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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Off The Beaten Path Part 2

So here we are today, failing at an alarming pace to live a simple life. Look back at all the lessons history has shown and taught us. The rise and fall of empire's across the globe, should be enough for any civilization to learn not to repeat such mistakes. Many theologians make the assumption that Sodom and Gomorrah was obliterated because everyone was homosexual. Many, if not all scientific archaeologist, theorize the settlements were destroyed through natural disaster's. The theologians are dead wrong, and refuse to admit the simple fact. They (self-destructive minions of Satan) "turned" from God. This means they lost faith, and decided to do what they pleased for the sake of self-indulgence. They cared not, for the poor, elderly, and sick. They sought-out power, and corruption with little regard for accountability. Sounds a little like Wall Street, right? Look at the decadence, greed, lack of accountability, and lack of compassion those lost souls have demonstrated to the world. They shall have their own day of reckoning also. If that isn't enough proof, think back to Noah also. Pretty much the same scenario of people losing faith, and seeking power, corruption and greed. Scientist agree, although they have yet to pinpoint the exact spot/s, that something really bad happened at those sites.

Many of us fail to learn the lessons of history. Many of us do not have an idea that the "Council of Nicaea (or Nicea, whichever you prefer)" gave us the bible most read to this day. This "Council" was put together to debate what, and what not to put in the book most read today. Did you also know, the "ruling theologians" wanted it printed in a language that the "common person" could not read or understand? So by that intent, many that read this book, and claim to understand it, are missing so much of the really big picture. We have (well most of us) heard of, or read the "Lost Books" of various authors like; Solomon, Mary, and others. To this day, scholars debate the authenticity and dates of these "Lost Books". These "other" readings, gives better understanding of why there is such division among theologians and religions today. Take the story of Issac and Ishmael for example. Those half brothers never "physically" fought one another. It was their respective Mother's that plotted and schemed for favor. The children's destiny had already been mapped out prior to the rival Mother's plots. If you don't believe me re-read the story again. The theologians forget, that both sons were blessed to be "fathers of a nation, and nations".

So here we are still warring, sniping, corrupting, and indulging against one another. Having yet to learn our simplest lessons history has to offer. Comedian Paul Mooney probably said it best, when it comes to mankind and how we interact. He said (paraphrasing here), that the "Ten Commandments has its foot in mans ass, so man being man, does everything in his power to get that foot out". So man connives, and schemes his way through life, forever looking back at that "foot" that will once again, plant itself right where it belongs, until mankind finally understands. By that time, it just may be a tad late. Some people just love being led astray by hedonistic pleasures. Sacrifice and being humble just isn't their cup of tea. To them, helping the sick, poor, and elderly is the worst punishment a person can do. If you don't believe that, just look at the "Right-Wing" members of the conservative aisle. They mock and show disdain for anyone or thing, that champion helping others less fortunate. Now that's some very good food for thought.

But then again, it's just a theory.

Monday, June 29, 2009

A Theory Off The Beaten Path

Have you ever sat back and thought to yourself, maybe we misunderstood, or just plain got it wrong on how the universe really came about? All that we know of religious text, and other books on this subject, most often neglect, or cannot stir the imagination within us to think just how complex, yet simple the creation of the universe, and our belief system came about. So with that in mind, let us think outside the box for a moment, at a creation and belief system that we all too often ignore.

From our biblical text, we know that “in the beginning,” (big bang for others) the universe and all it holds came into existence, as we know it. Yet we still to this very day, since the creation, we cannot figure out how this happened. In other text, legends, etc…, we receive a description of Lucifer’s’ appearance, the “perfect creation” in beauty, intelligence, and design. Now thinking outside of the box, if this is correct, where did the “horns” come from? We will come back to that question later. According to legend, folklore, unverified/unconfirmed text, he's (Lucifer) charged with; let us say putting the icing on the cake of creation. Things like making all the planets we know of now, habitable, beautiful, and full of life. This was his duty, for the assumption, and is in charge over others (beings/spirits) to finish this task.

Now when a person, spirit, or being, takes charge to do a monumental assignment, and observes the “big boss” kicking back and soaking up the sun, there is a tendency for one to become a little envious. You can almost imagine the conversation between the two on a certain task or tasks. It may probably go something like this: Hey boss, you want a ring around Saturn to go along with the planet, or leave it like Jupiter. (The Boss replies); Dude I gave you “freewill” to use you better judgment, so you decide, and while your out, get me another beer. Something like that, just might annoy you.

So one day after all the work is completed, the big boss decides to start a new business venture and creates man on one of the planets. He (the boss) calls his assistant (Lucifer) to check out his latest marketing campaign, then informs his dutiful assistant of his demotion, and insists that Lucifer pay homage to the “new guy”. Naturally, this would not be a good day for anyone that put so much work into putting the final changes on the universe, only to lose it all to something made from dirt, or clay. Naturally, you would find yourself so upset, that you rally all those put in your charge, to undo the work done, just to spite this lump of clay (man), to witness a snapshot of the work you and your minions effortlessly created. You then come up with a master plan (or bet), to show the boss that this knuckle-dragger sitting in a garden is a complete dunce, only to backfire and find you having to take up residence along side him. Right there we should have learned a valuable lesson. However, we still cannot figure out, that we do have a choice to make on how to lead our very simple lives. So here, we sit or stand with our sworn enemy, trying so desperately not to succumb to Lucifer’s' “bet” and turn our backside to the ultimate boss of all bosses.

