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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Woman Shot In Austin « CBS Chicago

Woman Shot In Austin « CBS Chicago

Going through all the headlines, there was a total of 5 people shot yesterday all over the city. This shooting in particular is beyond idiotic. The police station is not far from this carnage which left myself wondering, how many police cars were parked at the station while this bullshit unfolded?

When the mayor ran for office the first time, he promised getting cops off the desk jobs and on the streets. I take it that plan failed because again yesterday, he promised the same smoke screen again. When a press conference is held at this location, not one "reporter" will think of asking, why are there so many police cars parked in the lots? With all the shootings going on, police lots all over this city should be empty 24/7. The only time one should see these vehicles in the lots is for shift changes, and maintenance. Yet you don't. I challenge any person, go and take a photo of all police station lots, count the vehicles if you must. The next time this mayor or "superintendent" hold a press conference, ask them what is up with all the vehicles in the lots, when shootings are happening blocks from police stations?

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Military Uniform Supply

Military Uniform Supply - Military & Tactical Gear

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