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Sunday, October 31, 2010

New zombie drama so satisfyingly creepy, it's scary :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Paige Wiser

New zombie drama so satisfyingly creepy, it's scary :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Paige Wiser

Since the Cubs, and Sox are not in the World Series, I think I'll tune in and check this out.

My only reservation is this channel went commercial, so I'll have to deal with a shit-load of cheap ads.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Recruits rail at police department's age limit :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: City Hall

Recruits rail at police department's age limit :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: City Hall

Sometimes you just have to wonder about the educational levels of some of the people that work for this city.

Here we have a military system that take 18 year old kids, and turn them into outstanding citizens when they leave the service. Our police department, prior to this lame ass idea, required, and still do, that applicants have a minimum of 60 semester hours under their belt before applying. Now some nitwit came up with this mega-stupid idea of, hey! let's raise the age requirement, because we are already short of personnel.

What school of "Higher Education" did this nitwit attend? Personally, I have an Associates Degree, and even I know that was very dumb, and makes no sense. A few decades ago all one needed was a High School Diploma for a man or woman to become a law enforcement officer. Then, some genius came along and raised the bar to the 60 credit hours, semesters, whatever it is. On a personal note; I think that was done to "Exclude" certain people, if you know what I mean. Now they want to raise the age.

I know you are "Lame-Ducking" it Mayor, but you have to torpedo this insanity. Let's stop screwing people around that want to do the right thing. They want "To Serve and Protect". Let them. At least they have the brains, and the backbone your so-called leadership isn't showing.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Signs of trouble before BP blowout :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Nation

Signs of trouble before BP blowout :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Nation

Seriously? Once everyone knew "Halliburton" was involved, lies, cover-ups, and flat out bullshit was involved.

Now since our very own Supreme Court decided that "Corporations are People", let's go right ahead and push for criminal charges against these filthy murders. That's right folks, people died because of these greed merchants that decided to cut corners for that almighty dollar. This is a case of clear "Willful Misconduct" on the part of Halliburton.

Do the right thing State, and Federal Attorney's. Charge, and lock these murders up.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Group of Bears refused entrance to nightclub :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: People

Group of Bears refused entrance to nightclub :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: People

Sad, but I wouldn't let them in my backyard after the way they played Sunday.

Racism? Maybe. Pissed at the way they played Sunday? Maybe. In the end the "Vendor" lost the contract. That's what you get when you "Privatize" asshole organizations. Look no further then what our current Mayor did to this city. Parking Meters anyone?

You Didn't Get Mad

Found on the net, and really makes a lot of sense:

 Now you want to get mad?

After The 8 Years Of The Bush/Cheney Disaster, Now You Get Mad? Now You want to 
"Take the Country Back?!!" 
You didn't get mad when the Supreme Court stopped a legal recount and appointed 
a President.
You didn't get mad when Cheney allowed Energy company officials to dictate 
Energy policy and push us to invade
 Iraq ..
You didn't get mad when a covert CIA operative got outed.
You didn't get mad when the Patriot Act got passed.
You didn't get mad when we illegally invaded a country that posed no threat to 
You didn't get mad when we spent over 800 billion (and counting) on said illegal 
You didn't get mad when Bush borrowed more money from foreign sources than the 
previous 42 Presidents combined.
You didn't get mad when over 10 billion dollars in cash just disappeared in 
You didn't get mad when you found out we were torturing people.
You didn't get mad when Bush embraced trade and outsourcing policies that 
shipped 6 million American jobs out
 of the country.
You didn't get mad when
 the government was illegally wiretapping Americans.
You didn't get mad when we didn't catch Bin Laden. You didn't get mad when Bush 
rang up 10 trillion dollars in combined
 budget and current account deficits.
You didn't get mad when you saw the horrible conditions at Walter Reed.
You didn't get mad when we let a major US city,
 New Orleans , drown.

