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Thursday, March 31, 2011

City to privatize recycling; deliver curb-side service to households - Chicago Sun-Times

City to privatize recycling; deliver curb-side service to households - Chicago Sun-Times

Oh for the love of all things! I do hope the City Council doesn't let this happen.

This Mayor is trying to go out with his pockets full of taxpayer dollars. This is probably one of his worst Brain-Farts since selling our Parking Meters. Hey Mayor Elect, put the brakes on this once and for all.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

City cuts back rat control, forestry services to maintain trash pickups - Chicago Sun-Times

City cuts back rat control, forestry services to maintain trash pickups - Chicago Sun-Times

It took how many years to figure this out? Really?

Let me see, if I put more emphasis on picking up trash, I wouldn't have much of a rodent problem. Yeah, that does make sense.

But wait, I have a better idea. Let's cut back on trash pick-up from three (3) days a week, no wait, two (2) days, no even better, one (1) day a week, and the rat problem will resolve itself. Really? Wow! You really have to give it up for this Mayor, and these "Oh Crap" moments. I guess they reasoned the "Stray Cats" will do the work for free, since people have to stuff bag, after bag of garbage to the point the lids will not close, that this will draw out the rats, and the cats will pounce at dinner.

Really Mr. Mayor? Really?

Monday, March 28, 2011

If there is ‘no’ inflation, why are Medicare premiums going up? - Chicago Sun-Times

If there is ‘no’ inflation, why are Medicare premiums going up? - Chicago Sun-Times

I guess I wasn't the only one that noticed this.

As soon as "They" said no cost of living increase, prices shot up around the country. Remember that? Thank you Sun-Times for noticing this also.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rahm Emanuel regime and City Hall power structure -

Rahm Emanuel regime and City Hall power structure -

I have to admit, this is going to be fun.

I imagine after the "Swearing In", there will be more swearing once in office. That should be a very refreshing change with this new administration.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Medical marijuana market worth $1.7 billion a year -

Medical marijuana market worth $1.7 billion a year -

Hello Governors and Mayor's across the the country.

Well you are looking at budget deficits huh? Well if you are in need of a simple cash cow, look no further than the power of weed. Anyone that argues against the "Legalization" of marijuana, is just simply uninformed, or ignorant of facts. The old arguments of "Gateway Drug" are false, and unsubstantiated. The time is now for a serious discussion, and implementation of removing marijuana from our crime books. This plants "Known" medical benefits have been established for centuries.

Marijuana was ruled illegal, only because of the "Timber Barons Lobby" that viewed it as a threat to their pocket books, back in 1936. 1936? Come on now! People are, and will smoke pot for not only medical reasons, but for recreational reasons also. Just like they do booze. Remember when they tried to ban booze? How did that work out? Oh right, it was taken off the ban list.

Case closed. Legalize marijuana and tax the hell out of it.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Jim Hendry: Chicago Cubs general manager thinks club can win this year -

Jim Hendry: Chicago Cubs general manager thinks club can win this year -

This article is indeed, some food for thought.

As I type this I'm tuned in on WGN watching a spring training game as my Cubs take on the Seattle Mariners.

In all honesty, so far I've liked what I've seen from my team this spring. Confidence is the key with this ball club, and so far they are showing much of that. As for being a Cub fan since 1964, I'll just sit-back and watch, and hope for the best.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Illinois teacher pension system nearly $40 billion in the hole

Illinois teacher pension system nearly $40 billion in the hole

Why can't it work like that?

"The pension program for Chicago Public Schools teachers gets very little from the state, compared with what TRS receives. Chicago's system, far smaller than TRS, also is better funded: It has 67.1 percent of what's needed to pay benefits in the future, compared with 48.4 percent for TRS.

"The Senate president's view is, why doesn't the rest of the state work like CPS?" said Cullerton spokesman John Patterson. "Suburban and downstate districts effectively set pensions by their salary decisions, but the state isn't part of those decisions," Patterson said, even though the subsequent pension costs are pushed off to state taxpayers."

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Controversy over creationist Libertyville teacher -

Controversy over creationist Libertyville teacher -

I have a simple solution for this problem.

If these zealots want to do this, let them do it without Tax Payer dollars. Any Public Institution in this country should be "Educated" on the difference between a Secular Society, and a Theocracy. No Taxpayer funds for any Public Institution pushing such an agenda should be tolerated. If any student wants to learn about "Creationism", read a bible, or just go to church.

