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Monday, October 31, 2011

2 men fight home invader demanding beer

2 men fight home invader demanding beer

Wow! Had he bought his own beer kit, he would never run out. Oh well, "Stupid is, as Stupid does".

Sunday, October 30, 2011

McCormick Place union deal reap rewards: Trade show, hotel work - Chicago Sun-Times

McCormick Place union deal reap rewards: Trade show, hotel work - Chicago Sun-Times

Sounds like a fair agreement.

Now that's how you do business. This is much better then screaming for a taxpayer supported cut in paying your fair share. Give a little get a little, and the economy hums right along.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Motorola to cut 185 jobs in Illinois - Chicago Sun-Times

Motorola to cut 185 jobs in Illinois - Chicago Sun-Times

Will someone remind me why they got a tax cut? Wasn't the reason for giving that to them, was a, "Sure we'll hire people, and not fire them, as long as you let us steal from the people excuse? The same thing will happen to ComEd workers, and all the other employees from other companies that scammed taxpayers, and paid-off our legislators.

Funny how the times appear to replicate the past. No sooner NAFTA became law, jobs just vanished from American shores. Now NAFTA Jr. is the norm, and behold job cuts.

So please remind me why we even bother giving companies tax cuts? Oh, and please no smoke blowing up the...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Media Doesn't Matter

Nice response to this "AP" article. We the people are very much aware of the misinformation the media heaps upon us. It has indeed became a very sad day, when the people who's motto was "Objective, UN-Biased, and Integrity", has now become daily fodder for Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert.

"This is so disingenuous! The article starts off presuming that Barack Obama is somehow responsible for the state of the economy! What horse-crap!

The OBAMA healthcare bill would have put millions (billions?) of small business dollars back into the economy. Duh.

The OBAMA job program would have put thousands -- no, millions of people back to work. Duh.

The Republican plan for jobs is a blank page. They still claim that "trickle down" economics works, even though we tried that from 1980 to 1984, when it was abandoned as not working by Ronald Reagan, and again from 2003 to the present, and it's OBVIOUSLY not working. Making the wealthy more wealthy does not make the poor more wealthy. DUH!

The overall GOP (God's Own Party) economic plan is identical to what they tried to do with Herbert Hoover -- SAVE! SAVE! SAVE! What did we get? The most horrible depression the world has ever known.

Governments make money only through taxes. When there are no wages there are no taxes. It took FDR to get people working again through various programs to get the economy restarted. The Government is the only source large enough to prime the pump and get the cash flowing again.

BOA charging $5 for use of the debit card??? If they want to make money, why don't they try LENDING IT!!! That's an old fashioned idea, I know, but it worked for years and years, back in the days when people did not have to pay to walk in the bank's door.

Even Henry Ford knew in 1920 that if his workers had a decent wage, they'd be able to buy his cars. That simple logic is lost on today's Republicans. They've opted for the Guatemalan model, the very rich and the very poor, and of course they intend to be the very rich. We're already on the road to this 2-class system evidenced by the vast difference between top management wages and worker wages.

DUH DUH DUH and DUMB DUMB DUMB -- these are the only way I can classify Republican thinking. Oops-- thinking??? Sorry, I've given them far too much credit. They share a brain so I guess it is sometimes possible, but that's rare.

Hey, we're right back to the OBVIOUS FACT. THE BASTARDS CAN'T STAND THAT WE HAVE A BLACK PRESIDENT!!! They don't even get it - if there's anything to get - that as half black and half white he's absolutely perfect for this country!

Crappy articles like the one below point a finger to what is NOT the problem and do a terrible disservice by not focusing on what is really going on."


Hispanic voters: Stick with Obama or go with GOP?By CRISTINA SILVA and KEN THOMAS - Associated Press

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Madigan wants to set limits on union wages, benefits

Madigan wants to set limits on union wages, benefits

I want what's good for the goose to be also good for the gander.

If you are successful at this Mr. Madigan, I truly hope you set the same limits on yourself and all elected officials in this State. Let's first start by ending multiple pensions for all of you that sit on different committees?

Remember, do unto to others...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Electrical workers rally around ComEd bill

Electrical workers rally around ComEd bill

Boy, I've seen this movie before.

ComEd feeds its employees the good old "Job Security Speech", and possibly paid off union leaders, for showing fake support for this consumer rape bill, and will then turn right around and lay workers off, if this is ever passed. Yep, I have seen this movie before. It was titled "NAFTA". It did pretty bad at the "American Worker Box Office", as thousands of workers lost job after job, when companies packed up and went south of the border, and overseas.