You didn't get mad when we gave people who had more money than they could spend, 
the filthy rich, over a trillion dollars in tax breaks.
You didn't get mad with the worst 8 years of job creations in several decades.
You didn't get mad when over 200,000 US Citizens lost their lives because they 
had no health insurance.
You didn't get mad when lack of oversight and regulations from the Bush 
Administration caused US Citizens to lose 12 trillion dollars in
retirement, and home values.
You finally got mad when a Barack Obama was elected President and decided that 
people in America deserved the right to see a doctor if they are sick. 
Yes, illegal wars, lies, corruption,
 torture, job losses by the millions, 
stealing your tax dollars to make the rich richer, and the worst economic 
disaster since 1929 are all okay with you, but helping fellow Americans who are 
Oh, No Way!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Police: Teen was texting before crashing Lexus into home :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Chicago Crime

Police: Teen was texting before crashing Lexus into home :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Chicago Crime

Old story here. Parents doing any, and everything to keep their kids as the infamous "Best Friend", instead of putting the hammer down on them.

You can bet a nickel to a dollar this brat will be back on the road again.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hendon calls Brady 'idiotic, racist, sexist, homophobic' :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Election 2010

Hendon calls Brady 'idiotic, racist, sexist, homophobic' :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Election 2010

Good for him. Never apologize for telling the truth. Just like I posted in an earlier rant about voting against interest. Congratulations for telling the truth sir.

Pat Quinn, you don't, and shouldn't have to apologize for what that man said. He told the truth, and you know it. And for you sorry ass reporters, Hendon told you he wasn't taking it back. So why did you go running to Quinn asking him for an apology? What the fuck is wrong with you? Go ask Brady about his voting record. Everything Hendon said is true. Just look at Brady's voting record. Then ask him why he hates minorities, women, and gays? His voting record speaks volumes to that fact.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Found On The Net

Still don't believe me?  Read this:

Talk about bigots.....what kind of Idiots would vote for anyone in the Tea Party?

Tea Party Patriots Keeping It Real

by digby

Following up on the vote suppression scandal down in Texas, TPM obtained copies of some of the emails received by the registration group being targeted by the Texas Tea Party group King Street Patriots "True The Vote" :

"i hope everyone of you American hating A-holes are thrown in prison for cheating our country and trying to assure socialism.GO TO HELL."

"I see you're all into fraud. Why do you want to change Texas? You want it to be like a third-world nation? Texas is great - and you want to change it into a third world state. No thank you. Your fraud won't work. You were caught red handed. Live with it. We know all about it."

"Citizen's from all over Texas will be coming to Houston to watch you fraudulent Marxist pigs. Be forewarned, you will be watched at every turn, and your corrupt Marxist organization will be targeted!"

"You liberal scumbags should be hung by the neck in public ! We are on to your voter fraud. Keep it up you MOTHER FUCKERS and you will soon be put down for a long dirt nap! Your nothing but a bunch of white guilt ridden assholes, NIGGERS and greasy Mexican spics! The WAR is coming and we are going to dispose of each and every one of you while we take OUR (White) nation back."

And lest we think this is just some unaffiliated cranks:

King Street Patriots leader Catherine Engelbrecht even went as far to as to accuse the group of being the headquarters of the New Black Panther Party.

The good news is that the Tea partiers don't have a racist bone in their bodies. Just ask them They'll tell you so. (It's just the "bad ones" they don't like.)

digby 10/21/2010 06:30:00 PM

We've achieved an historic victory for America with President Obama and Vice President Biden. Let's see to it that we keep this going for years to come. Stay with us, the work to take America back from the cons has just begun.

Blacks, Latinos agree racism a 'major problem,' whites say no :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Metro & Tri-State

Blacks, Latinos agree racism a 'major problem,' whites say no :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Metro & Tri-State

Now one would expect such a survey showing such a disparity. If it doesn't happen to one race in particular, naturally one would be in such denial.

The part that really kills me is that those that don't see it, are just oblivious to the facts. Look at the billboards popping up across the country. Look at those signs, and the people carrying them that portray the first African-American President as Hitler, a witch doctor, and that rag paper in New York, as an ape. Listen to zealot political hacks calling for a return to "Jim Crow" laws, requiring citizens to take a test before voting. Listen to the crowd cheer when he said it.