Keep it out of Public Schools.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Rahm Emanuel nearly swept black neighborhoods in mayoral victory - Chicago Sun-Times

Rahm Emanuel nearly swept black neighborhoods in mayoral victory - Chicago Sun-Times

Well so much for certain people telling you this is your "consensus candidate".

What these figures tell me, is that people are really fed up with the crime, corruption, and greed that's been going on in this city for some time. Just look at Alderman Burke. Why on this earth does he need taxpayer provided police officers as his security force? Doesn't he siphon enough from the taxpayers with all his extra pay? All of them have an "Expense Account". They get extra taxpayer dollars for sitting on different committees. Why? Can't they do that job with just the pay they ran for as alderman/women? Seems a fair question. I mean, the city is facing a budget crisis after-all. Seems for any reasonable person, a demonstration of sacrifice should be in order.

In the real world, elected officials are supposed to represent their constituents, Never themselves. But in bizarro world, that IS the case. That may be why Mr. Hendon quit. He may have assumed the "Sheep" would fall in line. Never assume is the lesson here.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Invest in people, you’ll always get money’s worth - Chicago Sun-Times

Invest in people, you’ll always get money’s worth - Chicago Sun-Times

Now this article is a great reality check.

I would encourage all working families to get on your elective representatives, and make them stop giving tax cuts to companies that refuse to give people a decent living wage.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ill. Republicans want $5 billion in cuts to education, health care, pensions - Chicago Sun-Times

Ill. Republicans want $5 billion in cuts to education, health care, pensions - Chicago Sun-Times

Oh gee not one mention of taxing the rich. No shock there folks.

Here's the only thing they have in this proposal that makes any sense: "Other cuts Radogno and her caucus sought took aim at the state prison system, including ending $7 million in compensation to inmates that they can use to purchase “candy, cigarettes and cable TV.”

They want to stop funding the Illinois Arts Council, which is chaired by Shirley Madigan, wife of House Speaker Michael Madigan (D-Chicago), because the cash-strapped agency has “essentially suspended” the awarding of grants to artists and art organizations yet continues to have a full-time staff.

Republicans also are after state-owned cell phones, blackberries and pagers. Cutting half of the 15,500 communication devices would save an estimated $2.3 million. Reducing take-home cars for state employees by half could also generate $9 million in savings."

With the money these elected people are fleecing off us tax-payers, why can't they pay for their own phones, pagers, cars, etc, etc? How long has this been going on? Don't you think crap such as this should have been cut years ago? And on the subject of any type of health coverage, you better cut yours first.

If you are not willing to give up Government-Run Health-care, compliments of us, the taxpayer, you better not cut anyone else. Stop attacking the poor, and working class.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Illinois seeks to repossess prisoner's meager wages -

Illinois seeks to repossess prisoner's meager wages -


If this isn't the dumbest thing I've ever heard of? You PAID HIM! Ever heard of State Taxes? Somebody has to be fired for this Mega-Stupid concept. Oh God, my brain just caved in from reading this.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Found On The Net