We have instructions to do very simple things, live in peace with one another, help those that have fallen on difficult times, not hold envious or jealous thoughts of others, and simply strive to be our best possible selves. Nevertheless, what do we do? We do the exact opposite of the above such things. We lie, cheat, steal, murder, and complain. We ridicule those less fortunate, and dismiss others attempting to make a difference. Do we need more proof? Read any biblical and historical account. We know the Egyptians built the pyramids, and how, and with whom. We find through reading the Exodus how freed slaves left Egypt and returned home. So why is it so difficult for any reasonable person to conceive that the known universe may once have held life and beauty on other planets?

If there ever was a “war in heaven”, would it not be possible for the planets we know now to have succumbed to destruction? We look at the moon, mars, and howl at their desolation. Nevertheless, as we study them more, we find tantalizing clues of water and other elements similar to the planet we now inhabit. Preposterous you say. Well just, look at what went down during the “Dark Ages” and how other civilizations during that period invented indoor plumbing as those “Dark Ages” occurred. Therefore, to the naysayers, anything is possible. Just because you cannot find a grave/tomb, dinosaur, and human fossils together, does not mean it never existed. Moreover, when you do find it, you say this cannot be. The question then changes, who is delusional, or in denial now? Hell the calendar we use today is not accurate, because some “genius” counted one Roman Emperor twice!

We have fought ourselves since our beginning. Yet we continue to ask the question of why we do such things to ourselves. Regardless of whether one believes or not in what is in the biblical text, one must acknowledge those ten simple commandments carry much weight. Yet rather than deal with such commands, we must know who wrote them, and how dare they tell us what to do! Think back to the story of the Exodus; imagine yourself out walking about in the dessert, so happy to leave the place you abhorred so much. Yet in your self-indulgent happiness, you exhaust your basic resource, water. You begin to complain of your thirst and why or how much longer must you wander in this dry arid dessert. Your boss weary, disgusted, and impatient with your constant blubbering, smacks a rock, and holy smokes, water flows from it. One would think keeping ones pie hole closed is a great idea, after viewing such an incredible act. Yet again, the crybaby brigade over-indulges with food after quenching their thirst, and scream our bellies are empty after all this wandering. Once again, you instruct them to do a certain thing, and bang! You now have something to eat. Yet still, this just will not do. After all that they have witnessed, they insist they need a new king or ruler to show them the way. Talk about ungrateful. Should such wonders or things happen right before your own eyes, would you dare demand answers? Of course, one would. Nevertheless, one would never accept the answer given.

Now one can understand why such a test, battle, or long-running bet could very well be possible between, oh let us say God and Lucifer. One can actually imagine the conversation between the two as they discuss the bet. Lucifer states; you know you gave this knuckle-dragger “choice”. Therefore, with that in mind here is how I will sway him to my side of thinking. I will give him only so much power and wealth that he will become indignant of you and turn from you forever. Just as he completely shuts you out, I will take everything I have given unto him, just to watch him scurry and plead for you to take him back. I will begin with the woman you made for him not once but twice. She will begin his downward spiral throughout time through the art of influence. His offspring shall conspire for the youngest daughter, and murder his brother to achieve greatness, only to find oneself cast out to continue this grand deception until the end of time. They shall fight, kill, maim, and destroy in your and mine own name. They shall never know how to stop this diabolical circle of pain.

You must admit, now if that does not ring true, nothing else ever will. We have held the longest running feud with ourselves since the beginning of our existence. We have killed, maimed, and destroyed countless lives for little more than a stream of water, or a bushel of fruit. We do such things because someone or something influenced our behavior to take from others that we do not have. We still do such act today. We rob, steal, murder, cheat, lie, and deceive our way to the top. During ancient times, we became so indignant of the audacity of Christ coming into the Temple and throwing out the “money changers”, they crucified him. His enemies viewed him as a threat to the status quo. Why is it that every time someone attempts to do something right for humanity, the person dies by the hands of Man? Are we that afraid of the entire world sharing and caring for one another? It appears that way. When anyone attempts to do something for the "common-good", there is always the evil, doubtful naysayer trying to put a stop to it.

The evil minion only cares for their own selfish indulgence, decadence, and unbridled lust for power. They have no interest, and view as a threat anyone attempting to bring sanity back to an insane world, or universe. Think about that the next time you read of what's going on all over this world.

To be continued???

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Just Standing Around

During the Reagan administration, a law was passed that enabled law enforcement officials to confiscate home's and other material belonging's of individuals caught selling drugs. That "law" pushed the "pusher" out on the streets. This makes it easier for law enforcement to identify and capture peddlers' of illicit drugs. This "law" is also responsible for the alarming rise in prison populations across the United States. If you dwell in urban areas, you may have noticed the number of people just standing around outside. This trend is due to many factors including; loss of manufacturing jobs, high dropout rates, and overall drug abuse, just to name a few.