For those that deny racism, especially in the news media, what will it take for you to finally open your eyes, and call it as it really is going down. Turn to that propaganda show and listen as they bash Muslims, Blacks, and Hispanics at will, with no remorse whatsoever. One of those personalities, if you wish to make the leap, could be blamed for the death of a doctor. It is totally irresponsible to come on television night, after night, and call a doctor a "Baby Killer". There are mentally disturbed people out there, that will take matters into their own hands. Remember the other one that wanted to shoot up that organization on the West Coast? And if anyone can, please tell me how two people standing in front of a polling place, calling themselves the "New Black Panther Party", constitute a threat? Two people! But let that other station tell you different, one would think they are all over the country. In truth, they are not. It was just two people.

On the other side of the coin, we have here, a guy running for the Senate, and was caught on tape discussing sending a squad of goons into Black communities on election day. One of those people just happen to be what they call a "Birther". That's one of those skipped their med's people that for some reason think this President wasn't born here. Imagine that. I guess his parents didn't plan on his birth announcement being published in the local newspaper back then. Or the fact that his birth certificate is no different from mine or yours. The only exception is the State Seal.

So since you don't see racism, why do you deny he was born here? Why do you portray him as an ape, or witch doctor? Why do some of you advocate for a return to Jim Crow? Why do you cheer when you hear such things? Why do you bash decent Americans just because they choose one religion over another? Why do you continue to spread lies about minorities? Why don't you just admit, you hate your own kind? I've seen you in action against your own. And buddy, it ain't pretty. So we already know that your never going to be fond of us. You can't even stand your own. Don't believe me? Well, let me ask you this. When have you improved the living conditions in Appalachia? And why are more of you on welfare?

Stop the hate, and work with us for making this country greater then all of us could ever imagine.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Muslim Americans rally to get out vote :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Election 2010

Muslim Americans rally to get out vote :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Election 2010

How much does anyone want to bet, FOX/FIX will scream about this and call it an "Insurgency"?

Let them know they are not alone. Get out and VOTE! These fear-mongering bigots like Gingrich, Hannity, Palin, Limbaugh, Beck, and those clueless tools at FIX and Friends will be put on notice when the Democrats retain the House and Senate Majorities.

GET OUT AND VOTE! Show the bigots we will not be intimidated.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Quinn, Brady tangle on efforts for blacks :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Election 2010

Quinn, Brady tangle on efforts for blacks :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Election 2010

The Black vote? Hell, the minority vote period. Brady knows he doesn't give a rat's ass about the Minority, and Women's vote. All one has to do is look at his voting record down state.

And as for "Wal Mart Stores" in the city, Brady should know better, that's King Daley's turf, and no Governor tells the King what to do. Brady is nothing more then a shill for big business. If you think things are bad now, go right ahead and elect this "Gas the Dogs", the hell with women, and minority votes politician. Be warned senior citizens. This man will gut "Social Services". Be warned Ladies. This man will attempt to keep you in the kitchen barefoot, and naked. Be warned Minority voters of color. This man will do everything possible at making "Economic Slavery" a reality. All you have to do is just look at his voting record down state.

What was those catchy phrase's they love using? Oh yeah, "Free Market" and "Privatization". That's "Code" for Fuck the Middle Class, Lower Middle Class, Women, and The Poor. Remember how they laughed at you at the Republican National Convention? They called all of us "Community Organizers".

Get Out and Vote! I did.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Weis: Police shift overdue :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Metro & Tri-State

Weis: Police shift overdue :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Metro & Tri-State

Ladies and Gentleman, this article in short, is about a new dynamic in "Class Warfare".

The elephant in the room is why the "Least Crime Ridden Neighborhood" has the "Most" officers? It's just a simple answer of Black, Brown, and White. It's always been that way. The facts are in the numbers via personnel at such districts. So kudos Superintendent for stunning these oblivious alderman for telling the truth.

On another note, I do like the idea of an "auxiliary police force" consisting of retired officers. Maybe they should consider using a few military veterans in such a plan also. Sadly, such an idea will chaff the unions buttocks, and they will do everything within their power at resistance of such a deal being struck. I can hear the jokes now. People will call them Wal Mart Cops because of lower pay, while doing the same dangerous job. If you look at the other side of this coin, it could also be interpreted as the beginning of "private contractors" slinking into the city. Blackwater, oops, I meant Xe are probably rubbing its slimy hands together as we speak.