ComEd may not pack up and go south of the border and overseas, but they will come up with a "We just can't afford hiring more workers excuse, and need to cut what we have approach". Yep, I have definitely seen this movie before.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Democratic senator seeks to override Quinn veto with new ComEd bill - Chicago Sun-Times

Democratic senator seeks to override Quinn veto with new ComEd bill - Chicago Sun-Times

Me thinks someone got paid off?

Check this out. Quinn, 1.3 + 1.3 = 2.6. Now here comes this dudes math. 1.5 + 1.1 = 2.6. Yet they (Utilities) still get to bend you over a table and get a rate/rape increase. Who's going to make them pay up when they refuse to hire anyone? The Senator? Hell no. I can already hear the excuses. Cost overruns, inflation this, and that, profits are down, and the famous we have to Scale Back.

This "Bill" is a complete joke.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

10 things you might not know about class warfare

10 things you might not know about class warfare

Here's 11, and then some. Every time the "Poor" are oppressed, it never works out well for the oppressor. Now, that's not a threat, it's just a historical fact.

When people get fed up with being subjected to any form of tyranny, and oppression, they demonstrate, protest, suffer brutality, and in many cases, death at the hands of the oppressor. Throughout history, such tactics has always been the demise of such oppressive acts. For instance, since the demise of "Jim Crow", oppressors here in the United States have been plotting for ways to re-institute it. The method they chose was a "Voter Identification Card". But here's the rub. They are for that, but against a "National Identification Card" for all American Citizens. Yeah, go figure. The insane logic behind such a card, is voter fraud. But what we all know is, this is not, and never was the case. The facts just don't support this false claim. For a group of people that claim to be the "Fiscally Responsible", such a State by State voter identification law will be highly fiscally irresponsible. The math is there for anyone to bean count. A National Identification system on the other hand, less expensive, and also helps combat illegal immigration.

From my viewpoint, the "Occupy Movement" is about breaking the shackles of oppression in all the forms it comes in. Economic, social, and cultural. As those in power continue the destruction of a class of people who basically, are just demanding accountability. The time has arrived for such change to begin. No oppressors, they will not pack up the tents and go home. They will stay, educate, and awake the sleeping masses of the oppression you have brought upon this country.

There is an old adage that goes; "You will earn your keep by the sweat of your brow." That's all we have done, only to have you take it away with voter suppression antics, stripping collective bargaining antics, the grand Ponzi Scheme dubbed the 401k (I knew that was a major scam from the get go), and making young students debt slaves. That is not an American Dream. It is an oppressive nightmare that we sadly, allowed you to inflict upon us with zero accountability. And that, is a historical fact.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Inspectors fired for bribes from cigarette vendors

Inspectors fired for bribes from cigarette vendors

Just imagine how long this has been going on prior to the election of our Sheriff, and County Board President?

Yeah, let that marinate for the weekend.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Preckwinkle: Jailing juveniles costs more than Harvard tuition - Chicago Sun-Times

Preckwinkle: Jailing juveniles costs more than Harvard tuition - Chicago Sun-Times

No truer words spoken folks. Now for the fun part, fixing, or better yet, coming towards a solution for this epidemic.

As for myself, I suggest those major perks we shower prisoners, and detainees with, must be eliminated from these budgets, and more emphasis on education while incarcerated, or detained. That simply entails, no more gym equipment. Let them walk, do calisthenics, jog, a "Boot Camp" type workout that recruits endure, where there was, and possibly still is, no weights involved. It's a hell of a lot cheaper. They should replace all of that unnecessary equipment with teachers/tutors putting emphasis on these youths obtaining a GED, or high school diploma. After doing such, once the student loan failure is addressed, an emphasis on encouraging them to pursue higher learning.

Now that seems like a very good approach. Get rid of wasteful equipment that serves no purpose in our jail, prison, and detention institutions, and replace such with books, teachers/tutors, and a goal. It will have an impact on recidivism rates, and give hope, and opportunity to those that have felt that there was none. Though it may be true we haven't come up with a cure for the common cold, we can surely come up with a cure/solution for an epidemic of this nature.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Senate president to push for CME, CBOE tax relief - Chicago Sun-Times

Senate president to push for CME, CBOE tax relief - Chicago Sun-Times

Talk about Tone Deaf.