You may have also noticed in urban surroundings, the installation of camera's on major intersections and neighborhood streets. Prior to the installation of these camera's, many of the people standing around liquor stores, fast food joints, currency exchanges, and local grocery stores, held court to sell their illicit goods. In the beginning, most to the people did not think the camera's worked. They thought it was nothing more than a bluff by law enforcement to drive them further out. Well, they were wrong and those camera's work. Now those same people that thought it was a bluff, have found themselves not standing in front of such establishments. These days they "stand around" bus stops or hide in alley's to avoid law enforcement.

None of these peddler's of illicit goods, wish to sacrifice their homes, vehicles, and other possessions to be confiscated. So they just stand around other (I hope they don't notice me) venues. There is a way to solve this little trend. Education is a critical first step. The second phase involves jobs. These days, one needs not only good labor skills, but also critical thinking analysis skills. Times have changed. Those grueling manufacturing jobs are gone, never to return. So for those that continue to stand around, you can bet that sooner rather than later, you will find yourself being "herded" to another venue, perhaps prison, if you do not decide to get ahead of the curve. Get back in school, learn a "technical trade". If that isn't your cup of tea, there is always the military. Stop standing around. Get off the streets, and go back to school.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wait For The Senate Version

All I can say, it's a start. Nevertheless, we must wait and see what comes out of the Senate, and possibly back to Congress before it hits the Presidents desk for signature.

The Energy and Commerce website is experiencing an unusually high number of visitors.

We are endeavoring to restore access as quickly as possible.

House Passes Historic Waxman-Markey Clean Energy Bill
The House of Representatives passed the landmark American Clean Energy and Security Act, sponsored by Rep. Henry A. Waxman, Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and Rep. Edward J. Markey, Chairman of the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming.

This landmark bill will revitalize our economy by creating millions of new jobs, increase our national security by reducing our dependence on foreign oil, and preserve our planet by reducing the pollution that causes global warming.

“Today we have taken decisive and historic action to promote America’s energy security and to create millions of clean energy jobs that will drive our economic recovery and long-term growth,” said Chairman Waxman. “After more than three decades of being held hostage to the influence of foreign energy suppliers, this legislation at long last begins to break our addiction to imported foreign oil and put us on a path to true energy security.”

“Today the House has passed the most important energy and environment bill in our nation’s history,” said Chairman Markey. “Scientists say that global warming is a dangerous man-made problem. Today we are saying clean energy will be the American-made solution. This legislation will create jobs by the millions, save money by the billions and unleash investment in clean energy by the trillions.”

The bill contains the following key provisions:

Requires electric utilities to meet 20% of their electricity demand through renewable energy sources and energy efficiency by 2020.
Invests $190 billion in new clean energy technologies and energy efficiency, including energy efficiency and renewable energy ($90 billion in new investments by 2025), carbon capture and sequestration ($60 billion), electric and other advanced technology vehicles ($20 billion), and basic scientific research and development ($20 billion).
Mandates new energy-saving standards for buildings, appliances, and industry.
Reduces carbon emissions from major U.S. sources by 17% by 2020 and over 80% by 2050 compared to 2005 levels. Complementary measures in the legislation, such as investments in preventing tropical deforestation, will achieve significant additional reductions in carbon emissions.
Protects consumers from energy price increases. According to recent analyses from the Congressional Budget Office and the Environmental Protection Agency, the legislation will cost each household less than 50 cents per day in 2020 (not including energy efficiency savings).

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Strange Days Indeed

Boy this truly is a week of strange events so far. There is an old saying about how "death comes in three's". Ed McMahon, first, Farrah Fawcett second, and now Michael Jackson. May they all rest in peace. On the political side of strangeness, Nevada Senator John Ensign fessed-up to cheating on his wife. Now we have South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, pulling a "Houdini" to be with his mistress in Argentina. The Iranian government is claiming the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) shot the lady Neda that was seen by the entire world on the Internet. A very surreal week indeed.

But as life goes on, I'm still baffled at the Mayor of Chicago and his anti-handgun ban on law-abiding residents. This Mayor is ready, willing, and able to spend tax-payer dollars to fight the Supreme Court decision, District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S.__(2008). I just don't understand how this Mayor will refuse its citizens of their Constitutional right to "keep and bear arms...", while the criminals on our very streets can buy handguns like candy. Common logic dictates that should a criminal become aware they must deal with an armed citizenry, they become more reluctant to commit a crime. So it can be assessed that if you disarm your citizenry, only to "allow" them rifles and shotguns in their respective homes, the criminal will become more emboldened out on the streets. If you need any facts to support this argument, just look at last years crime statistics, and this years shootings of young kids.

This Mayor, had this ban enacted and passed by his puppet city council in 1983, and all it has done, is given greater access for criminals to obtain handguns. Common logic dictates once again, that if you enact such legislation of this kind, there had better be strict enforcement, along with harsher, longer sentencing. Did the Mayor do that? No. This was an unintelligent decision, a super rush to judgment, and a clear violation of Constitutional rights under the Second Amendment. We citizens of Chicago must send a message to this Mayor and his puppet city council, that such ludicrous legislation with no bite, shall never stand.