If you don't like paying taxes . . .
- Don't drive on paved streets or highways.
- Don't call 911.
- Don't flush your toilet.
- Don't bring your garbage to the curb.
- Don't fly in an airplane that uses air-traffic controllers.
- Don't use the court system.
- Don't call the police when you get robbed.
- Don't use the US Post Office - send all your letters via FedEx or UPS (if they serve your area).
- Don't ask for a farm subsidy for not growing crops.
- Don't ask for a taxpayer subsidy to do business in a city or state.
- Don't buy a sports franchise and ask the taxpayers to build your stadium.
- Don't send your children to public schools.
- Don't attend a state university.
- Don't expect a social security payment.
- Don't let Medicare pay your bills if you are over 65 or disabled.
- Don't look for a government contract to bolster your defense industry business.
- Don't look for a lucrative government consultant contract.
- Don't run for political office where your salary is paid for by the taxpayers.
- Don't accept government research findings that subsidize research for your industry.
- Don't be an airline and expect the government to bail you out.
- Don't be a car company and expect the government to bail you out.
- Don't be a steel company and expect the government to bail you out.
- Don't be a company that pollutes and expect the taxpayer to bail you out.
- Don't climb to the top of the Washington Monument, which is maintained at taxpayer expense.
- Don't make use of police services.
- Don't be rescued by fire department or paramedic team.
- Don't call the fire department if your house is on fire.
- Don't expect federal assistance if a natural disaster destroys your home or business.
- Don't expect the military to defend your country.
- Don't visit national parks or hike in national forests.
- Don't eat USDA-inspected meat, cheese, eggs or produce.
- Don't take any medications tested and approved by the FDA.
- Don't drink, bathe or otherwise use the water from municipal water systems.
- Don't look at or relay a weather report.
- Don't look at a NASA-generated picture.
- Don't expect a unit of measure like a gallon of gas to be a full gallon.
- Don't expect an elevator to work correctly or not fall.
- Don't expect a red light to work.
- Don't (be the Minority Senate Leader Named Trent Lott and) expect American taxpayers to subsidize the building of private industry cruise-liner ships in your home state.
- Don't accept government money to help develop a product which you then personally patent or copyright and sell for your own profit.
- Don't use the services of a doctor who is licensed through the state.
- Don't expect research into medical problems such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, aging, prostrate, menopause, etc.
- Don't use the public library.
- Don't go to a state university-affiliated hospital.
- Don't watch state college sports.
- Don't apply for government grants.
- Don't use your state's convention centers.
- Don't go to a state, city or municipal-run airport.
- Don't ask for rural electrification, phone, or water services.
- Don't ask for FEC regulations that protect us from crooked financial planners.
- Don't ask to keep the airwaves free.
- Don't ask for a business loan from the small business administration.
- Don't ask to use the G.I. bill to go to college.
- Don't allow Al Gore to sponsor legislation to turn a military computer network (DARPANet/ARPANet) into the public-accessed "Internet."
- Don't drive a car that benefits from government safety regulations.
- Don't use electricity generated by TVA or some government-owned and maintained dam or facility.
- Don't use currency printed by the US Treasury.
- Don't use a bank or credit union that insures your deposits through the FDIC.
- Don't buy or build a house that requires the efforts of county deed offices or needs building permits and inspections.
- Don't get married, have children or die and expect the government to keep track of all the certificates.
- Don't expect the government to keep an eye on cemeteries, crematories and funeral homes so you won't get dug up and thrown in a swamp. (And ask George Bush why he lied about his involvement with a company that did just that.)
- Don't run for an elected office, because the local, state and federal election commissions could be involved.
- Don't go to a beach kept clean by the state.
- Don't use public transportation.
- Don't visit public museums.
- Don't go hunting, fishing, or camping on government property.
- Don't cross a bridge.
- Don't use truck stops or public restrooms.
- Don't expect the government to protect the copyright for the works you create.
- Don't expect your tap water to be clean and germ free.
- Don't expect there to be much wildlife left other than rats.
- Don't use wood or eat meat grown on Forest Service or BLM land.
- Don't eat any food transported on roads.
- Don't eat any vegetables in winter, 'cause they're mostly grown with "reclaimed" water.
- Don't expect any workplace safety standards, labor laws, or minimum wage.
- Don't use any gasoline, oil, or natural gas that was discovered by the USGS.
- Don't live in New Orleans, Sacramento or any other city protected by a levee.
- Don't expect zoning laws.
- Don't expect clean air, clean water, clean soil, etc.
- Don't expect highway signs.
- Don't expect laws against murder, theft, etc. (the govt. DEFINES crime).
- Don't expect to OWN anything, like your house, car, etc. (the govt. keeps track of titles).
- Don't expect anyone to plow your roads when it snows or sweep them when they're dirty.
- Don't expect the government to regulate industries that have monopolies and use that power to raise your rates for reduced service and product quality.
- Don't expect the government to keep gasoline rates low, compared to the rest of the world.
- Don't expect convicted criminals to be in prison and off your street.
- Don't expect the local government to condemn private property at below market rates so that your major league baseball franchise can build a stadium on the land and make millions of dollars in profit while leaving the taxpayers to foot the bill when the courts order the government to pay the property owners a fair price.
- Don't expect to receive a cheap land lease on Federal lands, then mine or cut the forest for your profit with no repayment to the landlord (we the people).
- Don't expect to have uniform building codes.
- Don't expect to go to buildings and high rises that have been reviewed and inspected during construction to ensure it was built to current building codes.
- Don't expect to eat in restaurants that have been inspected to ensure cleanliness and the safe preparation of food.
- Don't expect your children to be able to ride the bus to school.
- Don't try to adopt a child through your county or state government.
- Don't expect the state or county to pay foster parents to take care of the children left abandoned or orphaned.
- Don't expect the state or county to investigate and/or remove children from neglectful or abusive homes.
- Don't visit the Smithsonian.
- Don't write any material to be published and copyright it.
- Don't go to your book store and try to find a book by its ISBN number.
- Don't expect the government to stop the auto companies from building SUVs that roll over and kill your wife and kids.
- Don't expect the court to appoint a taxpayer-paid attorney to represent you (or your child) when you are accused of a crime.
- Don't call or go to the US Embassy in a foreign country when you get in trouble.
- Don't get a passport or try to get out of the US without a Passport.
- Don't expect to enjoy the benefits of the most stable regime in the world.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Waste agency director charged with stealing $1 million -