Apparently the Senate President is not aware that by giving these entities MORE tax cuts, they will in essence turn around and stick it to the people, police, fire, teachers, and the already bare boned social services within this State.

Look, running a government is all about providing services to the people via generating revenue. That's why we elected you in the first place, not caving in to your handlers. That boils down to paying our, again I say, OUR fair share in taxes, including such entities that don't need a decrease. Ask yourself this question. Where's the accounting books from these Private institutions, that demand they need to pay less in tax revenue? They will not produce them because they will claim it is a privacy issue, and the public doesn't have a "Need To Know". Well, when you are asking us to give up police, fire, teachers, transportation, and infrastructure workers, I think we do need a peek at your books.

There is a reason people are at these "Occupy" events. It's because of politicians like this, that continue catering to the greed merchants beck and whim of letting them, walk between the raindrops, and increase the tax storm upon the people. These entities threaten the men and women we, yes we, elected of withholding campaign contributions, employing slanderous, and false advertising, and last but not least, screaming they will MOVE. Now should they move, who would that effect? The low wage sanitation men and women they hired, some restaurants, the security contractors, mail-room clerks? Yes. But for those making over a hundred grand or more, not so much.

The bottom line Mr. Senate President. Don't cave in to the "Haves". If they threaten you elected officials with "Moving Out", so be it. Let them go to another State that will not stand up for the people that put them into office. See how that will play out come the next election cycle. The time for being Tone Deaf is coming to an end. So do the people a favor, just stop it.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ald. Burke opposes Emanuel on charging religious schools for water

Ald. Burke opposes Emanuel on charging religious schools for water

Where's the Tea Party Now? Someone should step up and let them know the free lunch is over. They don't pay property taxes, but want so much to be involved in shoving their religious beliefs on anyone within earshot. They go out on a limb via name-calling on people of other beliefs, but when it comes to them, we must be hands off. Well here's a news flash religious schools. You are just as human as the next man and woman, and therefore deserve no special favors as the rest of us.

You see we have this thing called "Separation of Church and State". Check it out, it's in the Constitution. So in other words, if you think not paying your fair share for the same water we all drink, I suggest arming staff, and students with digging equipment and look for some wells in the ground.

And as for you Mr. Burke. Still enjoying that police protection we the people are paying for? You of all people have some stones throwing your little two cents into this ripoff on taxpayers.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Human services hammered in budget mess - Chicago Sun-Times

Human services hammered in budget mess - Chicago Sun-Times

In all honesty, no sane person should walk away stunned by this article. It can all be traced back to the 1980's when good old Ron took office. That is when the assault on "Human Services" began.

Thirty plus years of slashing programs that help the poor, disabled, both mentally, and physically, women, and children has returned to let these politicians know such policies never work. Instead they sought ways for increasing prison populations by gutting such essential services, and forcing people out on the streets. How on earth do you politicians believe that cutting these services, while giving tax cuts to people that don't need them will help our economy? The data is in. It doesn't work, nor help. Researchers have poured over the numbers, yet you still refuse any hint of acknowledgement.

You would be better served helping people get the assistance needed, be it medically, or employment wise as opposed to giving away tax cuts too private companies/corporations that have nothing but a bottom line mentality. These entities have no desire for the betterment of this country. They only seek increased profits. The best you politicians can do, is simply ignore them as they have ignore us by shipping jobs overseas.

Go ahead, do the math. Go back to where it all began during the Ronny era, and spread throughout the States. Hurting people that need help is never a good idea.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Taxpayer money set aside to curb white flight helped some flee city - Chicago Sun-Times

Taxpayer money set aside to curb white flight helped some flee city - Chicago Sun-Times

Such a shame our government does thing in such a underhanded way. That money could have been used for hiring more police, fire, rebuilding schools, and our streets.

The apparent thing that concerns them is "White Flight" and not creating jobs. Creating jobs is the key for diversified neighborhoods all around this country, Yet we let these elected officials, and bottom line corporate big wigs do backroom deals and ship those jobs overseas. They then turn around and cut funding for much needed things like fully staffed police, fire, social services, and teachers. Meanwhile they throw money at people selling homes that normally would not sell, if they had jobs in such community's.

Talk about some ass-backwards, underhanded fleecing of taxpayers, all for stopping a particular race from selling a home where they have zero prospects of finding gainful employment. Put the jobs back into the community's and people would rather fix up their homes, as opposed to selling them. And by the way, some of that money could have been put towards building affordable housing. imagine the jobs that would have created.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sheriff to jail inmates: Pay for your own meals -

Sheriff to jail inmates: Pay for your own meals -

Hey let's take it a step further. How about getting rid of that gym equipment? We all know walking is the best exercise money can't buy.

