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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fidelity: 401(k) balances drop 12 pct. in 3Q - Chicago Sun-Times

Fidelity: 401(k) balances drop 12 pct. in 3Q - Chicago Sun-Times

Makes one wonder if they only just put that money in a regular savings account, instead of betting on Wall Street.

When the introduction of this scheme first came about, there was just something not right I told myself. Why should I give money to financial institutions that play on Wall Street, when the place I work at, pays a wage that I could set some aside into a savings account? It was the place I worked for that had an interest in Wall Street, not me. So when they came up with this scheme to take employees money for investing in Wall Street, I thought, "Are you insane?" Prior to the 401(k), pensions were handled by the union and employer. Companies invented the 401(k) to get the unions out of the way. Naturally, I'm under the impression some "Hush Money" was exchanged, because of the lack of crying foul by unions. Never once did a union rep tell other members that such a deal of this nature stunk.

The "Option" for not making contributions was always there. So those that did not, saw an almost equal benefit compared to those that did. Such an outcome like that, would make a person think twice. Yep, a regular savings account sure sounds like ones best bet against Wall Street any day. It's such a shame the "Lure" of quick cash made us forget basic math.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

RTA asks transit users: How's the ride?

RTA asks transit users: How's the ride?

Could have given me half of that with this cost-saving suggestion.

You should have just put the survey up on your website. I understand your point RTA, but this is just another moment in not thinking things through.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Black Friday sales up $1 billion over 2010 - Chicago Sun-Times

Black Friday sales up $1 billion over 2010 - Chicago Sun-Times

This article speaks volumes of the American mindset. It basically informs me that we still occasionally fall back into our collective comas.

These companies slam us left and right with material things that we must have, when in fact, we don't. They continue the oppression of its own workers by forcing them to abandon their families, while in the same breath, suppress their wages. Thanks to corporate manipulation, we have indeed become a consumer society. Our fall from a manufacturing powerhouse was indeed slick, and quick as we were told to "Go shopping", as companies shipped jobs by the droves overseas.

From an article posted yesterday, this state alone lost "26% of its manufacturing jobs in a decades time".(Link Here: Yet this state finds itself in difficult budgetary times, and companies, and corporations threaten our law makers for more corporate welfare, while continuing their suppression of creating jobs. We gave them tax cuts before, and they still left this state. There is no logic for us to continue feeding this beast.

A billion dollars and it's only Sunday. Comas are a hell of a thing. We must wake up, before it's way to late.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

State lawmakers poised to act on tax breaks for Sears, CME

State lawmakers poised to act on tax breaks for Sears, CME

This just pisses me off.

If these law makers cave in to these "making money hand over fist beggars", the next thing they will do is slash much needed social services, and increase taxes on the backs of the poor, and middle class. That, you can certainly guarantee. If this state is having a "Budget Deficit Problem", why in the name of all sanity, do you want to cut taxes for companies that do not need them? How much does the CEO's of all these beggars make? Millions per year of course. So justify giving these companies tax cuts when you NEED revenue?

If they bully you with threats of leaving, fine let them leave. Just watch what happens to the states they run to. The law makers there will do exactly what you guys, and gals are contemplating, tax increases on the poor, and middle class. That's the only way you guys, and gals, can cover the loss of revenue from corporate welfare. It is, what it is. Corporate welfare.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tens of thousands in Wisconsin apply for concealed carry permit

Tens of thousands in Wisconsin apply for concealed carry permit

Let the fallout, and lawsuits begin. This is what happens when you don't think things through, and ram legislation down people's throats, just to appease your puppet masters. Look at this major issue from the article:

"Percolating beneath it all are questions about business owners' liability.

The law grants immunity to property owners who allow concealed weapons in their establishments, but does not address the issue for property owners who bar them. That omission has given rise to a legal theory that owners who ban concealed weapons could be liable for injuries someone suffers in a shoot-out because the owners prevented the wounded from defending themselves.

Democratic state Sens. Jon Erpenbach of Middleton and Tim Cullen of Janesville asked Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen for an opinon clarifying the liability issues earlier this month, calling the liability clause "counterintuitive and illogical." Van Hollen, a Republican, refused to comply. He said he's not legally bound to supply legislators with legal opinions.

