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Thursday, May 31, 2012

White supremacist pleads innocent to burning black family’s home - Chicago Sun-Times

White supremacist pleads innocent to burning black family’s home - Chicago Sun-Times

Well, justice is indeed blind because you let this clown back out on the streets. Did anyone bother asking if he was "Rehabilitated" prior to release? Of course not.

We have clowns running around the city firing illegal weapons, maiming, and killing. And what does the justice system do? Let them back out on the streets. Do they bother asking if they have been "Rehabilitated"? Of course not.

In essence, it doesn't matter the hue of your skin, nor the type of crime you commit depending upon the degree of it. Our criminal justice system doesn't even bother asking if these clowns are "Rehabilitated". So why let them out? Time served? How many years? 2, 3, 5. or 10? What's the point of release if none of them have seen the error of their ways? Shouldn't that be a major consideration? Of course not?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Drug LSD may be behind Miami face-eating attack, police say

Drug LSD may be behind Miami face-eating attack, police say

Uh Duh!

How many times does it take to tell you brain-dead, pocket-stuffing lawmakers that marijuana isn't the problem? I've said it on numerous occasions that you thick-headed buffoons need to legalize marijuana, and crack-down on the dangerous drugs.

Oh well, looks like you still remain asleep at the wheel once again. Uh Duh! 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Despite weekend violence, top cop says anti-gang strategy working

Despite weekend violence, top cop says anti-gang strategy working

Here's a shot in the dark that some of you may, or may not agree with.

Give them a choice. Prison, or military service. Yeah I know a great majority of them don't have a high school diploma. But, should they decide on the military option, make the diploma a mandatory requirement. One could argue, that same requirement should be imposed in the civilian penal system for drug abuser also.

Yet for the knuckle-dragging unrepentant idiots that insist on firing off illegally obtained guns in this city, no mercy. Extend the sentencing standards. Don't let these clowns back on the streets after serving only half of the time given. That my friends is utterly ridiculous. So let's get busy lawmakers.

So there's my shot in the dark. Agree, or disagree?  

Monday, May 28, 2012

Cubs feel fans' pain

Cubs feel fans' pain

Is it just me? When the media was given the Golden Leak about Ricketts Race-Baiting Ad Campaign, the CUBS went right into a tail-spin. Coincidence? Or, utter shock amongst the players that they work for a bigot?

Hey! Don't yell at me. After-all, many pundits throw shit on a wall just to see what sticks. But don't you find it odd that this team went to hell in a hand basket after that story broke?

Hopefully the team will shake it off, and get out of this funk with a win today. But at this rate, they are being led to slaughter like lambs.

"Hey you don't know what pain is!" From the movie Silence of The Lambs.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Illinois House approves $1-a-pack cigarette tax increase

Illinois House approves $1-a-pack cigarette tax increase

Short and sweet today.

Cut Health care for the poor, elderly, and disabled. Increase taxes on smokes. Create a bootleg market. Fucking Idiots.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Going to the moon? Don't touch the artifacts, NASA says

Going to the moon? Don't touch the artifacts, NASA says

It's completely understandable about the "Don't Touch" part, but the "How Close you can get", is really not scientific. They should be happy that someday, some country will get back up there and document the condition of those artifacts. Doing such would give scientist a better understanding of how space affects equipment. Hell, just look at how dusty those rovers got traveling upon the surface of Mars.

Speaking of Mars. I can't wait for the Monster Truck to hit the surface this summer. Yes, I will be glued to the idiot box come August.

But back to this little "Guideline". Scrap the closeness part so future astronauts can get a better understanding of how space affects these artifacts. Also, let them take a battery or whatever you used to get that little dune buggy running again. That should be fun for future space travelers. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Health care cuts gain steam in Illinois House

Health care cuts gain steam in Illinois House

Wow! These clowns really think this will solve the budget problems they created.

These are the ones double-dipping into pension funds, giving cronies massive sweet-heart deals, and letting companies/corporations take in State Income Taxes Paid By Workers, and lest we forget, tax cuts for these same entities. Yeah folks, you read that right.