All in all, three decades is a long time for doing the right thing. Let's get together, figure out something practical, and not get into a class warfare thing okay?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

span style="font-size:11px;display:block;margin-bottom:2px;" class="redtext"AFTERNOON SPORTS CLUB /spanRy-NO: Sandberg done with Cubs after Quade hiring :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Sports

AFTERNOON SPORTS CLUB /Ry-NO: Sandberg done with Cubs after Quade hiring :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Sports

Talk about SOUR GRAPES! Wow Ryno, if we knew you would act like an upset Tea-Bagger, maybe we shouldn't have even entertained the idea of offering you the spot.

I can understand the fact you want to manage a Major League team some day, but damn dude, your going to have to show a little more discipline then that little storm off display. Anyway, how can you expect any team to follow your brand of leadership, when you can't even display any?

What a Titty Baby.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Students can pass ISATs with more wrong answers -

Students can pass ISATs with more wrong answers -

First off, please forgive me in advance because of certain linguistically brutal words.

With that said, this is the kind of bullshit that pisses me off. To those at the Board of Education. Your job is to help these kids LEARN. To the parents. Your job is to make sure the kids are LEARNING. So parents, when you see, hear, or read about some shit like this being okay-ed by the people WE PAY, scream your lungs off. This is unacceptable bullshit. You people at the Board of Education better take a huge pay cut before you even think about sending kids out into the world with half a brain.

This is like throwing up a BIG WHITE FLAG on our kids. Now I know there are some very good teachers out and about, that agree 100% with my sentiments. This is nothing more then flat out cheating children, and young people of a decent education. No parent on the face of this earth should stand for bullshit of this nature.

I call on all teachers, and parents to demand that no "Suit" at the Board of Education receive any pay increase for the next TEN YEARS until they get serious about educating the children. As a matter of fact, they should also demand a serious pay-cut for these people until they get "Test Scores" up to acceptable levels. Especially with this bullshit "oh fuck it, let them slide with this test mentality".

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cops: Codeine pills in store's candy jar :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Chicago Crime

Cops: Codeine pills in store's candy jar :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Chicago Crime

I'll bet you they will find even more illegal shenanigans going on at these "so-called" stores scattered throughout the city.

All the officers checking out these places really need to do, is take note of the people standing out in front of such places. The residents near such dives, know some of these clowns cut corners by selling "loose cigarettes", even too minors. So it comes as no shock that dope is also being peddled at such places. Having a big jar in plain view just goes to show the contempt they have for the neighborhood they reside in. No doubt children frequent such places, especially after getting out of school. Parents should be furious, and not allow that, and other places to re-open.

Hopefully law enforcement will dig deeper, and investigate how they came about acquiring such a large quantity of these dangerous pills, and bust the medical people responsible for selling them.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Something We Know Is Happening

When Racism Masquerades as Something Else - By Carlos Dews

Don't let the virulent hatred of Obama's presidency - veiled in "policy differences" - fool you.

Just ask someone raised around bigotry. Carlos Dews is an author, a professor of English literature, and chairman of the

Department of English Language and Literature at John Cabot University in Rome

รข€˜'The nigger show."

I first heard this expression used to describe the Obama administration during a visit to my hometown in East Texas during the early summer of 2009. I understood what the epithet meant: Our minds are made up, the president lacks legitimacy, and there is nothing he can do that we will support. I was not surprised to hear such a phrase.

I grew up in the 1960s during the ragged end of the Jim Crow era, where many of the books in my school library were stamped Colored School , meaning they had been brought to the white school when the town was forced to integrate the public school system. I recall my parents had instructed me, before my first day of elementary school, not to sit in a chair where a black child had sat. And I remember my sister joked that her yearbook, when it appeared at the end of her first year of integrated high school, was in "black and white."

The outward signs of racism of my home state have now disappeared, but racial hatred remains. My father and his friends still use the word nigger to refer to all black people, and the people of my hometown don't hesitate to spout their racist rhetoric to my face, assuming I agree with them. I hold my tongue for the sake of having continued access to this kind of truth. I learned long ago how not to accept the hatred I was being taught and how to survive not having done so. More recently, I realized that I also learned another lesson: how to recognize racism when it masquerades as something else.