I'm all for law and order, but don't strip away my Constitutional rights and empower criminals. That's just insane. Our legislators need to re-do the sentencing laws for those that commit crimes with guns. This will send a clear message to the criminals out there that they will spend decades, or their entire lives behind bars. Do the right thing Mayor, do not deprive, or chisel away the citizens rights.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, The Olympics? Here in Chicago? You are kidding right? With all this gang violence going on? What will you do? Move the criminals to another neighborhood while the athletes play?

Then again, that's just my opinion.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Community Idea?

Here's some food for thought:

The deductive approach to community revitalization begins with what caused the community to fall in such deplorable conditions. Literature reveals the reasons for low-income neighborhood problems are far different. Many works suggest a wide range of possible causes for the present conditions of very low-income neighborhoods, ranging from globalization of the economy to a lack of “marriageable men.” The roots of the deterioration found in so many of America’s big cities reach back to the slowing of European immigration in the early 1900s, and the ripple effect of successive waves or poorer people moving into the aging housing stock. The massive migration of African-Americans from the south in the ensuing decades (Keating, Krumholz, & Perry, 1995) coupled with housing discrimination when they arrived initiated the formation of racially segregated neighborhoods, replacing the ethnically segregated ones that had previously housed European immigrants (Whyte, 1966). There is no doubt that the quality of life in these segregated neighborhoods was far from ideal; minority neighborhoods suffered from lower levels of city service provision, school quality, and so on, than were found in their nonminority counterpart areas. But there is also no doubt that the quality of life in these minority neighborhoods then was much better than it is today, largely because, these neighborhoods contained the full spectrum of economic and social groups. Until the federal government stepped in after World War II, America’s big cities still housed large numbers of middle class and wealthy residents. These people not only had the political clout necessary to demand adequate schools, roads, police protection, and other city services, they also provided the tax base to fund provision of these services (Bright, 2000). Even the racially segregated neighborhoods were, at least, economically integrated (Byrum, 1992; Jacobs, 1969; Whyte, 1966).

It is clear a deductive model based on current literature is well beyond the scope of this research effort. The problem is so complex that it seems beyond capable studies to solve. However, the deductive investigation still used in the data analysis, not to build a comprehensive model revitalization program, but as a check on the conclusions derived from the descriptive studies (Bright, 2000). The inductive approach focused on successful instances of commercial revitalization in low-income areas. In the 1970s, some of these were of major importance in spreading the concept of the community development corporation, while others are now receiving attention as models for downtown redevelopment or new urban approaches (Bright, 2000). At present, the city of Chicago is following a different path from the programs implemented in Seattle, and Boston, which focused more on community involvement to reach success. City officials in Chicago are under the impression that “big box” retailers like Wal Mart and Target stores will assist in revitalizing certain target neighborhoods by bringing employment opportunities to these areas. This is fine but the issue of improving education (higher graduation rates and reducing dropout percentages), developing affordable housing, and combating crime are not part of the objective of overall community revitalization.

The city officials of Chicago must address the issue of dropouts, lack of social services, and the impact they have on delinquency rates. When any area does not offer any alternatives such as employment, or skills training to disadvantage youth, crime rates rise. Community revitalization must begin at the grassroots level through community leaders, activist, and organizer to let government officials know that just ignoring the problem will never make it just go away. If a successful project or program becomes a reality, they must address the issues of safety, services, shelter, drug dealing, and other crime reduction measures. They must also include the need for community centers and encourage small business development enhance the quality of life for residents. Chicago on the other hand focusing on relocating the poor to suburban locations, (with the promise of returning them when the housing is finished) as the “projects” from the 1960s, torn down, and replaced with housing that is not affordable to even the middle class. The hope here is that once in a better neighborhood the inclination to return to the city diminishes with improved educational opportunities, and employment prospects. The community of Logan Square in Chicago’s northwest side as an example, properties worth millions of dollars on the western side, and low rent, drug dealing, gang infested, declining property values on the eastern side of this one community. The best program researched that tackles the problems facing communities today, a report from Comprehensive and integrative planning for community development (Shiffman, 1989). This report lays down the groundwork for any successful community development program by placing emphasis on building human capital, by improving outcomes for individuals and families, which traditionally been carried out by social service agencies and schools. They emphasize building neighborhood capital by improving the physical and economic infrastructure of the neighborhood, which traditionally been carried out by Community Development Corporations (CDCs) and other local development organizations. And finally, the report emphasizes building social capital by strengthening civic life, social fabric, sense of community and the like, which traditionally been accomplished by local religious, cultural, civic, and recreational organizations or by community organizers. For example, the human services field began addressing the “ecological” dimensions of the lives of individuals in impoverished communities: no matter how effective a service for a troubled child, it might not be enough to counteract the deleterious effects of living daily in a family with unemployed adults, in run-down housing, and in a crime-ridden neighborhood offering few opportunities. Those in the human capital arena began to incorporate principles of the social capital field into their work, as seen in the increase in community-based efforts with a preventive or developmental orientation, such as family resource centers, or community meetings held after hours in local schools. Service providers also began interacting more with the neighborhood capital sector by, for example, linking youth groups to CDCs’ housing construction activities or collaborating more with other Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) on comprehensive neighborhood planning. CDCs also began reaching out to other neighborhood institutions. CDCs encouraged the human capital sector to locate services such as job training or childcare in their properties. Recognizing that they could do more in the social capital arena, CDCs also began developing arts, cultural programs, and adding community planners/organizers to their staffs. Finally, many organizations starting from a social capital base were adding to their work, as seen in efforts by churches to become more involved in “secular” services and housing construction, and in the new “consensus” approach to community organizing which emphasizes building partnerships for community development (Kubisch, 1996).