Now common-sense dictates that state income tax is collected so services can be provided. You know, police, fire, public education, hospitals, transportation, roads, well you get the picture. But when you take those state income taxes, and give them away, you can't pay for those services.

So what do they do? The same thing they did decades ago. Turn the sick out on the streets, just like they did those with mental health issues. That's the plan folks. We know what this will lead too. Crime increase, poverty, preventable sickness, and death. It will happen if they get their way. But will they ever take that proverbial look in the mirror and clean up the mess they have made? Short answer. No.

They will go after those that can't fight back. Instead of stopping from giving themselves extra pay for SITTING on certain committees, double-dipping into pension plans, filling not only theirs, but cronies pockets, they are coming after the poor, sick elderly, and disabled.

That's the plan. This is why they will never solve the budget problems they have created.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Is an unseen planet skirting edge of our solar system?

Is an unseen planet skirting edge of our solar system?

Of course there is much, much more out there. We just haven't discovered them yet.

I love it when others attempt at discrediting this fine scientist. In the real world, we call it jealousy. The person crunched the numbers, and came up with a brilliant equation that concludes "Something Is Out There." Yet these haters scream, we must see it first!

Trust the equation. Something is there. All you have to do is build a better telescope. You are just pissed, someone caught it before you. Remember what they did to Galileo?  So go back, crunch the numbers, and you also will discover there is much, much more out there. We just haven't discovered them yet.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summit ends without giving Chicago a black eye

Summit ends without giving Chicago a black eye

Gee those trolls over at FOX are weeping.

This is what should happen for any country or State that will hold such an event. No, Chicago-ans are not unique people, we just have common-sense. From the looks of things, it was just a few dumb-ass out of town dick-weeds that wanted to cause harm to innocent civilians. You see, you can't call yourself an anarchist because you have to stand for something. For instance, you don't want anyone kicking your ass, so why would you want to hurt others?

As for the trolls at FOX news (If you want to call it that), I'm very sure they were chomping at the bit for any massive outbreak of violence so they could chime altogether, It's Obama's fault for living in such a lawless city.

Yep, those trolls are surely weeping.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Local Catholic groups join fight against Obama birth control mandate

Local Catholic groups join fight against Obama birth control mandate

I just find it totally amusing that groups with the largest amount of skeletons in the closet, have the utter audacity to try and impose their will and view on people who practice common sense.

For starters, people use contraception regardless of religious affiliation. Yet there main argument is that they don't want INSURANCE companies to pay for it. What the fuck is that? The insurance company is PAYING FOR IT, not you. So what's the problem?

Do you even know how many of your followers leave the church and go straight to a bar or liquor store? So don't give me that infringing on religious freedom crap. It's a common sense choice people make when they don't want children. And here's a newsflash. They will still use it despite what you say, or want. Maybe you need to go back and re-read your big book. There's a thing in there called "FREE WILL". It's God given. So do us all a favor, and stop trying to be God. He has enough problems on his plate with all the skeletons you have in your own closet.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Republicans doubling down on debt-limit showdown strategy

Republicans doubling down on debt-limit showdown strategy

Boy these clowns love shifting attention. Mr. Speaker, where are the jobs?

Oh that's right, you have no jobs plan because it would involve doing your job, which by the way, the people pay for. Not corporations. Oh wait, corporations did buy your seat, it was just the zombies that voted for you.

Here it is the month of May, and you have nothing else better to do but talk about the "Debt"? Your party is attacking women, the poor, same sex couples, and the middle class. And all you want to talk about is something that zero voters give a rat's ass about?

Mr. Speaker, or should I say Non-speaker, where are the fucking jobs?

Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Note From An Un-Named Former Republican

I saw this on the web, and decided to pass it along for those that still wish to vote for Republicans:

"I worked every day since I was 15 when dad broke his back and mom had to wait on him hand and foot and I got a work permit and worked pounding guard rail along I-95 and state and local rts in Maine here, and now 47 and disabled since 6-27-07 when a 19 yr. old girl pulled out of a store looking straight ahead on my way home from work on my Electra glide and got a massive head injury and Soc. sec and medicare I EFFING PAID FOR ALL MY EFFING LIFE and is the only thing that kept me and my family of 8 from being homeless hungry unhealed and went bankrupt anyway , I always made good money all my life mining,high steal,mill wright,welder,woods man,construction and paving, It can happen the next time you go ta work or step on ya steps and slam your head on the concert ya a baby being spoon fed and having your ass wiped for the rest of ya life and then ya stupid republican idiots will say WHY DID I EVER VOTE REPUBLICAN, THEY WANNA TAKE THIS AWAY FROM US ALL AND EVERY POOR,NEEDY,ELDERLY,SICK AND HELPLESS ,WOMEN CHILDREN,SHELTERS AND FOOD BANKS FUNDING AND GIVE 10 X AS MUCH TO EFFING OIL CO'S,POLLUTION SPEWING WATER RUINING,AIR FULL OF BLACK SMOKE SEAS FILLED WITH OIL AND SOIL FILLED WITH FRAKING FLUID AND MOUNTAINS FLATTENED FOR COAL PIG BASTARD'S ! AND ALL THEIR VOTER ARE NOW CURSED TO HELL WITH EVERY REPUBLICAN GOVERNMENT MEMBER SABOTAGE PIG WE HAVE ! I was one until I saw what they did and how racist and hateful the pigs are! NEVER WILL I VOTE REPUBLICAN FASCIST EVER AGAIN,I AM ASHAMED I EVER VOTED FOR 1 AND WILL NOT AGAIN, THEY ARE EVIL!"

Amazing when reality touches us.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Anti-Obama ad flap deals blow to Wrigley Field rehab plan

Anti-Obama ad flap deals blow to Wrigley Field rehab plan

Now who's the freeloader?

You well to do moochers want to fleece taxpayers, beg for more tax-cuts, hold your employees down with minimum wage work (Not the ball players sadly) and expect people to believe you. I'm betting the Ricketts children are pretty pissed at their bigoted daddy for letting the cat out of the bag. Oh how they hurried and claimed that such hatred is unacceptable, yet have zero African American major league ball players on the team. Well they may have some down in the minor league system, but those players on the major league roster are either Latin, Hispanic, and European decent. Oh wait, they do have that coach in the bullpen, but he isn't a player on the field. For those that do not have eyes, just look at the roster.

I'm not spinning a conspiracy. I'm just pointing out an obvious reality about the Chicago Cubs. Zero African American ball players on the major league roster. Are they just that bad? Hell, I'll even tip my hat to the Cubs for doing charitable work in CERTAIN communities. But asking taxpayers to foot the bill for ball park improvements? NOPE! Not after what your daddy did. It's good to know how he really feels about Blacks.

Corporate welfare is the just simple hypocrisy. They demean, and degrade the middle class, and working poor. They tell us to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps while at the same time dig deeper and deeper into our shallow wallets. So I ask again. Who's lazy? Who's the socialist? Who's the real freeloader?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Obama hosting bipartisan talks on economy

Obama hosting bipartisan talks on economy

In all honesty, this is a major waste of the presidents time. We all know about the "Meeting" where a bunch of conspirators got together and discussed how they want to destroy this country, and blame it on the current president. In my honest opinion, those at that "Meeting", including Newt, should be tried for treason.

Yes, the two meeting with the president were not apart of the "Meeting". One reason could be, that they might have informed these conspirators, that what they were discussing, was indeed treasonous. Yet, we know the president will talk with these two, only to see them run out too the press and claim a victory. Which we all know is a lie. We know what the GOP wants. They want tax reductions for the wealthy, zero regulation for our food, water, and air, They basically want any able-bodied human to work for low wages, with no collective bargaining rights. Oh! I almost forgot. They definitely don't want any of us to have access to affordable health care yet they refuse to give up tax payer supported health plans.  So really, what's the point of talking with these two? Once they go back to Congress with any information, or even a plan, the inmates there will reject it because they are the ones running the asylum into the ground.