Gwen Bryan, owner of Louisianne's Restaurant in Middleton, said she's frustrated with the law and with Van Hollen. She said she wants to ban weapons in her restaurant, but wants the guarantee of legal immunity that comes with allowing them.

"Van Hollen isn't living up to his duties as attorney general," she said. "Everybody's very confused about this law. Only a lawyer can figure out the way it reads, with the jargon ... It's unfair we're put in this situation. Walker says we're open for business. This is not looking out for business."

Justice Department spokesman Dana Brueck said the agency can't give legal advice to private citizens. If the law truly is counterintuitive and illogical, as Erpenbach and Cullen say, it's up to the Legislature to address it, she added."

Monday, November 21, 2011

Interesting Article

More police departments look to tune public out
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Nov 20, 1:20 PM (ET)


(AP) Scanner hobbyist Rick Hansen holds his scanner/Ham radio device at his home Saturday, Nov. 19,...
Full Image

WASHINGTON (AP) - Police departments around the country are working to shield their radio communications from the public as cheap, user-friendly technology has made it easy for anyone to use handheld devices to keep tabs on officers responding to crimes.

The practice of encryption has grown more common from Florida to New York and west to California, with law enforcement officials saying they want to keep criminals from using officers' internal chatter to evade them. But journalists and neighborhood watchdogs say open communications ensure that the public receives information that can be vital to their safety as quickly as possible.

D.C. police moved to join the trend this fall after what Chief Cathy Lanier said were several incidents involving criminals and smartphones. Carjackers operating on Capitol Hill were believed to have been listening to emergency communications because they were only captured once police stopped broadcasting over the radio, she said. And drug dealers at a laundromat fled the building after a sergeant used open airwaves to direct other units there - suggesting, she said, that they too were listening in.

"Whereas listeners used to be tied to stationary scanners, new technology has allowed people - and especially criminals - to listen to police communications on a smartphone from anywhere," Lanier testified at a D.C. Council committee hearing this month. "When a potential criminal can evade capture and learn, 'There's an app for that,' it's time to change our practices."

The transition has put police departments at odds with the news media, who say their newsgathering is impeded when they can't use scanners to monitor developing crimes and disasters. Journalists and scanner hobbyists argue that police departments already have the capability to communicate securely and should be able to adjust to the times without reverting to full encryption. And they say alert scanner listeners have even helped police solve crimes.

"If the police need to share sensitive information among themselves, they know how to do it," Phil Metlin, news director of WTTG-TV, in Washington, said at the council hearing. "Special encrypted channels have been around for a long time; so have cellphones."

It's impossible to quantify the scope of the problem or to determine if the threat from scanners is as legitimate as police maintain - or merely a speculative fear. It's certainly not a new concern - after all, hobbyists have for years used scanners to track the activities of their local police department from their kitchen table.

David Schoenberger, a stay-at-home dad from Fredericksburg, Va., and scanner hobbyist, said he understands Lanier's concerns - to a point.

"I think they do need to encrypt the sensitive talk groups, like the vice and narcotics, but I disagree strongly with encrypting the routine dispatch and patrol talk groups. I don't think that's right," he said. "I think the public has a right to monitor them and find out what's going on around them. They pay the salaries and everything."

(AP) Scanner hobbyist Rick Hansen holds his scanner/Ham radio device at his home Saturday, Nov. 19,...
Full Image
There's no doubt that it's increasingly easy to listen in on police radios.

One iPhone app, Scanner 911, offers on its website the chance to "listen in while police, fire and EMS crews work day & night." Apple's iTunes' store advertises several similar apps. One promises to keep users abreast of crime in their communities.

Though iPhones don't directly pick up police signals, users can listen to nearly real-time audio from police dispatch channels through streaming services, said Matthew Blaze, director of the Distributed Systems Laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania and a researcher of security and privacy in computing and communications systems.