Although this may seem a daunting task, with grassroots involvement from the public and private sector, along with local, state, and federal assistance, community redevelopment programs can and will become successful for all involved.


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Whyte, W. F. (1966). Street Corner Society: The Social Structure of an Italian Slum. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Some Things Just Make You Wonder

As you may have noticed about this little blog from time to time, is that I do have a variety of interest. I also chime in on topics that hit my radar screen. My musings pretty much run the gamut from Chicago Cubs Baseball, politics, varying theological ideologies, social interaction, history, science, and a very big supporter of the military. Not that I want our brave men and women to bring the world to its knees (which we could, yuk yuk), but just continue the phenomenal job of ensuring that our shores are never overrun by the headcases. Nevertheless, the latest news circulating these days is that infamous "Don't ask, Don't tell" policy instituted under the Clinton administration. Mind you, I care less about a person's preference. As long as someone can perform in the field they have selected, and are the best at what they do, so be it. However, my little light bulb went off, and wondered about those booted-out that have skills our Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and National Security Agency (NSA) could use. I'm talking about the linguist, pilot's, and others with special skills.

One would think those agencies would be recruiting people like this at record pace. I for one would very much hire a linguistic specialist to translate languages my feeble mind does not want to learn. When you think about this, these are young men and women with unblemished records of service. Yet perceived as unfit, or unqualified because of who they are. That's just insane. Police officers come in all shapes and sizes. You don't see them booting an officer out because they had one donut too many, do you? And if you do, it's a rarity. When I served in the Army, they had this thing we dubbed, "The Fat Man's Program" (Yes it was over 20 years ago). It basically meant that if you did not meet the desired weight according to your height, you got the boot. Now with respect to that, having an unhealthy, overweight person regardless of gender, or preference in a combat situation may not be a good idea.

Nevertheless, having a person with excellent linguistic, or flight skills for covert/non-covert missions or assignments, is always a natural benefit. I guess the point of this little light bulb moment, is to just suggest, if you are going to kick-out a person that excels in their chosen occupation, the least you can do is set them up with interviews/contacts at the federal, state, and local levels of government. After all, they did serve their country with pride. Don't push them aside. They are and shall ever be, Honorable Veterans. Treat them all with respect.

But then again, that's just my opinion. I would enjoy reading yours.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Theocracy? No Thanks

You can't help but see, read, and hear about the calamity going on in Iran these days. Once again the "Do as I say, not as I do" gang, demonstrated to their people and the entire world, Theocracies don't work. How can a society dedicated to a religion of peace, and love, turn around and slaughter, maim and wound its own people? That does not make any sense. Alas, through-out history, mankind's supreme objective is to create a "Utopian World". In the "Real World" however, this, just will never, ever become a reality. The only thing a Theocracy creates, is greed, corruption, deception, and ignorance. So the next time someone attempts to inform you that this is a "Christian Nation", tell them to go back to school and learn history. Look, no election runs smoothly, and without a hitch. Just look at the City of Chicago for a great example. No person in politics, or the media will admit this, but when you can hand-pick your opponent, you are pretty close to a Dictatorship. And when you think about that, it's like Theocracy's twin. "Do as I say, and not as I do".

Religion is always a touchy subject. But when any person views a blatant disregard to theological teachings to their own people, something is very wrong. Where I come from, you can't claim to be a "Man of the Cloth", and deceive, cheat, manipulate, and oppress your own people. That's not doing good, that's just plain evil. A very long time ago the people of Iran thought it was a "good idea" to make a "Man of the Cloth" their Supreme Leader. I figure after about two weeks of that little experiment, they knew a gigantic mistake was made. Ever since that time, those same people searching for that elusive utopia have been oppressed, as their "Supreme Leader/Ruler" and his cronies made-out like bandits. Just take a look at them (the ruling class). They are well-fed, well-dressed, well-groomed, slightly chubby, yet their own people wear Adidas clothing and shoes, and that's only if they can afford them. Don't get me wrong, I'm not slamming Adidas, they make fine apparel. But if you have eyes, you get the picture.

I could elect to go off on a rant about Theocracies, and its twin brother/sister Dictatorship, but that is a major waste of time. The bottom line is simple. They Just Don't Work. Never Have, and Never Will. Now Do as I Say and Not As I Do.

But then again, that's just my opinion. I would love to read yours.