Remember the "Drug Cartel" guy wasting our tax dollars in court cost, because they didn't want him using a "Rooftop Gym"? Let's start there by getting rid of such a waste of money. Let them walk, or jog if they want exercise. Hell throw in a push-up, and sit-up if need be. It's not "Cruel and Unusual Punishment". It's a matter of saving taxpayer dollars on very wasteful spending. Convicted, and those awaiting trials should not be afforded such "Perks". And by the way, who's the brain-fart that lobbied to get this into our prison/jail systems? Maybe that person, or company should be thrown in there also.

Come on Sheriff Dart. Let's get that expensive equipment out of there also. Let them walk, jog, do push-ups and sit-ups. That's the best exercise money can never buy, or be used at our expense.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Joe Walsh case: Judge to hear arguments on whether Walsh owes child support

Joe Walsh case: Judge to hear arguments on whether Walsh owes child support

Seriously, they need to throw the book at this poor excuse for a human being.

Many more have been locked up for way less then what this _____ owes. Lock him up for contempt, and make him pay.

Thursday, October 13, 2011



This is beyond tragic. It's simply horrifying for the fact this driver "ran a stop sign" taking the life of this wonderful person.

There is a "State Law" that drivers must come to a complete stop at all crosswalks when pedestrians are present. I've seen the signs in Oak Park, but have yet to see any in the City of Chicago. There is a school, a block away from my home. There is a crosswalk on the corner of Madison and Monroe. There is no sign prior to the school, just a stop sign further down the street prior to getting too the school, with a crossing guard. Yet day in, and day out, people must wait till traffic clears before using these crosswalks because drivers refuse to stop, especially when there is no stop sign. These drivers are supposed to stop when there are pedestrians present. They do not.

This is truly a tragic, and horrific story that could be prevented, if drivers pay attention when people are present at crosswalks. There is no excuse for this drivers reckless conduct.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

State GOP leader files bill to stop union leaders' pension double dipping

State GOP leader files bill to stop union leaders' pension double dipping

As always, fleecing people is never a good idea. Yet here's the rub with this "Bill". It should go much further and included our elected officials at all levels of government.

We already know politicians receive pensions for sitting on " Numerous Committees". That in itself is a major waste of taxpayer dollars. So in essence, what's good for the goose, is good for the gander. For those of you that are not aware, these politicians receive extra taxpayer funds for sitting police, fire, transportation, medical, consumer, security, finance, and the list can go on and on boards, and committees.

Now take note. I'm not bring this up because of partisanship. They do it on both sides of the aisle. I'm bringing this up for the fact that you better clean your own house up first before quickly slapping together a bill with such a narrow scope. These union guys are doing the same thing you are doing. So get the bill right, and stop it across the board, for all levels of government.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Daley doesn't explain how money ended up at wife's charity

Daley doesn't explain how money ended up at wife's charity

Do you really expect anything less from this guy? Of course he will not explain "How the Money Got There". All he will do, is what he does best, criticize the folks that FOUND OUT.

Here's what you need to do. Find out who orchestrated it, determine the legality, or illegality of this action, if legal, let it go, if not, prosecute it to the fullest extent of the law. That is what you are charged to do Inspector General. If this violates any law, go straight to the City, County, State, and if need be Federal Attorney's offices and file such charges. Don't sit on this. In the end, turnabout is fair play. So let's criticize our former Mayor for not explaining how that money got there. Simply because, somebody did their job and FOUND OUT.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Occupy Chicago to vote on list of 12 demands

Occupy Chicago to vote on list of 12 demands

Oh how I love democracy in action.

For decades we have always known there is a plan for the destruction of the middle class. The minute we the people put our blinders on after being bombarded with how cool it is to be selfish, with that "Me Generation" propaganda. It worked, as we slept and rapidly changed from a manufacturing powerhouse, to a slowly weight-gaining consumer society.

Finally the people have awakened after seeing our justice system destroyed with corporate lackey's appointed on its bench, with an ultimate attempt at further destroying our lives with an economic plan of turning the people into a low wage, indebted serfdom. We should have seen it coming when they brazenly repealed the "Glass-Steagall Act of 1933". That was indeed our wake-up call, but they did what they do best, and threw a few bread crumbs our way just to fatten us up more for slaughter. So we slept, and let them storm our State legislatures, the House of Representatives, and nearly capturing the Senate based on nothing but lies. Now that they are in, the agenda is definitely clear. Suppress voter rights, women's rights, strip collective bargaining, lower wages, zero health care, underfunding, and segregation of our schools.

