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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

NPR CEO Vivian Schiller resigns under pressure -

NPR CEO Vivian Schiller resigns under pressure -

What really irks me about this article, is that every-time a person that walks the walk, and tells the simple truth, they have to resign. But on the other hand, we have people cheating on their loved ones, and refuse to step down, or remotely show any sign of being sincere.

There is a major difference between "Liberals" and "Progressives". Progressives have BACKBONE. They stand up and fight for what is right. Look no further than Wisconsin, and other States. Liberals tuck that infamous tail between those legs and scurry off into oblivion. People of the ilk of Limbaugh, Beck, Huckabee, Palin, Hannity, and the list ever grows, spout off racial innuendo forty going North, and are never, never held accountable for such idiocy. Yet the minute a SANE, reasonable person tells THE TRUTH about the lunatic GOP/Tea Corporatist Party, they must be fired, or step down.

The "Birther" section of this group is, and are racist. Yes folks it's just that simple. These lunatics holler and scream for a piece of paper that they will not even show you if you asked them for theirs. When you ask them to produce such a document, they scream you are violating their privacy. They don't want you looking at theirs, but anyone else that "Isn't" like them, is fair game.

Oh the shear hypocrisy of it all. Now poor old NPR is tucking that proverbial tail behind its very own legs. It sickens me. My original intent for this blog was to comment on the Gun Zealots running amok in this country pushing for more, and more State assemblies to adopt "Carry and Conceal" legislation. These same lunatics can't see the proverbial "Forest for the Trees". But here's the warning, just to prove the NPR executives right. Go right ahead and push such legislation. The minute they realize more minorities of the law-abiding status have applied, and been approved of "Carry and Conceal" permits, they will do just like then Governor Ronald Reagan of California. They will strip citizens of their Second Amendment rights. Remember that?

So let's recap. The "Small Government Crowd" wants to have a double standard. They can cheat, and keep their jobs, They want to impose dictatorship powers on cities, and counties, restrict peoples freedom of choice, association, and assembly. Yet once YOU tell the truth about them, you must resign.

That really irks me.

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Military Uniform Supply

Military Uniform Supply - Military & Tactical Gear

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