Happy Father's Day

Friday, June 19, 2009

Much Food For Thought

Last night a very interesting, (maybe odd) and thought provoking conversation took place between an old army alumni and myself. The topics ran the gamut from theology, politics, economics, military strategy, and of all things, UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects). For fictional purposes only, I will call the army alumni Andy. As Andy sat back and began to consume a Beck's beer, he pontificated about human nature, and its relationship with theology. He questioned why they have been at odds with one another since recorded time. Meaning, why people do horrible things to one another, yet use their "taught" beliefs to justify their actions. For example, the debate between "Pro-Life" and "Pro-Choice opponent's. What you and I hear and see on television and print, only addresses a small percentage of why they are for and against. Rarely do you hear or see the story of the person, couple, and family of why they had to come to such a decision. With that in mind, he began to question religious leaders that take a position on issues such as this, and various others. He began to point out how these leaders contradict every teaching of each belief (no matter the religion). No matter the subject, or topic, he proclaimed, "the bottom line is to live in peace". I could not have agreed with him more on that note.

After another beer the conversation switched like a flash of lightning to politics. Andy expressed his dismay at the constant "nit-picking" of the Republican Party, and those on the extreme right within it. He became especially dismayed at the farce of a so-called budget the Republicans hailed as the miracle to set things right. He said, " Did you see that"? No details, no numbers". "Do they really think the American people are that stupid"?It was just like that sham of their counter "stimulus proposal". Again, I could not have agreed with him more. On a more lighter side, the conversation quickly swung to the economy/capitalism, and how "Kentucky Fried Chicken" is infiltrating, or should I say, popping up all in China. I immediately told him to get another beer. That's just my way of distraction, or how to stop a person from sounding like a screw is coming loose. It works from time to time, but not last night. He came back with the moon landing was fake. With that statement, it moved to technology, not only on a scientific level, but military applications and strategy. I began to explain to him the technology we had then, compared to now, is no comparison. I explained to him it took us a while to make the switch from analog to digital, fiber optics, and you get the picture.

Then came the ultimate food for thought moment. UFOs. Now please try not to laugh. Trust me it was a bit difficult to contain my own self. I guess those beers were sneaking up on old Andy. Andy pontificated why no "people of color" ever claimed to have had an anal probe. I know, I almost fell out of my chair. In order to regroup, I suggested maybe they are not the aliens we may think they are, but, possibly Angels visiting the earth to give certain species a check up. Hey, anything is possible right? But he eventually held fast to his belief that the clergy needs to re-evaluate their teachings, the chicken chain is on the march, the moon landing was fake, but advances in technology are good, and UFOs and the people they probe are nuts.

I hope he does not stop by tonight. Happy Fathers Day.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Time For A Sign or Impact?

Well as you can see by the headlines from local, and national feeds that I check-out from time to time, things are getting pretty crazy in this nation, and around the world. The Republican Party wants to meddle in Iranian politics, when every diplomat with common sense is telling them this is not the way to go. Are these elected officials capable of learning from past mistakes? I guess they forgot how the Shah of Iran was installed. It's just another case of blow-hard selective memory. Any person that has studied Iran knows for a fact that no matter who wins the election between those two will hold similar views towards the United States. The only exception is the other guy wants slightly better relations with the United States. He still wants to continue their nuclear program. So why are Republicans demanding that we should support him? To be honest I'm just amazed at the level of disingenuous rhetoric coming from these people. They in their heart of hearts could care less what happens over there. John McCain sang his little version of "Bomb Iran" last year. If you confront any of them with facts, they will just make up another lie or attempt to change the subject.

On another note. Kids continue to get murdered here in Chicago and our "Supreme Leader" Mayor Daley, is just more concerned about getting the Olympics here. Get this. Spend 500 million taxpayer dollars for the Olympics, and do not give police officers a raise. That's just great logic. Let me see if I have this right? The city budget stinks, so he makes cuts in jobs and services. Law-abiding citizens can't own a handgun, but criminals can buy them like candy. You want to guarantee 500 million taxpayer dollars (where else is that money coming from) to the Olympic Committee. And you refuse to spend that money to make sure school-age children are safe. I think that's about right.

Boy do we ever need a sign, or an impact to wake them all up.

But then again, that's just my opinion, would love to hear/read yours.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

You Can't Fix Stupid

Wow, Just reading the political sections online and in today's print news is just astounding. It boggles the mind to hear and read some of the things our elected officials say these days. One Congressperson in Minnesota claims she will break the law and not fill out the census for 2010 because "ACORN" (paraphrasing here) "will get their hands on her information" (or words to that effect). Things like this give cause for all states to have a "Recall" initiative on their ballots. I know she may just be doing a smoke-job just to grab some headlines, but Damn, prove to your constituents you do have an education. Don't go out and encourage or hint to others to BREAK THE LAW. What is wrong with you?

As you may have seen yesterday, another Howling Hypocrite got his comeuppance by admitting to cheating on his wife. Well that is a shocker for a change. Normally they (Republicans) get caught with a male. Hey look at how they attack women. The Supreme Court nominee, Nancy Pelosi, and others too many to list for this little blog. When you have the time, just listen to what some of these people, with a college degree have, and are saying these days. It truly boggles the mind. If you don't believe me, tune in to Countdown with Keith Olbermann on MSNBC tonight. This guy calls them out, regardless of party affiliation.

But then again, that's just my opinion. I would love to hear yours.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Seen Any Tea-Baggers 8 Years Ago?