Well, you thought we would just sleep right on through it, didn't you? Sadly you continue to fail and read your history books. You do remember "The Great Depression"? You caused all this back then, and wish to pick up where you left off now. You guessed that if we ship those jobs overseas, you'd have us on our knees. Well, look overseas. Those people are waking up also. A wise man once said: "Tis easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God" (Matthew 19:24). The people, throughout our existence, have always stood up and rebuked those that seek oppression. A long time ago England attempted it. Back then, they were the "Rich" imposing oppression upon us. Now, we have not a country, but multiple corporations seeking the same path. They also shall be rebuked because this is, a democracy in action.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Get Those Beer Kits For Football

Short and sweet today. Football, and Major League Playoffs are the best times for you to save some money, and make your own beer.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mitt Romney subtly acknowledges attack on his Mormon faith

Mitt Romney subtly acknowledges attack on his Mormon faith

Boy! No other religion can win against these mean-spirited hypocrites.

Yesterday I mused on how they just hate Muslims (Who by the way are related to them), now they hate within their own factions. That is so very UN-christian of them isn't it? Now what did I say about them clinging to that old testament? How quickly they invoke the name of Christ, but disregard everything he said in the other section (New Testament) of that book. You know, the one that spoke of "turning the other cheek" and forgiveness?

I honestly could care less what branch, or faction anyone cares too follow. It's really just a simple matter of pushing your own personal agenda on others that I have always had a problem with. Your book does not instruct any of you to do such. It does instruct you to treat everyone with respect, and kindness. That seems to be a major problem with most of these so-called religious leaders. No sooner I published my little say on religious matters, here comes this "Preacher" judging, and slamming another person only because he goes to a different church, that has a different interpretation. Makes you wonder in this day and age, who's feeding who too the lions now?

Oh well. I guess we all have our Herod's, Pharisees, Sanhedrin, Peters' and Constantin's no matter where we go. Just mean-spirited hypocrites. If you don't believe that, just go back and read how they sought manipulation of the masses.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Naperville not putting out welcome mat for Islamic religious center

Naperville not putting out welcome mat for Islamic religious center

This is a subject I tend to stay away from, for simple reasons. Those on both sides are basically misguided, and uninformed.

Now before the name-calling, and insults begin, (also, please do because you will only prove my point), people have a very bad tendency of short memory syndrome. Look back and you will discover a simple fact. You are all related. You would know that, should you ever decide following your biblical teachings. Since you both love clinging to the "Old Testament" so much, has it ever occurred to you that both sons buried their father Abraham? That little gem of information should inform you both, that they apparently got along with zero problems. It is only the descendents of both sons when problems, and conflicts arise.

So why are you so against the same people, that believe in the same God? Both books teach love, respect, honor, charity, and forgiveness. Both books also teach what happens to the bigoted, intolerant, greedy, thieves, and bearers of false witness. So what's the beef? A strip of land? Or who's got the superior religion? From the viewpoint of the protesters, it's a matter of superiority. Yeah! That's what we call a judgement. Do you want to know why? It's simple. You can't justify with any facts based in your books of teachings why these relatives of yours cannot worship the same God. You just can't. Each branch will always have the "Take things Way Too Far Crowd", otherwise known as zealots. Just look at what they did to that other guy when he came and simply told the truth. Evil always whispers in your ears to do this, and that. The story of Job should be everyone's wake up call simply because it can happen too anyone, at any given point in time.

Have you ever took the time to notice that fighting broke out on both sides only because of a zealot on both sides stoking fear? Look it up. Prior to Moses, you both lived in peace with sporadic skirmishes breaking out because of a King, or Pharaoh or two. Things were also cool until after the passing of Mohammed when the infamous rival factions sought power over the masses. Sound familiar?

There's an old saying that goes, "Nothing Hates More Then Family". You both should know this, because you both fight like a family. All you have to do, is really pick those books up and read them again. No wonder both sides are so misguided, and uninformed.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

City to hire new police officers next year, Supt. McCarthy says - Chicago Sun-Times

City to hire new police officers next year, Supt. McCarthy says - Chicago Sun-Times


Specialized Patrol Functions

Many questions have been raised about the role of specialized patrols and the impact it has on the communities they serve. We have all seen or heard from local news via television or print, of the actions such patrols produce. The major drug bust, prostitution stings, and gang members being arrested. The patrols basic function; drug enforcement, gang control, and stings can have a positive or negative effect on the community it is intended to serve.