I know, I know, I get it. He has to look presidential, and rise above the hate these minions of Satan have for this president. But there is always a limit. And that limit folks, is a "Meeting" specifically designed to ruin this country. In my book, that's treason.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Half of Americans call Facebook a fad

Half of Americans call Facebook a fad

MySpace says What?

Well think about it and ask yourself this. How many of you use "Windows Live Messenger", "Yahoo Messenger", and "AOL Messenger" on your desk, or laptops? Or for that matter, an IPad? Now there may be a few out there that do use these items on cell/smart phones, just to keep in-touch with business meetings, or personal matters when on the go. But Facebook? Yeah, it is a "Fad". People will soon become bored and search for other things to take their minds away from the idiotic GOP agenda.

Look folks, we are connected like none have ever seen before. With only 140 characters typed, news, trends, and events are sent around the world. Facebook can't do that unless you "Link It" there. And then, it only is sent to certain friends and family. Fads have always had such limitations.

Look no further than MySpace. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Student loan blues

Student loan blues

Mr. President, Congress, Secretary Duncan, this must end, and the law repealed.

From the article: "
The U.S. Department of Education, which guaranteed her loans, briefly garnished part of her disability payments until a legal aid lawyer got them reinstated."

For all congressional members that voted, and allowed this law to go into effect, shame on you. The elderly, and people with disabilities are simply trying to improve their lot in life by going back to school, getting a degree, and finding a career where they can make an impact on other peoples lives.

You members of Congress must fix the bankruptcy law on the books to allow people on fixed incomes the ability to put their student loan, or loans, on bankruptcy claims. I know for a fact that this was a Republican led effort. They just don't care about regular people. And for you Democrats that went along with this insane legislation, SHAME! This law must be repealed.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

JPMorgan's $2-billion loss renews calls for tough financial rules

JPMorgan's $2-billion loss renews calls for tough financial rules

I saw the clip from Meet The Press that will air Sunday. He claimed he "doesn't know if they broke the law". Really? Are you not the boss of this bank? Do you even bother reading a balance sheet? What exactly do you do there? Why are they even paying you when you can't explain how in the hell you lost all the money?

You know, many people that run a business, KNOW what the hell is going on. "Stupid mistakes"? What the hell is that? If the math didn't add up, why bother?

Anyone with any money in this bank, get it out before the doors are locked.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lugar loss tempers Romney primary victories for GOP establishment

Lugar loss tempers Romney primary victories for GOP establishment

Under normal circumstances, I'd let this slide. But, boy, boy, boy, you voters have lost your minds to hatred.

I'm not a Republican, yet I can recognize superb leadership, and serving ones country, and state, with dignified and often times, quiet honor. Yet you people, filled with so much hatred in your hearts, rejected a man that sought out ways of ensuring "Loose Nukes" never get in the hands of terrorist. And sadly, you would never recognize things of that nature, nor the fact he fought to ensure your state got the necessary funding it needed for projects across Indiana. If you let this other guy in, get ready to hear when a natural disaster hits, "YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN". Yet he'll take taxpayer funded health care, but you? Oh Hell No!

You just simply voted him out because of your simple-minded hatred of having to WORK TOGETHER! Have you noticed anything getting done since you elected the Tea Party (BOOB) candidates into Congress? NOPE! All you have seen is "Dead in The Water" legislation restricting women's health, racial profiling, stripping, chipping, extorting any funding that has to do with our social safety net for seniors, the disabled, children, the poor, and voter suppression. That's a hell of a Hate List would you not agree? And here you are BITCHING about gas prices, but refuse to tell your Congressional representatives to STOP giving away your TAX dollars to BIG OIL! Hatred blinds you from seeking wisdom and knowledge. Your hatred is turning this country slowly, state by state, into a Theocracy. Newsflash haters! That's something The Founding Fathers NEVER WANTED!