The shift to encryption has occurred as departments replace old-fashioned analog radios with digital equipment that sends the voice signal over the air as a stream of bits and then reconstructs it into high-quality audio. Encrypted communication is generally only heard by listeners with an encryption key. Others might hear silence or garbled talk, depending on the receiver's technology.

The cost of encryption varies.

(AP) Scanner hobbyist Rick Hansen holds his scanner/Ham radio device at his home Saturday, Nov. 19,...
Full Image
The Nassau County, N.Y., police department is in the final stages of a roughly $50 million emergency communications upgrade that includes encryption and interoperability with other law enforcement agencies in the region, said Inspector Edmund Horace. Once the old system is taken down, Horace said, "You would not be able to discern what's being said on the air unless you had the proper equipment."

The Orange County, Fla., sheriff's office expects to be encrypted within months. Several police departments in the county are already encrypted, and more will follow suit to keep officers safe, said Bryan Rintoul, director of emergency communications for the sheriff's office.

In California, the Santa Monica police has been fully encrypted for the past two years and, before that, used a digital radio system that could be monitored with expensive equipment, said spokesman Sgt. Richard Lewis.

Still, full encryption is cumbersome, difficult to manage and relatively rare, especially among big-city police departments who'd naturally have a harder time keeping track of who has access to the encryption key, Blaze said.

The more individuals or neighboring police agencies with access, the greater the risk that the secrecy of the system could be compromised and the harder it becomes to ensure that everyone who needs access has it, Blaze said.

(AP) Scanner hobbyist Rick Hansen holds his scanner/Ham radio device at his home Saturday, Nov. 19,...
Full Image
Relatively few local police departments are actually encrypted, Blaze said, though some cities have modern radio systems for dispatch that are difficult to monitor on inexpensive equipment. The systems can, however, be intercepted with higher-end scanners.

"I would not be surprised if a lot of departments that do it would switch back to non-encryption. The practical difficulties of trying to maintain an encrypted system at scale start to become apparent," he said.

Some departments have studied full encryption but decided against it, including police in Greenwich, Conn.

"Because we've always retained the ability to encrypt traffic on a case-by-case basis when we need to, in a community like Greenwich, I think the transparency we achieve by allowing people to listen to our radio communications certainly outweighs any security concern we have," said Capt. Mark Kordick.

And some departments have tried to compromise. The Jacksonville, Fla., sheriff's office leased radios to the media, allowing them to listen to encrypted patrol channels. That practice ended last summer out of concern about maintaining the confidentiality of radio transmissions, said spokeswoman Lauri-Ellen Smith.

In D.C., Lanier says the department is stepping up efforts to advise the public of developing crimes through Facebook, Twitter and an email alert system. Officers will use an unencrypted channel starting next month to alert the public to traffic delays, said spokeswoman Gwendolyn Crump. But the chief has refused to give radios to media organizations, which continue to assail the encryption.

"What about the truly terrifying crimes?" Metlin, the news director, asked at the hearing. "What if, God forbid, there is another act of terrorism here? It is our jobs to inform the public in times of emergency."

Rick Hansen says he's been listening to police communications since he was an adolescent and says efforts to shut them make government less transparent. The Silver Spring, Md., man says sensitive information could be kept off the airwaves on a selective basis.

"Yes, it's a concern - and it's something that can be addressed through proper procedures and processes as opposed to turning out the lights on everybody," he said

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Found On The Net: Round 2 Jokes

Watching football, bored, found some Blonde Jokes. For the record, I didn't write these.

A blonde & her husband are lying in bed
listening to the next door neighbor's dog.
It has been in the backyard barking for

hours & hours.
The blonde jumps up out of bed and says,
"I've had enough of this".
She goes downstairs.

The blonde finally comes back up to bed
and her husband says, "The dog is still barking, what have you been doing?"

The blonde says,
"I put the dog in our backyard,
let's see how THEY like it!


Two Blondes With Hammers...

Lynn & Judy were doing some carpenter work
on a Habitat for Humanity House.
Lynn was nailing down house siding,
would reach into her nail
pouch, pull out a nail & either toss it
over her shoulder or nail it in.