Society relies on law enforcement officers to maintain order and eradicate crime. When a problem such as drug dealing occurs in a community, the citizen will expect law enforcement to investigate and arrest those responsible. But what happens if an innocent citizen becomes ensnared in the arrest? For arguments sake; let us say a citizen was walking out of a grocery store where known drug sales occur. The police rush to the scene and detain several people including the citizen. The citizen is pushed, shoved, and handcuffed. Eventually the citizen is released but comes away with a negative impression of the police because of the way he was treated.

Using the same hypothetical scenario with known gang members, the citizen is informed to step back into the store for his or her own safety. Under this scenario the citizen may have a more positive attitude towards police officers because they have demonstrated a concern for the citizens’ safety. The citizen would probably feel more appreciative of the officers doing their duty in cleaning up the neighborhood, by ridding the streets of gangs and drug dealing. The “sting” operation in my opinion is an effective deterrent tool at the disposal of law enforcement. With the sting operation people that solicit for prostitution or child predators run the risk of having there name and photograph in newspapers and the internet. Law enforcements role in keeping the community informed of such offenders may promote trust in the community with the police.

In my own neighborhood specialized patrols have had a positive impact on some resident’s lives. When I bought the home in February 1987 I could see people in the alley on the next block engaging in drug sales. With the persistence of local law enforcement and specialized patrols the problem has likely moved to another location with less of a police presence. Do these specialized patrols have a positive or negative impact on the communities they serve? The jury is still out on that question. You have people in society that do not trust the police and people that do. But if your community is changing like mine; not seeing drug sales in the alley on the next block is refreshing.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chicago City Council bans texting while bicycling

Chicago City Council bans texting while bicycling

Damn shame when you must legislate common sense.

In all fairness, our city council should be figuring out a way of getting our parking meters back, instead of telling not very bright people that taking your eyes off the road, no matter what type of transport used, is never a very good idea. But then again, there really are some very slow-witted people trekking around town.

Oh well, stupidity should be a crime. Just like giving away our parking meters. Come on city council, there are more pressing needs, then moron's slamming into walls, and vehicles because of a text message.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Astros' Schafer arrested on marijuana charge

Astros' Schafer arrested on marijuana charge

Less then an ounce carries a felony? Man, Florida really needs a re-examination of this ridiculous law.

If you just go ahead and legalize it, and treat it the same as drinking and driving, you would not have to rob public education, police, fire, county, and state workers of their pensions, and collective bargaining rights. Whenever the opportunity comes along for politicians to do the right thing, they always manage to screw it up, and waste millions in taxpayer funds. Just think of all the violent crimes that went down when this arrest was made. One would think law enforcement had better things too do then bust a pot-head.

Legalize it. More people in Florida get high then people on public assistance in that state. With a statistic like that, don't we all think it's time for re-examination of such ridiculous marijuana laws? Less then an ounce, really?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Walsh: GOP leadership too afraid to fight in Washington

Walsh: GOP leadership too afraid to fight in Washington

Anyone care to explain why a dead beat dad has people listening too any word he has to say? So much for the "Family Values" crowd.

A dead beat dad gets elected to office, skips a court date, and has the audacity to take an oath to uphold the law, but refuses when it comes to his own children. He claims the "GOP is too afraid to fight Washington"? Now here he is showing everyone that, it is he, that is afraid of his parental responsibility.

What else can anyone expect from a group of people that cheer executions, yet boo real men and women that took an oath for defending this country. Something is clearly wrong mentally, with these people. It just smells of pure evil. They always are the first to claim they are "Christian", yet display so much hate towards other humans that boggles the sanity of all humankind. It truly is sickening, and disgusting that any sane person would listen to such a hypocrite, yet alone vote for it.

So much for "Family Values" indeed.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Top cop Garry McCarthy: I’m not ready to ask for more officers - Chicago Sun-Times

Top cop Garry McCarthy: I’m not ready to ask for more officers - Chicago Sun-Times

Being blunt is more like it.

It's always a good strategy to have the knowledge, and understanding of what exactly you are working with, and how to improve on it. This is a smart move when one faces rational, critical decisions that will have a major impact on officer morale.

Give him time. At the very least he's blunt about his answers.

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