’ - Chicago Sun-Times

I think Alderman Beale, and others should look at cutting what they have first before demanding such a gutting of law enforcement. I think this quote from the union president explains it all.

"But FOP president Mike Shields ripped the alderman’s proposal."

“The Chicago Police Department today is stretched to the limit. We have had seven police officers killed in the line of duty over the past two years. Now, Ald. Beale wants to give us a pay cut? That is a real insult,” Shields said.

“If the mayor and the city are really serious about saving money, they can save tens of millions per year by cutting the number of aldermen in half and ending all of their ridiculous perks. The mayor asked for suggestions from citizens. That is what the citizens want. They do not want a demoralized and underpaid police force.”


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