But hey! Don't let any facts get in the way. You simply voted a hard working, Senator out, because you hate!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Is Midway Airport privatization deal back in the works? - Chicago Sun-Times

Is Midway Airport privatization deal back in the works? - Chicago Sun-Times

Here's another prediction. If this happens, watch for a shift of passenger volume at O'Hare.

Why you ask? Cost my friends, cost. Cost will rise that the average commuter cannot afford. After that happens, you will see a frantic effort by the city, at the taxpayers expense (If we allow it), to save Midway from becoming the next Meigs Field.

Don't think so? Just watch if this sneaks through.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Mitt Romney: Democrats 'just don't like business very much'

Mitt Romney: Democrats 'just don't like business very much'

This coming from the guy that destroys small, and large companies. Go figure.

Now let me think. Since the republicans took over the House of Representatives, not one piece of jobs legislation has been implemented. They only dead in the water legislation they have come up with is invading lady parts.

Go figure.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Friday, May 4, 2012

15-year-old escapes West Side police station

15-year-old escapes West Side police station

15 and selling dope. Just way to many questions for why this kid is doing such. We can go down the blame road of bad parenting, and the lure of fast money from the proliferation of drugs in urban communities. But what will that solve? Nothing.

Perception is the key folks. If it doesn't affect you, why should you care? Yet, we all know such a perception is flawed. Simply because it will, eventually affect you. Look back at our history of flawed perception, and the knee-jerk reactions they have caused. Go down the list. The outlawing of marijuana in 1936. The heroin explosion of the 1960's and 70's. And who can forget the crack epidemic? Now we all know that the only thing that can grow in this country is weed. So who's making the connections for bringing the other stuff here? Our climate isn't suitable for growing poppy plants, unless some genius somewhere has a lab set-up.

Yep, perception is a mother folks. Have you ever wondered why they stopped the draft? 15 and selling dope?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Illinois voters will decide pension question this fall

Illinois voters will decide pension question this fall

Oh! So we get to say if teachers, firefighters, police officers, and EMT's have to put more money in their own pension funds, while you politicians stuff your pockets without putting in one extra dime, while you hop from pension fund to pension fund.

Ain't that a bitch? 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Romney at pizza tycoon's home: 'Everyone should live like this'

Romney at pizza tycoon's home: 'Everyone should live like this'

No Mittens, some of us love the FREEDOM of living a simple life. Remember that guy that said something about a "Camel passing through an eye of a needle..."?

Look, if you get lucky and hit a jackpot in your life, fine by me. I have zero dog in such a fight. Hell! any of us could be one lottery number away of being that guys next door neighbor.  Bet he wouldn't be very pleased with that scenario? But get a grip on reality Mittens. Some of us just want a decent wage. Nothing more.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Romney 'disappointed' in Obama's use of bin Laden anniversary

Romney 'disappointed' in Obama's use of bin Laden anniversary

Really? The party that lied us into Iraq. The party that used the Navy as a prop. The party that claimed "Mission Accomplished" and never found any weapons of mass destruction after two terms. Where in the hell was your disappointment then?

Oh wait, I forgot. Some Black guy who just happens to be a democrat, and President of The United States did what you could never do. As with all things, when you lie every single day of your life, it will come back and bite you in the rear. When your selective memory fails you every single day of your life, we can always go to the TAPE! I recall this guy claiming "I would have done the same thing." Really? I highly doubt it.

Your own party screams that "They will always listen to the Generals on the Ground." But the minute those "Generals" agree with the Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces, your own party attacks those very same "Generals on the Ground." When dick-head was killed, you had the unmitigated gall, to claim the last guy that said "I DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT HIM." deserves credit. Really? The current President had the decency to at the very least call that guy and inform him of the killing. Did you give the current President credit? NOPE!

Where in the hell is your disappointment then?

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