Judy, figuring this was worth looking into, asked, '
Why are you throwing those nails away?'
Lynn explained, 'When I pull a nail out of my pouch, about half of them have the head on the wrong end & I throw them away.'
Judy got completely upset & yelled,
'You moron! Those nails aren't defective!
They're for the other side of the house!'


Did you hear about the two blondes
who froze to death in a drive-in movie?

They had gone to see 'Closed for the Winter.'


You might have to think twice about this one.

A blonde hurried into the emergency room late one night with the tip of her index finger shot off. 'How did this happen?' the emergency room doctor asked her.

'Well, I was trying to commit suicide,'
the blonde replied.

'What?' sputtered the doctor. 'You tried to commit suicide by shooting
off your finger?'

'No, silly' the blonde said. 'First I put the gun to my chest, & then I thought, 'I just paid
$6,000.00 for these implants...

I'm not shooting myself in the chest.'

'So then?' asked the doctor.

'Then I put the gun in my mouth, & I thought,
'I just paid $3,000.00 to get my teeth straightened I'm not shooting myself
in the mouth.'

'So then?'

'Then I put the gun to my ear, & I thought:
'This is going to make a loud noise. So I put
my finger in my other ear before I pulled the


A blonde was driving home after a game &
got caught in a really bad hailstorm. Her car
was covered with dents, so the next day
she took it to a repair shop. The shop owner
saw that she was a blonde, so he decided
to have some fun.... He told her to go home
and blow into the tail pipe really hard, & all the dents would pop out.

So, the blonde went home, got down on her hands & knees & started blowing into her tailpipe.. Nothing happened.. So she blew a little harder, & still nothing happened.

Her blonde roommate saw her & asked, 'What are you doing?' The first blonde told her how the repairman had instructed her to blow into the
tail pipe in order to get all the dents to pop out.
The roommate rolled her eyes & said, 'Uh, like hello! You need to roll up the windows first.'

These are just too cute not to pass on!!!!

A blonde was shopping at Target &
came across a shiny silver thermos.
She was quite fascinated by it, so she
picked it up & took
it to the clerk to ask what it was.

The clerk said, 'Why, that's a thermos.....
It keeps hot things hot, And cold things cold.'

'Wow, said the blonde, 'that's amazing.....
I'm going to buy it!' So she bought the
thermos & took it to work the next day.

Her boss saw it on her desk.
'What's that,' he asked?

'Why, that's a thermos..... It keeps hot things
hot & cold things cold,' she replied..

Her boss inquired, 'What do you have in it?'

The blond replied......
'Two Popsicle's & some coffee.'



A blonde goes into work one morning crying her eyes out.

Her boss asked sympathetically, 'What's the matter?'

The blonde replies,
'Early this morning I got a phone call saying that
my mother had passed away.'

The boss, feeling sorry for her, says,
'Why don't you go home for the
day? Take the day off to relax & rest.'

'Thanks, but I'd be better off here.
I need to keep my mind off it &
I have the best chance of doing that here.'

The boss agrees & allows the blonde to work as usual.
A couple of hours pass & the boss decides to check on the blonde.
He looks out from his office & sees the blonde crying hysterically...

'What's so bad now? Are you gonna be okay?' he asks.

'No!' exclaims the blonde.
'I just received a horrible call from my
sister. Her mother died, too!'
Blondes Are The Best!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Clarification For "Found On The Net"

Just to be clear on the "Found on The Net" posting, I am not advocating this information is 100%. This will always be the case when one dives into murky waters. So with that said, for clarification purposes here is my response to any comments, or questions.

With respect to the link,: it does state the information is "misleading and unreliable". But, and you know there is always a "But". It does not 100% discredit the information. Hence, the quoted final analysis: "The U.S. Food & Drug Administration mandates country-of-origin labeling on many food products, but there are exceptions, most notably the entire category of "processed foods." Consumer groups are currently advocating the closure of these loopholes."

That is for me a key word. "Exceptions". Naturally, all Food Lobbying Groups wish to keep this "Exception". One would suspect the reasoning behind such is the possible fact many "Consumers" would avoid buying such products when empowered with the knowledge of "Country of Origin".