Waste agency director charged with stealing $1 million -

And people wonder why budgets across the country are in shambles.

It is just beyond insane what companies spend on people that wind up not doing anything that deserves such positions, while the lowly worker at the bottom of the pecking order, gets screwed over time, and time again. With such an amount of money, they could have given the people that do the REAL work, a 50 cent, or buck raise. But we all know, that just makes to much sense.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Wis. gov. officially cuts collective bargaining -

Wis. gov. officially cuts collective bargaining -

Hate saying I told you so but, I told you so.

I guess the only question for now is, what's next, book burning? In this age of being "Politically Correct", many are afraid of calling it, what it exactly appears. If the GOP/Tea Corporatist get their way, this country will become a Third World Nation.

They want basically, free labor, if they could get away with it. But we as a people will fight them tooth and nail for all the progress we have made on the labor front. The really sad part about this article, is this puppet of the greed merchants went right ahead and signed an unconstitutional law. There must be consequences for such a blatant disregard of standing law. No more fines. These people must be put behind bars. Violating your State Constitution is a treasonable act. They must be held to account for this grievous violation.

Law breakers must face punishment for such acts. If we let them off the hook, you can pretty much bet, book burning will be next.

Stop these drunk with power madmen. Remember what that other guy said about unions back on May 2, 1933? "We must close union offices, confiscate their money and put their leaders in prison. We must reduce workers salaries and take away their right to strike."

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ald. Ed Burke tries to downplay council duel with Rahm Emanuel -

Ald. Ed Burke tries to downplay council duel with Rahm Emanuel -

Yeah right. And I have a bridge for sale.

The very minute this guy gets a whiff of power slipping away, he'll do any, and everything possible to ensure nothing gets done for this city. This is what selfish, power-hungry people do. They would rather hold cities, counties, and states hostage than even come close to making a personal sacrifice on their own. They would prefer the people in communities suffer with slashed services before they even consider taking a pay-cut.

This man has made enough money off the citizens of Chicago, that he can afford hiring private security guards, rather than use tax-payer funded police officers. There is no earthly justification for this one man to have such a privilege. That folks, is just plain selfish. He's an Elected alderman, not a King. Give up the cops, and pay for your own if you think you are so important.

If you don't, I'm pretty sure your constituents will find a more suitable candidate for replacement.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

NPR CEO Vivian Schiller resigns under pressure -

NPR CEO Vivian Schiller resigns under pressure -

What really irks me about this article, is that every-time a person that walks the walk, and tells the simple truth, they have to resign. But on the other hand, we have people cheating on their loved ones, and refuse to step down, or remotely show any sign of being sincere.

There is a major difference between "Liberals" and "Progressives". Progressives have BACKBONE. They stand up and fight for what is right. Look no further than Wisconsin, and other States. Liberals tuck that infamous tail between those legs and scurry off into oblivion. People of the ilk of Limbaugh, Beck, Huckabee, Palin, Hannity, and the list ever grows, spout off racial innuendo forty going North, and are never, never held accountable for such idiocy. Yet the minute a SANE, reasonable person tells THE TRUTH about the lunatic GOP/Tea Corporatist Party, they must be fired, or step down.

The "Birther" section of this group is, and are racist. Yes folks it's just that simple. These lunatics holler and scream for a piece of paper that they will not even show you if you asked them for theirs. When you ask them to produce such a document, they scream you are violating their privacy. They don't want you looking at theirs, but anyone else that "Isn't" like them, is fair game.