I have a question to ask. Have any of you seen or heard of a "Tea-Bag Party" 8 years ago? Is it just me, or do these people forget that it was under the previous administration that spent a budget surplus? It was the previous administration that ran up record deficit spending. But according to them it is all the new administrations fault. Talk about hypocritical. Now the Neo-Conservative wing of the Republican party is blaming any and everything on the new administration without any factual evidence. How can any of them fix their collective mouths to say the Iranian election result is the new administrations fault? Based on what evidence I ask. This is the kind of talk that brings the non-thinkers out of the wood work.

Remember that famous Obama quote on guns and religion? Guess who's running around killing people and for what reason? You got it guns and religion. It's funny that these people can never see the error of their ways. They would rather just blame it on someone else. It's just that easy when you refuse to accept responsibility for your words and actions. Just blame it on someone else. I know how disheartening this may sound but it is true. If you don't believe me just watch Fox and Friends, or Hannity. I can't, because lies are not my cup of tea.

But what do I know right? Feel free to share your thoughts

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kicking Up The Hate

Well it appears the GOP is on a roll, kicking and screaming about the new administrations policies, that are slowly bringing out the serious people in need of mental health assistance. Naturally they will never accept responsibility for their own words that agitate the weak of mind. It really takes an adult to accept responsibility for their actions and words. This you will never see from a vast majority of elected republican representatives. Heaven forbid another hate-induced attack happens before they realize the error of their rhetoric. Where was all this anger when we were lied to about a war that had nothing to do with September 11, 2001? Where as all this anger when the previous administration gave billions of dollars to the banks with no strings attached in late 2008?

Now, today we have a new administration doing everything within the law to fix the mess we are in, and does he get any support? No, he gets nothing but complaints from the same people that created, or reaped the benefits from it. Now if that isn't the ultimate in hypocrisy, once again I'm clueless. So from what I can tell, the best thing to do is for this country to roll up our collective sleeves and get our country back on track. That includes all of us on the left, right, and middle. For the others that jump for joy and hope and scream that this administration fails (Newt and Rush), I call on them to advocate for a plan, not hate. I know, wishful thinking right?

But then again, that's just my opinion. I would like to hear yours.

Friday, June 12, 2009

If The Government Is Out To Get Us, Why Do We Keep Electing Them?

Like you, I heard the hue and cry from the not-to-bright that the government will control us soon. If that isn't the biggest load of bull, I'm clueless. First, the biggest meddler in the average citizen's day to day life, is local government. That's a fact! Another fact, party affiliation makes no difference. We have Mayors of all party affiliation running our cities, towns, and villages. They tax us for police, fire, education, social services, etc, etc. After the Mayors, you have your Governors who do the same tax and spend procedures. This logic pretty much shoots down Alaska Governor's Sara Palin's speech. If any should begin pointing any fingers, she should start first. Once again selective-memory is in play when she conveniently forgets she runs a state. Take the recent vote in California. The people rejected to have a tax increase to pay for police, fire, education, and other vital social services. Now what do you think will happen? If you said services will get cut back, your correct.

Now when these services begin the dramatic cutbacks, guess what you will hear from the people and pundits? If you said we need police, fire, teachers, doctors, hospitals, and prisons. Once again your correct. Do you see the idiocy of "don't tax me, but give me what I want"? Total hypocrisy! You have to pay for police, fire, teachers, doctors, hospitals, and prisons. You have to have specific vital services for people of all walks of life. That includes the young to the elderly. Should the "Be aware of Government" crowds get their respective wish, watch their respective states collapse. What will they do, create their own currency to pay for police, fire, and you get the picture.

These select people with their "Maria Antoinette mentality" is just astounding. But then again, that's just my opinion.

Feel free to share yours

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Beyond Dumb

I was just looking over the GOP "Energy Plan". Well needless to say my jaw is still on the floor. 100, yes folks that's right, 100 Nuclear Power Plants they want to build. My first question, where and how will you dispose of the nuclear waste with 100 plants? Anyway, I'm posting a link to the plan so your jaw can hit the floor and stay there for a few days also. You are going to love the part of giving no acknowledgment to "Global Warming". I almost fell out of my chair. Drill baby Drill. Nothing like staying stuck in the Stone-Age. Paste this link also. I love the comments section.

But then again, that's just my opinion

If We Were A Christian Nation

I may have had a beer or two, but just take a second to hear me out. If everyone thought that this country was a Christian Nation, would we be not better than a Muslim Nation or better yet. A dictatorship? Yes think about that for a few minutes. Think about the History of Recorded Time. Once again Hypocrisy Raises its Ugly Head. Think Back When Christianity thought it was a good Idea to oppress women. Have you ever thought or wondered why the Inquisition was formed from its inception? Have you ever thought that the Bible that we read Now was Voted on By A Council (Men), akin to an electoral college at the Counsel of Nicea under Emperor Constantine? Kind of makes you think of the direction we seem to be headed. Empires come and go. Humanity has a gift that humanity constantly shuns. For those that hold the theologian view hear me out for a moment. God gave you SIMPLE instructions to LIVE your life, yet you ran from it. To this day you oppress the poor and inhale sin at a break-neck pace. If the Poor comes into your field (material things of any nature) you kill , maim, and slaughter, ridicule, and shun them. Did not a Wise man once say to to "set aside a portion of your field for the poor"? Are you thinking Now? If so, why do we as a people continue to hold hatred in our hearts, minds, and soul?