More than 40 years after my first experiences with racism, I am thousands of miles away in Rome , but surrounded by ghosts. Last year, I received a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts for a community program called the Big Read, which sponsors activities to encourage communities to come together to read and discuss a single book. I chose Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird, in part because I thought that some of the most salient issues in the novel - racism, classism, xenophobia, the Jim Crow era - were perhaps relevant to an increasingly diverse, contemporary Italy.

That there is racism in Italy is obvious to anyone who pays attention to current affairs. In fact, during the first week of the Big Read Rome, a story in one of Italy's national newspapers detailed the experience of a Nigerian woman being called sporca nera (essentially, dirty nigger) by two women she asked to stop smoking on a Roman bus.

But I never imagined that consideration of the novel would prove so relevant to a country that had just elected its first black president. Ironically, until the election of Barack Obama, my discussions of racism in the United States seemed historical. I felt that with the passage of the civil rights legislation of the mid-1960s, the country had turned a corner, that the slow evaporation of overt racism was perhaps inevitable. Now, my personal experience of Southern racism feels current and all too familiar. A news story about the Big Read that appeared in La Repubblica on Sept.. 20 (unaware that my grant was awarded during the Bush administration), presciently brought Rome , Obama, To Kill a Mockingbird, and racism together in its headline: "Obama brings antiracist book to Rome ."

Jimmy Carter was lambasted for having recently explained that the vehemence with which many Americans resist Obama's presidency is an expression of racism. Carter was accused of fanning the flames of racial misunderstanding by labeling as "racist" what on the surface could be perceived as legitimate policy differences. Like Carter, as a white Southern man, I can see beyond the seemingly legitimate rhetoric to discern what is festering behind much of the opposition to Obama and to his administration's policy initiatives. I also have access, via the racist world from which I came, direct confirmation of the racial hatred toward Obama.

The veiled racism I sense in the United States today is couched, in public discourse at least, in terms that allow for plausible deniability of racist intent. And those who resist any policy initiative from the Obama administration engage in a scorched-earth policy that reminds me of the self-centered white flight, the abandonment of public schools, and the proliferation of private schools, that followed the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decision to desegregate public schools. The very people, like my own rural, working-class family back in East Texas, who stand to gain from the efforts of the Obama administration and the Democratic Congress are, because of their racism, willing to oppose policies that would benefit them the most. Their racism outweighs their own self-interest.

Unfortunately, racists in the United States have learned one valuable lesson since the 1960s: They cannot express their racism directly. In public, they must veil their racial hatred behind policy differences. This obfuscation makes direct confrontation difficult. Anyone pointing out their racist motivations runs the risk of unfairly playing "the race card." But I know what members of my family mean when they say - as so many said during the town hall meetings in August - that they "want their country back." They want it back, safely, in the hands of someone like them, a white person. They feel that a black man has no right to be the president of their country.

During a phone conversation a few weeks after Obama's election, my father lamented that he and my mother might have to stop visiting the casinos in Shreveport , La. : Given Obama's election, "the niggers are already walking around like they own the place. They won't even give up their seats for white women anymore. I don't know what we're going to do with 'em."

My students often ask me how I managed to avoid accepting the lesson in racism offered by my family. From the time I was 4 or 5 years old - roughly the same age as Scout Finch, the narrator of To Kill a Mockingbird - I recall knowing that I didn't agree with racism. More important, my paternal grandmother provided me with the encouragement that I could ignore what I was being taught. She provided me with the courage to resist.

My grandmother hoped that my father and his father represented the last generations of the type of Southern man that had shaped her life - virulently racist, prone to violence, proud of their ignorance, and self-defeatingly stubborn. It was a type of Southern man that she hoped and prayed I could avoid becoming.

However, my father and his father were not the last of their kind; their racial hatred has been passed on. My grandmother, if she were alive, would recognize the same tendencies among many of the people who shout down politicians and bring guns to public rallies. She would also see how the only change they have made is to replace overt racist epithets with more euphemistic language.

Rather than seeing my home state and its racist attitudes, slowly, over time, pulled in the direction of more acceptance, the country as a whole has become more like the South, the racial or cultural equivalent of what is called the Walmartization of American retail.