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Small Things To Look For

Found on the web, and yet this is something our media decided to hardly mention. They (The Media) think it's best we be bombarded with a pedophile every 3 minutes, as opposed to keeping us informed of the coordinated brutal attacks against its own citizens demanding simply, accountability.

Next week, they will begin the subliminal campaign of "GO SHOPPING" in the concentrated effort to once again, keep us uninformed. There are bright spots one can go, for keeping abreast of the suppression of constitutional rights. Countdown with Keith, Maddow, Ed, and Lawrence are always your best bet. The only way anyone could catch the truth on Lucifer's slanderous channel (FOX), would be to have an actual "LIVE FEED" with zero commentary before they get it in the editing room. Hell, one of its leading "Pinheads" couldn't even get the date right on when the "Oval Office" was added. If there ever was a proofreader, epic fail.

Yet I must digress, and share this interesting posting from the web.:

Look for 0

With all the food and pet products now coming from China , it is best to make sure you read label at the grocery store and especially Walmart when buying food products.
Many products no longer show where they were made, only give where the distributor is located. It is important to read the bar code to track it's origin.
How to read Bar Codes ....

This may be useful to know when grocery shopping, if it's a concern To you.


The whole world is concerned about China-made "black heart-ed goods".
Can you differentiate which one is made in Taiwan or China ?
If the first 3 digits of the bar-code are 690691 or 692, the product is MADE IN CHINA.
471 is Made in Taiwan .
This is our right to know, but the government and related departments never educate the public,
Therefore we have to RESCUE ourselves.
Nowadays, Chinese businessmen know that consumers do not prefer Products "MADE IN CHINA ",
So they don't show from which country it is made.

However, you may now refer to the bar-code - remember if the first 3 digits are:
690-692 ... then it is MADE IN CHINA
00 - 09 ... USA & CANADA
30 - 37 FRANCE
40 - 44 GERMANY
471 ... Taiwan

49 ...JAPAN
50 ... UK
For "0" at the Beginning of the number.
We need every boost we can get!
Pass this on to everybody on your E-Mail Contact List!!

If the government won't help us,
We MUST help ourselves.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Preckwinkle’s tax increase package passes first hurdle - Chicago Sun-Times

Preckwinkle’s tax increase package passes first hurdle - Chicago Sun-Times

Told ya so. Sleep at the wheel again folks? Well, here's your way towards saving a few bucks. As you are reading this, notice that banner aptly named Mr. Beer. Go on, click on it and order up some beer kits, and start doing it yourself, and save some of your hard earned money.

Go on, you deserve it. Order Mr. Beer and save some holiday cheer.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Aldermen: Tax cigars, chewing tobacco to reduce budget cuts - Chicago Sun-Times

Aldermen: Tax cigars, chewing tobacco to reduce budget cuts - Chicago Sun-Times

Can anyone explain how these two products were never considered when politicians went on a cigarette warpath? WTF? It's 2011 and all of a sudden we have this spectacular brain fart? This should have been done years ago.

You politicians sit there, and give away our hard earned revenue to companies that don't come close to deserving it. Then you turn around, scream the city is broke. You then slash programs, cut funding, pick on police, fire, and teachers, while these crooks at "Financial Companies" get reduced taxes just to stay here, and contribute nothing to our society? Something is wrong with this picture. I'm very curious to see the amount of property taxes paid by CME, and compare that to ALL homeowners. I think my jaw may have to be surgically replaced.

Look, I have zero problem with you guys, and gals taxing the hell out of smokes, but when did you come to the realization cigars, and chew was slipping under the radar? Were you in a coma? Please, go right ahead and tax it. But you better start having a serious discussion on legalizing, and regulating marijuana if you ever want to get your bad math budgets in order. You don't give away surplus funds to companies that don't need, or deserve them. You use that surplus by re-investing in our roads, transit, schools, police, fire, and teachers.

Bottom line, imagine how many affordable housing units 700 million bucks could build for our returning, homeless, and current veterans? Yes, this, and other good math things, should have been done years ago. WTF!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Evanston moves closer to lowering penalty for marijuana possession

Evanston moves closer to lowering penalty for marijuana possession

Short and sweet today.