We think of ourselves as superior, or equal to God, yet when we raise our heads to the sky we realize how small we truly are. So we make up stuff and things to justify our very small existence. Ah think I'm still lying? Think back to the Exodus. Read the story again and again. If you ever saw a miracle or anything you could never comprehend, don't you think you just might stop and think this is way Bigger than me? No? Well let's take a stroll down memory lane. After tough negotiations the people were led out of Egypt. The first thing they did was complain after getting out. The Egyptians are there and will kill Us spewed from their mouths. A wise man said fear not, here is a way. After that, they screamed and complain that they need water. Behold! Water was given. After that, Oh we ran out of Food, We are Hungry! Behold! Food was given. Now ask yourself, do you see where this little blog is going? If not, let me help you along.

Every time we doubt, we shout. But we still to this very day continue down our reckless path of destruction, hate, and deception. Remember Adam and Eve and the Moral to the story? If not let me once again take you down memory lane. Don't Lie, Don't Cheat, Don't Steal, Don't Bare False Witness (lying on others), Honor (Respect) Mother and Father, Don't Covet (Lust After) what your friends, family, or next door neighbor has, And please people No Adultery (Cheating You Dig). Everything else is really self-explanatory. You know the image-making thing we have been doing for centuries. For those that can't comprehend that, I mean building statues of Men, Animals, etc, etc...

The bottom line to this entire page is very simple. Stop the Name-Calling, Stop the Hatred, Stop being Evil since you claim to be so Christian, Muslim or any belief. If you can't do such a simple thing, I guess History will repeat itself again. And I don't know about you, but Myself, would not want to be around when that chip is cashed in. Do You?

Once again, Just My Opinion, What's Yours?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"The War On Drugs" ???

OK let me see if I have a good grasp on this "War On Drugs" thing. Marijuana has seen an increase in potency, yet to this day has not caused one single traffic accident nor fatality. It has proved itself to be a viable, economic resource for centuries, with medicinal, and practical everyday use (rope, clothing, etc etc.). It's the largest harvested crop than corn? It generates BILLIONS in revenue for the illicit growers. So why have we not legalized this product that does not KILL, maim, and destroy lives as alcohol does? What is so dangerous about a plant that has more potential on a medicinal and production level? I'll tell what is so dangerous. Nothing! Sure one may cloud ones lungs at alarming levels should the tobacco industry get its hands on the product. With cities and states facing tough budget decisions, why has the decriminalization of marijuana become such a taboo subject?

I suspect one of the reasons is just simply, elected officials can never admit to making a mistake. They (elected officials) prefer to come up with some elaborate uninformed, non-substantiated poll or statistic that makes no sense to the average American. The best they can do is just claim marijuana is bad. Unless they scream and shrill for all of America to "Just Say No". I'm sorry, but I'm one of those people that have to have a reason, backed up with solid facts to continue this ridiculous ban on marijuana. Let's be honest with ourselves. Marijuana is, and will never be as bad as crack-cocaine, cocaine, heroin, meth, and all the other "Hard-Core" drugs that are out there today. Oh my bad, forgot to throw good old booze in the mix. Now that stuff is really the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Now if they want to really debate a "Gateway Drug", start with alcohol.

I strongly suggest and recommend to local, state, and federal officials to please reconsider the legalization of marijuana as a source of medicinal, production, and revenue value to shore up administrative budgets. Undertaking such a task will result in less cuts in law enforcement, fire, paramedic, social, and educational services. But then again, that's just my opinion. Maybe the Hypocrites will find another lie.

Rev. Wright: 'Them Jews' keep me from Obama :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: 44: Barack Obama

Rev. Wright: 'Them Jews' keep me from Obama :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: 44: Barack Obama

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For a "so-called" Pastor this is one unrepentant hateful person. Just My 2 Cents

Daleys' family feud clear sign of high stakes :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Mark Brown

Daleys' family feud clear sign of high stakes :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Mark Brown

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Still No Plan For America

Well once again the RNC/GOP held an event with the same old tired rant of complaints and no solutions. Now don't get me wrong this isn't a bashing about to get thrown-down by some "left-wing", "tree-hugger". I'm just an average independent voter with a mix of moderate and conservative views. All I'm looking for is some kind of alternative plan from so far, a bunch of so-called leaders that do nothing but complain. From the party that bellows "free-market society", what's so wrong with a little competition of a "public/single-payer plan"? Could it be that the powers that be (insurance companies) gave all of you (Democrats and Republicans) so much money to stop us from having a choice? If this is the case will someone please expose me for being so cynical. I doubt it would happen because all one would receive is more false arguments and blame on the current infancy-state administration.

It truly is amazing on the selective memory of the cabal of doom and gloom to forget how this country got in such a state. Remember the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933? That was put in place to prevent, I say again, prevent this country from the calamity we find ourselves in today. Mind you the critics will say stop looking into the past. But how else can we learn how to fix what wasn't broken I counter?

Before I close this little observation, here's an idea for our elected officials. How about converting these closed manufacturing plants for wind and solar production? Or even better, how about converting them to produce more, and better body armor and equipment for our beloved men and women serving in the Armed Forces? Just a Thought.

Feel free to drop a good idea

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