It might be easy to see literature as impotent in the face of the persistence and adaptability of racism. But I continue to believe in the transformative potential of literature and its ability to provide an alternative view of the world. And for children who are not lucky enough to have grandmothers like mine, I believe that books like To Kill a Mockingbird can provide inoculation against the virus that is racism.


This article originally appeared in the December 2009 issue of Aspenia, the Italian journal published by the Aspen Foundation Italy .

Q&A with Rahm Emanuel: His first Chicago interview :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Election 2010

Q&A with Rahm Emanuel: His first Chicago interview :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Election 2010

Well, the only thing I can truly say about this little question and answer session is, he didn't really get into any specifics. But he did demonstrate that if elected, he would be in there finding out what works, and what doesn't.

I want you to take note of his answers. I came away with the impression that Rahm is indeed a very critical thinker. I say that because he does ask those questions needed for assessing, and solving given situations. For those that don't know, such questions are Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why. Once you ask those questions, you begin formulating solutions.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Wade tells court he was victim of domestic violence :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Metro & Tri-State

Wade tells court he was victim of domestic violence :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Metro & Tri-State

Boy if I were God I'd be sitting on my cloud rubbing my hands together, just saying to myself, boy I can't wait to see a lot of you mother fuckers on judgment day.

I know we are all innocent until proven guilty, but damn dude! That little line gives you the Ultimate Wuss Award. "She swung so hard, she hit herself in the mouth". Who the hell is this Olive Oil armed lady? I damn near fell out of my chair when I read that snappy description. Here's a little advice for all you love-birds, or soon to be love-birds out there. The minute you hear something "STUPID" come out of ones mouth, RUN! That isn't the person you would want to spend the rest of your life with. Why you ask? Well because, as with the norm, when something stupid is spoken, it usually is followed up by a stupid action.

Yes indeed, judgment day is going to be a trip. I'll be there with the popcorn, because the looks on many faces will be priceless. Hell you never know, maybe even mine.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stroger's newest hire was fired from city job :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Politics

Stroger's newest hire was fired from city job :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Politics

Hey who knows, maybe Lisa Madigan will take a glimpse at this page, and please throw this man under a jail.

Again I ask. Why isn't this crook under a jail? What does he have on the County, State, and Federal Prosecutors in Illinois? Is it just me? This guy is spitting in our faces, racking up a paycheck, compliments of us, and is just giving the County one big finger. Why, oh why isn't this crook under a jail?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Local reporters get into tussle over Rahm Emanuel :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Lewis Lazare

Local reporters get into tussle over Rahm Emanuel :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Lewis Lazare

Wow! Even local reporters are acting like TMZ. Kind of makes you just watch the weather forecast and call it a day.

First off, his "residency" is a non-issue. If it was, why elect him to congress in the first place? It isn't the people that see this as an issue. It's the "I'd rather report on something other then real news People" (aka the media). Instead of reporting on the problems, or solutions that hit this city, they rather "Make Up Non-Issues".

 Here's an "ISSUE". If Wal Mart gets the green light for more stores, what impact will that be for Jewel, Dominick's,and all the other stores in communities here?

Rahm's residency my ass. How about what will you do, or do you have a job creation plan?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Illinois retailers endorse Brady for governor :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Election 2010

Illinois retailers endorse Brady for governor :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Election 2010

This shouldn't comes as a surprise for anyone. In a little nutshell, these fat cats from the "Retailers Association" are always for anyone that can SCREW workers.

Brady is that guy. Need anyone say anymore?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weis strafed at luncheon for wearing police uniform? :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Michael Sneed

Weis strafed at luncheon for wearing police uniform? :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Michael Sneed

I guess "Common Sense" is the hardest degree for anyone to attain.

The rules are really simple here. If you haven't served in the military, don't wear the uniform. The same goes for police, fire, doctors, nurses, well, you get the picture. It's a courtesy issue that doesn't have anything to do with freedom of choice, nor expression. It's all about respect.

Maybe I should open up a "Common Sense" University? Patent Pending.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Man charged with riding bike on O'Hare runway :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Chicago Crime

Man charged with riding bike on O'Hare runway :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Chicago Crime

Wow! They say a picture is worth a thousand words. One look at this guys mugshot informs you that this person isn't very bright by a long shot.