Common sense prevails at last. Go ahead and compare booze related accidents, and deaths to marijuana. Go ahead, I'll wait. Stunning isn't it? Now, just go ahead and legalize it, tax it, and use the exact same standards employers use in the workplace for any substance abuse violations.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Financial exchanges chief gets frosty welcome in Springfield - Chicago Sun-Times

Financial exchanges chief gets frosty welcome in Springfield - Chicago Sun-Times

"Frosty"? Boy that's an understatement.

They have money hand over fist, and only want more so they can continue destroying the middle class. Why a tax cut for gamblers? That just doesn't make any sense. Face the facts folks, that is exactly what they are, gamblers. They take, and make bets. Who do they employ? More gamblers, and low wage workers that clean up behind them. So why give them a tax cut? What exactly do they contribute to society? The average working man and woman don't do the things they do. So why should we give them a tax cut?

If they want to move to another state, or overseas, so be it. Remember that article posted a week ago with that quote? We are talking around 700 million dollars in lost state revenue if we go down this road and give in to such ridiculous demands. That's money we could use for improving our roads, transit, schools, police, and fire systems.

Let them leave so we can take their buildings and convert them into housing for our returning veterans and their families. Imagine the jobs that one project alone would have on this cities economy? Think of the construction, carpentry, and masonry jobs that could be created? So let them leave to fleece another gullible mayor and governor, who will have no other choice but to raise taxes on the poor, and middle class while these millionaires, and billionaires walk between the raindrops, and shower litter upon the people who gave them a tax cut. Yeah, "Frosty" sure is an understatement.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Littering & Assault? No Charges Filed:

Yes folks according to city code, these lawbreakers are indeed in violation of our littering laws, and possibly assault charges for "Dumping" this on citizens holding a peaceful protest.

Where's the Mayor? Where's the Police Superintendent? Where's the District Attorney of the county and state? Why haven't charges been filed? This is one of the reason for these protest. Once again the upper echelon of class clearly violate the laws of the land, and no charges, or person is held accountable. Did the "Occupy People" have to clean up the littering done by these lawbreakers? Possibly. Did any police officer go into the building and issue tickets for littering, or possible charges for assault? NOPE! Will the person in-charge of these lawbreaking, litter-bug workers discipline them for violating the law? Of course not.

So once again the upper echelon gets away with breaking the law, and so far, nothing is done to hold them accountable. Now do you see why they are out there protesting? These people need to be held accountable. They clearly violated our littering laws, while asking our elected leaders for a tax break. They think what they did was funny. It clearly isn't. They should be fined, and do some community service.

Mr. Mayor, Superintendent, County and State Attorney, hold them accountable. Such behavior should never be tolerated on innocent citizens practicing their constitutional rights. Charge them, fine them, hold them accountable. They are not above the law.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Time for a level-headed approach to business, taxes

Time for a level-headed approach to business, taxes

This comment here speaks volumes, and is exactly what has been on my mind for years.

"One of the problems in economics is the seen versus the unseen," the Tax Foundation's Robyn said. "We see a big corporation leave our state and take 1,000 jobs, and that's very visible and we say, 'We've got to keep those jobs here.' But what you don't see is when those 1,000 jobs leave, what other opportunities open up in the state or, more importantly, if you buy them off and give them all this money to stay, what you don't see is the opportunity you lost with that revenue. You could have used that money for something else."

I do hope the Mayor, and Governor read, and act upon such grand logic.

Friday, November 4, 2011

User says her marijuana is ‘like a fine glass of wine,’ should be legal - Chicago Sun-Times

User says her marijuana is ‘like a fine glass of wine,’ should be legal - Chicago Sun-Times

I don't know about that statement, but it should be legal.

Just look at the bang up job they did with alcohol during prohibition. Hell even today, they can't stop people from drinking and driving. So go ahead, legalize pot. I'll bet you traffic accidents will remain about the same levels they are now. Pot-Heads keep their snacks in arms length because they are to stoned to get off the couch and walk too the fridge. They stock up on munchies while out driving so they don't have to go back out. Don't believe me? Go ahead and ask one of them to take you somewhere after they have already stocked up. All you will hear from them is; What?