Oh the shear hypocrisy of it all. Now poor old NPR is tucking that proverbial tail behind its very own legs. It sickens me. My original intent for this blog was to comment on the Gun Zealots running amok in this country pushing for more, and more State assemblies to adopt "Carry and Conceal" legislation. These same lunatics can't see the proverbial "Forest for the Trees". But here's the warning, just to prove the NPR executives right. Go right ahead and push such legislation. The minute they realize more minorities of the law-abiding status have applied, and been approved of "Carry and Conceal" permits, they will do just like then Governor Ronald Reagan of California. They will strip citizens of their Second Amendment rights. Remember that?

So let's recap. The "Small Government Crowd" wants to have a double standard. They can cheat, and keep their jobs, They want to impose dictatorship powers on cities, and counties, restrict peoples freedom of choice, association, and assembly. Yet once YOU tell the truth about them, you must resign.

That really irks me.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gasoline prices expected to remain high -

Gasoline prices expected to remain high -

Here we go again with the fleecing of America.

Any informed American can tell you, that the number one importer of oil too the United States is Canada, followed by Mexico. So we all know those slick little traders, or better known to us, speculator's are doing. They are robbing the American people blind, again. Yet we let them get away with it. The GOP and the Corporatist Tea Bag Groups refuse to allow Congress the authority to strip the corporate welfare the taxpayers give too them. We don't want them to have anymore subsidies, yet our elected leaders refuse to hear us.

I haven't heard any of them justify the need for our tax dollars going to these profitable companies. Notice the word Profitable Companies? They haven't had a loss in profits in decades. Yet our Congress keeps giving them, our money. They keep giving them our money after we told them to stop. Who's in-charge? Do we really have to physically march on Washington again? Is that the only way we can get them to finally listen to us, and not the Koch Brothers, and others of such ilk?

Look at what these corporate sponsored representatives are doing. They are trying to strip funding from education, transportation, infrastructure, the air we breath, and the water we drink. Yet when we tell them to stop giving away our tax dollars to corporations, and people that don't need, or deserve it, they ignore us.

It's time for all Americans to wake up, and put a stop to this robbery. It's insane, irresponsible, and just greedy.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

One-school districts cost -

One-school districts cost -

I'm sorry, but pay cuts have to come down the pipe here folks. $270,000.00 is a lot of money to shell out in essence, for nothing. There is just no justification for such a salary, when teachers are asked to sacrifice. These administrators have to step up to the plate and show some sacrifice on their own.

Look at what Daley's pick was getting off the taxpayers. Two vehicles at the taxpayers expense. One for the city, and one for Springfield. WTF! All this, while making enough money, to just buy his own. Yes Huberman I'm talking about you. Common sense should have told you that this was excessive, and you should have refused it, especially with the compensation you were paid.

The bottom line folks, these people can't, and should never ask a teacher for a sacrifice that they will not do themselves.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Atty. general: Illinois should release FOID card list -

Atty. general: Illinois should release FOID card list -

I find it extremely entertaining that the GOP, the hypocrites that always scream for less government, are always the first group to stick their collective noses in the people's business.

As a proud carrying FOID card holder, I have no problem with letting our law enforcement officials KNOW I legally obtained said card, or gun. This is a law enforcement issue, not a privacy issue. Law-abiding citizens have no problem whatsoever with this simple request. The only people that fear this are the ones that wish their continued existence hiding in the dark. We should, and need to give our law enforcement agencies all the tools needed in this vicious cycle of violence that is happening on our streets.

As for the NRA, you have a choice to make. Stand on the side of law enforcement, and help them rid our streets of these gang-bangers running wild, by not blocking every common-sense gun legislation that comes from our SANE lawmakers. Every responsible gun, or card holder knows this is what YOU DO, and we don't need irresponsible zealots telling us, or law enforcement, this big fat lie of this being a "Privacy Issue". That is simply, bullshit. It is, and will always be, a Common Sense Issue.

I have nothing to hide being a law-abiding, responsible citizen. If this request can keep a gun out of a criminals hands, we as citizens should have the backs of our law enforcement agencies.

This resistance is nothing more than the meddling of the NRA, and GOP sticking those big noses in our business. We elected you politicians for various reasons. Crime being one of them. If you vote against our interest in blocking, or defeating this issue on crime, we will truly know who you stand with. And buddy, it sure isn't law-abiding citizens.

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