We need an "Ultimate Dummy" contest held here annually.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Final Daley budget drains reserves to erase deficit :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: City Hall

Final Daley budget drains reserves to erase deficit :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: City Hall

Anyone Shocked? I certainly am not. What a total jag job this guy is doing to us, as he slinks out of office.

Here's an idea Mayor. How about giving some of that "War Chest" money back?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Meeks refuses to give up ministry for mayorship :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: City Hall

Meeks refuses to give up ministry for mayorship :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: City Hall

Ah! Having difficulty separating Church and State are ya? Well if you can't do that one simple thing, you can forget about a million votes. Not that I was going to vote for you anyway. But a statement like that just seals the deal.

See Rev. here's the problem. If you don't step down, you will be packing two paychecks, and still get the exemption on property taxes. We just can't tolerate such "GREED". hope that enlightens you on how SELFISH that appears. And as you know, being a minister, appearance's mean everything.

Early voting guide for Chicago, collar counties -

Early voting guide for Chicago, collar counties -

Ah nothing like convenience. Looks like I'll be heading out Monday or Tuesday next week and get it done.

By the way, have any minorities seen Brady, or Kirk on the West or South Sides? No? Well that shouldn't disappoint you. Here's a secret. They don't like you. Yuk Yuk.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Brady not ruling out $50 billion pension borrowing idea -

Brady not ruling out $50 billion pension borrowing idea -

Here's the deal with me as for how this headline comes across. It is nothing more then a ponzi scheme. It doesn't matter if a democrat, or republican is involved, all they want to do, is rip off workers.

The only way for "Bright Ideas" like this to go away, is for workers to stop participating in these plans, and just open a simple savings account. Such logic even applies to the super ponzi scheme; the infamous 401k. With this plan it's up to the worker on whether or not participation is a good thing. As for myself, I never gave a dime into such a plan. I saved. Some may argue that not all plans are evil. But if you look around, people have been getting burned by politicians raiding any pension fund they can get their cruddy little hands on. And please never forget how they gambled away the 401K's on Wall Street.

Pat Quinn did something right. And mind you, this isn't a ringing endorsement of him. But he made it "harder" for new hires to get into such plans. What that translates into, is a simple message. Put your money into a Community Bank Savings Account. Here's his little rule: "Quinn signed into law a pension overhaul this year that focused on making it tougher for new employees to get the benefits. It's a law Quinn has estimated saved him hundreds of millions of dollars in the current budget and hundreds of billions of dollars over time."

So, with that said. No more "bail-outs, no more sleazy politicians raiding pension plans, and for the love of God, stop contributing to that ponzi laden 401k. Learn from your mistakes, and invest in you, not Wall Street again.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Stroger aide Oglesby faces felony charges in county probe -

Stroger aide Oglesby faces felony charges in county probe -

My question still remains. Why isn't this man under a jail?

The old "I didn't know" just doesn't fly here. You are the Board President. You had better know what's going on in your administration.

Why isn't this man under a jail?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Chicago police drop 'roundtable' probes of cops in shootings :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Metro & Tri-State

Chicago police drop 'roundtable' probes of cops in shootings :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Metro & Tri-State

We call this covering your ass before the new mayor comes in. It really boggles the mind when these "Officials" get together and always decide the majority of shooting are "justified", and then turn around and have to settle multiple lawsuits. That right there tells you something is wrong.

One of these days, our collective dinosaur thinkers will wake up and realize it is the 21st century. Times have changed, technology is the new way of thinking. The average cell phone is video capable, so that is all the proof most people would need. In my opinion, if your getting sued just as much as you are ruling in favor of a justified shooting, something is wrong.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tap flowed freely for Daley pal :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Metro & Tri-State

Tap flowed freely for Daley pal :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Metro & Tri-State

Another reason this mayor is not running. Voters are disgusted with this incompetent, corrupted, administration and all his cronies.

The time is now for a major shake up after the elections. Certain alderman/women are shaking in their respective boots because the President gave Rahm his blessing and support. We all know, or have heard of the mouth Rahm has, so it can be assumed, some people in city hall will get an ear full. Provided Rahm wins. But crap that this guy got away with is beyond pathetic.

Do you hear that? It's Daley laughing at us taxpayers.

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