Full disclosure. I used to smoke it decades ago, but I don't now. I stayed in school, got my diploma, and college degree like so many of the rest of Americans. So legalize it, and tax it just like you do booze, and cigarettes. Employers should have the same standards they use now, when workers come in under the influence. There's really no need to change existing laws except, legalizing pot and putting it to current laws already in-place.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Concealed weapons allowed in Wisconsin Assembly's public galleries

Concealed weapons allowed in Wisconsin Assembly's public galleries

Wow! This is just beyond sanity.

These are the most reckless, thoughtless, can't see the forest for the trees politicians I have witnessed in my adult years on this planet. Why on this earth do they want to place in direct jeopardy, law enforcement and innocent civilians in the gun-sights of some ticked-off constituent? These GOP mental cases have no idea the carnage they may soon inflict upon the public by passing such an irresponsible law, and at the same stroke of a pen, making it more difficult for its people to cast a vote.

Here's a little history lesson for you knuckle-dragging Neanderthals that call yourself Republicans. In California during the 1960's it was legal for citizens to carry around firearms. Well, there was this group called the Black Panther Party that decided since it's the law, they might as well arm themselves within the law to stave off any attempts at aggression against them. Well good old Ronald Reagan, and other lawmakers thought; Oh shit! We have to infringe on everyone's second amendment rights because the people of color can do like we do. So they passed more legislation banning firearms in public. Fast forward. These moronic GOP Neanderthals are doing the exact same thing with one difference. Allowing citizens the right to carry "Concealed" firearms into the public galleries.

You are placing police in a very bad position. You are placing citizens that choose not to carry, in a very bad position. What in hell do you think you are going to accomplish by doing this?

I've stated before, and shall do so again. I'm all for The Second Amendment. But there must be sane, reasonable restrictions that go along with it. You know, for felons, and the mentally unstable. But this, this repulsive, life-threatening, zealotry of arming people to attend public galleries with a concealed weapon is just beyond recklessness. It's simply insane.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Emanuel undecided on marijuana ticket measure

Emanuel undecided on marijuana ticket measure

A 200 buck fine? Oh please!

First off, you know damn well they can't pay that. You will still have a problem with who, or should I say, what majority of minorities will get ticketed. So issuing 200 buck tickets, that you will have a very hard time attempting to collect, isn't a solution. Nice try though. But here's the flaw in your logic. They don't, or can't pay, they still overburden the criminal justice system. It's simply sweeping more dirt under the carpet. Eventually you will have to replace it.

So get smart, get busy by challenging the ATF, DEA, and Justice departments. Go with the "States Rights" and legalize it and treat it with the same offenses, fines, punishments that drinking entails. Once again, it's not pocket science, it's basic math. Hundreds of millions in additional revenue for the city and state, less crowding of our courts, and penal institutions.

Stop showing fear. Legalize it, and sit-back and enjoy the ride. Why? 200 buck fine that we all know you just can't collect.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Virginia GOP says Halloween-themed email over the top

Virginia GOP says Halloween-themed email over the top

My two cents.

This is just another example of pure hatred, and bigotry. I don't want that lame excuse of "We didn't Know", or "It was just a joke". This was simply intentional, and demonstrates the true feelings of a group of bigoted, ignorant, spiteful, low life-forms on this earth. This is truly a "Charles Manson Mindset" of stirring up anger from women, and minorities by publishing such ignorance, in their desperate hope of causing a fabled "Race War", so they can sit on their bigoted butts and scream "See I Told You". Garbage such as this happens when you close your mind to the world around you. It seems apparent there are no Blacks, and free thinking women in this group of GOP Neanderthal's that for some illogical reason believe they are a superior race. If there was, shame on them for condoning such repulsive graphics. And yes folks, there will be such small-minded throwbacks that will condone, or make a extremely lame excuse for such behavior. And when they do, feel free to disavow, and disassociate yourself from such ignorant throwbacks.

What's next GOP, Salem Witch Hunts?

Florsheim Shoes


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Stacy Adams

Stacy Adams

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