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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Madness Continues: 23 shot — 1 fatally — Friday in Chicago gun violence

So a pastor thinks clogging up an expressway instead of being in these war zones will stop the violence? If they were marching in Englewood last night that mass shooting may have never happened. You would have had a higher number of police in the area. Remember the Back Of The Yards incident where an ATF agent got shot? Law enforcement flooded that neighborhood for a period of time and guess what? No shootings until they left.

So go ahead pastor. Clog up an expressway instead of getting into where the shootings happen. All that will do is divert police resources from the areas you claim your saving, or bring attention too. Just remember the Back Of The Yards neighborhood when law enforcement flooded it. No shootings until they left.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Madness Continues: 2 people killed — 4 wounded — Thursday in city gun violence

For the pastor that wants to block up expressways, you are marching in the wrong places. You need those marches in these neighborhoods where the shootings happen. You need to demand they put cameras and police on foot in these areas. You are going about this in the wrong way. Ever since the first protest the shootings keep happening. What you are doing is a classic definition of doing the wrong thing over and over expecting a different outcome. It doesn't work. It never has, and never will. You need an all out attack on the root of the problem. Drugs.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Madness Continues: 1 killed, 6 wounded in shootings Wednesday

Meanwhile, some journalist posted a story attempting to lay the blame on an incarcerated drug lord for all the violence. I take it he forgot mentioning that any Joe blow can stroll into Indiana and buy a gun of their choice with no questions asked. And there the problem is laid bare. It's bad enough our politicians are puppets of the NRA, but lazy journalism is even worse.

Think about that if you ever become an editor of a newspaper or investigative magazine. Make sure your reporters do their due diligence and bring the facts and not puff piece bullshit. How does a locked up ass-clown direct who gets hit by blind bullets? We all know the dope comes from over the border. The only shit we can grow here is weed not poppy plants. So ask yourself, why haven't the fields been burned or sprayed with Roundup? Now there's a story for even a lazy journalist. He/She can't fuck that up or make it worse.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Madness Continues: Sunday gun violence leaves 12 wounded in Chicago

So there it is. A grand total of 33 people shot over the weekend and what did the press and politicians do? They all focused on 20 or so racist marching in the nations capitol hoping violence breaks out. No joint press conference announcing a plan on dealing with this insanity. Just the media zeroed in on a race war that will never happen. Are you still wondering why?

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Madness Continues: Chicago gun violence leaves 10 wounded Saturday

Sunday afternoon and we've already reached 22 people shot during this weekend alone. Here's the tally so far since Friday: "Nine people were shot Friday evening after 5 p.m., 10 were shot Saturday, and three people suffered gunshot wounds by dawn Sunday morning."

This is just insane.

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Military Uniform Supply

Military Uniform Supply - Military & Tactical Gear

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